November 19, 2010 By Operation Rescue Burial missed an opportunity to provide a teaching moment to the public about the horrific nature of abortion and the value of human life. Blogger Jill Stanek broke the story of the burial yesterday after speaking with the only reporter to witness the service.
The bodies were the result of late-term abortions illegally started by the notorious abortionist Steven Brigham at his Voorhees, New Jersey abortion mill, and completed at his under-the-radar Elkton, Maryland, clinic.
According to Stanek, her source at Elkton’s newspaper, the Cecil Whig, says that of the 35 babies recovered, 34 were buried on Monday.
Most interesting is news that eleven death certificates were issued for eleven of the pre-born babies. Operation Rescue spoke with a representative of the State’s Attorney’s office in Elkton, who indicated that the case was still an open investigation under the purview of the Elkton Police Department, who conducted the initial raid and recovered the aborted baby remains.

In the meantime, while it is commendable for the Immaculate Conception Church to arrange for a decent burial for the tiny victims of abortion, it is more than sad that the service was held in secrecy. We must shine the light on the horrific nature of abortion and help the American people face the grisly nature of an abortion industry that is fraught with abuses. A Misrata military council member said Kadhafi was buried overnight Monday with his son Mutassim.
Site of Killings and secret burial sites at the Aberni UC School-Looking west of the school site into the hills where numerous children are reported to be buried. The remains of the late Olubadan of Ibadanland, Oba Samuel Odulana, Odugade 1, will not be buried in secrecy with the body to be laid in state to prove that it is intact. The Chairman of the burial committee set up by the Oyo State government, Alhaji Olalekan Alli, made the disclosure while addressing journalists at the ancient Mapo Hall, Ibadan, on the activities for the burial of the late monarch.

He said Oba Odulana is a devoted christian who lived all his life to serve God and humanity, adding that he will be laid in state in three different locations before the final burial. Members of the burial committee include the state Head of Service, Special Advisers, Permanent Secretaries, representative of the Central Council of Ibadan Indigenes, representatives of the Olubadan-in-Council and government officials from the 11 local government areas in Ibadanland. Reading out the burial programmes, he said:" on Feburay 5, there would be Jumat prayer at Oja'ba Central Mosque, on Sunday, February 7, Service of songs at Cathedral Church of St' Peters, Aremo, on Febuary 8, Lying in State at Igbo-Elerin Grammar School, February 9, Symposium at University of Ibadan,, on February 10, Lying in State and tribute at Mapo hall, on February 11, lying in State by Oyo State government at House of Chiefs, Secretariat.
General Murtala Ramat Muhammed was born in Kano on the eight of November 1938 and died when he was 38 years.

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