What they put in them was chocolate, oat flour, cocoa fat, skim milk and artificial coloring. Making chocolate that tastes bad was not part of the typical job description at Hershey, but Hinkle and his fellow chemists followed the order.
Hershey dominated the production of ration bars, but it was not the only maker, said Gerald Peterson, owner of World War Two Ration Technologies in Portland, Oregon. Peterson said he did not think the D Ration tasted that bad, though the ingredients added to raise the melting point from 92 to 120 degrees gave the bars a somewhat waxy or greasy taste.
The formula for a large batch of the chocolate ration bars, Peterson said, was 160 parts chocolate, not less than 54 percent cocoa fat, 160 parts added cocoa fat, 30 parts oat flour, 20 parts dry powdered skim milk, 70 parts vanillin crystals, and enough sugar to make it palatable. Michele Herzog was five years old and living with her parents and older brother in Vincennes, five miles east of Paris, when Americans liberated Paris from the Nazis. My husband can attest that if given the option, horizontal gravity always takes over and I will gravitate to the chocolate and peanut butter. For example, we have an abundance of frozen yogurt shops that have recently popped up around both Columbia and Charleston. Check out the approximate nutrition facts for the cake (without the peanut butter frosting or chocolate ganache). Spread the reserved chocolate ganache (along with some chopped peanut butter chocolate candies) in between the two layers. In your blender (such as a Blendec or food processor), combine the black beans, eggs, vanilla extract, coconut oil, and sugar. As someone who is trying to figure out whether or not I have a gluten allergy…I’ve been missing my cake for almost a month! In the food world, there are few things as elusive or sought after as the perfect chocolate chip cookie.
To be fair, there are several “camps” when it comes to the perfect chocolate chip cookie: there’s the flat and crispy, the soft and chewy, the puffy and cakey, the nuts or no nuts, the list goes on and on.
In a medium bowl, whisk together the ground oats, flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt. In the bowl of an electric mixer, beat the butter and sugars at medium speed until light and fluffy, about 3 minutes. My question for this recipe is I have some freshly shredded coconut in my fridge but your recipe asks for sweetened flaked coconut. Hi Jenn – in the end I did go with the pecans (they were hard to find here) and am very glad I did.
Can you make a more chocolatey version of this by adding cocoa powder or melted bittersweet chocolate?
So I used a cup of currents and walnuts; the cup was mostly currents as I wanted to save the walnuts for the final batch for giving away.
If I eliminate the nuts do I have to add another ingredient like extra flour to compensate for the nuts not being used in the recipe? Hi Jane, The recipe will work but the cookies will have a slightly different texture than they do with the ground oats. Made these without the nuts, doubled-up on the chocolate chips and used unsweetened flaked coconut.
This recipe sounds amazing and I want to try it but I couldn’t find parchment paper at any of the stores that I went to. I had to omit the pecans as I planned to offer these cookies to a child with nut allergies, and I don’t think it was a great loss, though I love pecans and would try them next time. They stayed puffy and in effort to have them flatten out I left them in the oven a few minutes longer so they dried out a little more than I would have liked.
This is THE BEST chocolate chip cookie recipe I have ever made, and my entire family agreed!
I left out the pecans because I didn’t have any in the house, but they were still amazing! My husband considers himself a bit of a chocolate chip cookie connoisseur and this were a huge hit with him. I was craving coconut and chocolate one day – so I made my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and added coconut…I thought I was really onto something all by myself!

Thanks for revealing that secret ingredient , we will have to believe that it would be truly special when baked.
This GIF recently appeared on 2ch, Japan’s largest forum, where it amazed, delighted, and, yes, baffled. I think the problem here is that the title for the article just needs to be changed to Japan "Discovers" The Secret Of Unlimited Chocolate or better yet 2ch Baffled By Basic Geometry. It started doing the rounds (again) on facebook recently so I imagine that's where he knicked it from.
I know I'm either preaching to the choir, or otherwise seen as whining for no reason (I know, I shouldn't have clicked, and I shouldn't have read, and why bother comment, just move on).
For me this is a massive shame, because I really do find the readers and user base of this Kotaku AU to be the most interesting and enlightening aspect of the site and I don't want to give that up.
Is there any way to customise your Kotaku login so you only see articles by certain authors?
In fact, it specifically ordered that its chocolate bars not be too appetizing, so soldiers wouldn’t eat them too quickly.
Julia Wise, who started working at Hershey during the war, said there was trouble with the glue on some of the wrappers, and the shape of the bars made them hard to pack into boxes. Orders for the bars soared quickly, and on January 2, 1942, the army ordered 300,000 four-ounce D Ration bars. Among the WWII-related items Peterson’s company sells are instruction kits with preprinted labels for making WWII edible K Rations, C Rations, and D Rations from ingredients consumers can purchase at the store. There also was one-sixth part vitamin B1, which may account for some flavor complaints, Peterson said.
Hinkle pointed out that the number of bars made far exceeded what 10 million military personnel could have consumed. Burger, a Gettysburg-based reporter for central Pennsylvania’s Patriot-News, contributes regularly to America in WWII. But, one thing better than chocolate and peanut butter frozen yogurt creations is this chocolate peanut butter cake. I never in a million years would have guessed that a cake made from black beans would be so moist and tasty.
However, if I made this again, I would either make the recipe straight from Kitchen Runway or just double the recipe.
If someone made this cake for me and didn’t ever tell me that that was the star of the show, I would have never guessed it. If you have a cake or party store where you are, that would probably be your best bet on finding a 6″ pan. Also, I saved a bit of it to spread between the layers and put it in the refrigerator until it was the correct consistency to spread. Weird, I know, but trust me – you can barely taste it and it makes these chocolate chip cookies out of this world. You always offer the STYLE and kind of things that I instinctively go for and like – and besides, most of what you ask for in ingredients is in my cupboard.
The result was fabulous and I won’t make them again because we scoffed the lot in a matter of days which isn’t too good for people meant to be on a diet!!
My question is that they were flatter than the cookies in your photo and when I rolled them into balls, the dough was sticky.
I was suppose to take some to a friend’s house, BUT the cookies didn’t make it to the door!
The cookies were plenty sweet, even though I used only slightly more than a half cup of chocolate chips and *un*sweetened coconut flakes. I used it to make Truffle stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies with blueberry balsamic vinegar truffles. Swap two other pieces, and, voila, you have what sure seems like an endless supply of chocolate.
The above GIF, created from this video by YouTube user Mariano Tomatis, shows how the trick appears to result in the same-sized chocolate bar. Unfortunately for the US soldiers of World War II, the chocolate bars the army gave them tasted like they were intended for use in the bath.

The Hershey Company in Hershey, Pennsylvania, made more than 40 million special chocolate bars for the military during the war.
For the first time in its history, the factory began to run three shifts a day, seven days a week. Peterson mentions the gum-maker Wrigley and snackmaker Cracker Jack as two companies that also made chocolate bars for the military. This is not a good thing when I am armed with coupons for these fro-yo shops and am armed with the knowledge that there will be an abundance of chocolate and peanut butter toppings and frozen yogurt to choose from. Possibly even this weekend when family is in …and not tell them about the black beans!
Just wait until after they’ve licked their plates and rave over how good it is and then watch the doubt on their faces when you tell them what the secret ingredient was.
I bet it would, but you might want to lower the oven temperature just 325 degrees and cook it longer (just keep checking the cake with a toothpick or metal cake tester to come out clean). When she first sent it to me, I thought Geez, she sure threw the whole kitchen sink in there. The first is oatmeal, which – I know – is not so secret, but in this case it’s finely ground so that it lends the desired chewiness without drawing too much attention to itself. However my cookies hardened up the next day (I reheated it up in the microwave and it came out chewy and crispy again).
I made a couple substitutions based on what I had- quick oats for old fashioned and walnuts for the pecans. I usually make a double batch and freeze the dough balls so whenever I feel like having some I place them in the oven and, voila! It also helps that I have little cookie monsters in my house with my two girls and husband.
By adding the brown rice and some extra salt, pepper and vinegar to the salad, I made dinner. In Germany, particularly after the war, I saw German kids standing around near the end of the mess line, where you would dump what was left in your mess kit into a 30-gallon can. I didn’t, however, reveal the main ingredient until they had tasted a bite and had raved about how wonderfully delicious it was.
The cake is pretty delicate, so if you cut it in half, you may want to use dental floss to cut it.
I baked it for 15 mins total and used dark brown sugar (that’s what I had at that time). The recipe doesn’t make as many cookies as many other of my recipes but I pretty sure that is a good thing.
They are even great frozen (I froze some of the baked cookies in anticipation of my mom coming to visit)!
Sometimes the initial surge of heat from the bottom of the oven during preheating will burn the bottoms of the cookies before the tops are done. Brewer and Sons, the Blommer Chocolate Company, and Peter Cailler Swiss Chocolates Company. The batter looks really liquidy before you add the cocoa powder but it’s like magic when you stir it in and it becomes a cake batter.
These turned out fantastic, although probably denser in texture and not quite as sweet as the original recipe (which I will try in the future to compare). I was surprised that they were overdone, given that my oven usually requires the upper end of the baking time range. This test batch was baked for 15 minutes but the last batch took about 13 minutes as they were tiny balls. Also, I wanted to tell you that when I first saw your blog yesterday and the cake I was in AWE!

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