VIDEO: 4 nursing home workers caught on camera abusing elderly patient in CanadaA  The victim, Hellen MacDonald, 85, was a patient at St.
Canadian nursing home nurses have been caught on camera shoving a feces-stained rag in a patient's face and blowing their noses on her sheets. Shocking undercover footage also shows staff changing the dementia-suffering 85-year-old's diaper with her bedroom door wide open. Camille Parent set up secret cameras in his mom Hellen MacDonald's room after becoming suspicious about how she was being treated.
Four employees, who have not yet been named, have been suspended with pay while an internal investigation is underway.

The victim tells police she found the camera in the bathroom of a Shell station at the West Loop and Westheimer, right in the heart of the Galleria area.
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When the world doesn't feel safe, schools and businesses revert to using electronic surveillance.
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