At Lockheed Martin, we believe that by applying visionary thinking and the highest ethical standards, everything is within our reach and yours as a member of our team. As a global company, a large portion of our work includes shaping and providing systems, technologies and solutions to the DoD, the Department of Homeland Security, the Intelligence community, and other sensitive clients and sectors. We hire professionals who possess Confidential, Secret, or Top Secret clearance (C, S and TS).
Sensitive compartmented information (SCI) clearance is a grade of Security Clearance in the United States DOD concerning classified intelligence sources or secret analytical processes.

Like shaping solutions that are redefining Aerospace and Defense, Information Technology, Space, and Emerging Capabilities such as renewable energy and Smart Grid technologies. If you do not have a clearance designation or if your designation has lapsed, we can sponsor your clearance. While not all the jobs we offer require clearance, a fair number of them do because they require ready access to classified information. The Edmunds Law Firm helps both military and civilian who need this clearance but are rejected by the gov’t.

A security clearance appeal can be filed and Attorney Edmunds is a security clearance appeal lawyer .

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