I usually use Dove, but I was in need of deodorant as mine was running out (perfect timing).
Hey guys- the reason I am doing different deal ideas is going under the premise that some people only receive one paper- just trying to give people different otpions for what they may have on hand. I was reading over the P & G rebate and noticed that it says that the rebate applies to the price paid after any coupon.
I went to tonight to get some of the deals that were on this site, but our Target has not marked down some items and some of them did not have the $5 gift card on them- ugh. Midget Momma is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

There is a coupon available to print for Secret Destinations Antiperspirant making this deal even better. Kelley found the Secret Destinations deodorant & Body spray included, and we have coupons to use to make for some nice deals.
3 Secret Destinations and 3 sprays for $15 back in gift cards, making it a total of $.31 each. I went into my store tonight, not really even looking for deodorant (went in for the Pantene deal).. Not a huge loss, but I’m not happy that I could’ve added a third at, say $3-ish, and got a $5 GC back with it!

And if you haven't already Click Here to Sign up to Target RedCard for Free to Save an extra 5% on all your purchases.
When I looked at my receipt, the deodorants rang up $3.99 and $3.95 even though they were clearly marked! Click here to see me explain it in detail on how you can save money using this simple money saving app.

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