Explanations - The player, guided by the Spies, learns to create meetings, invitations, etc. Reminders - The Spies remind the player of upcoming events: perfect to keep from forgetting things! AdviceEvery day, two new pieces of customized advice are given by the Spies, based on certain information (age, profile, responses to tests, etc.). Personality testsThanks to fun multiple-choice questionnaires, the player learns to understand herself a bit better, learns who she might get along with and figures out which of the Spies she’s closest to, etc.

I don’t know how things are today (probably worse), but girl slumber parties in the 80s and 90s were kind of the weirdest things ever. Although given the fact that most of these questions are about which boy is the dreamiest, it’s nice that someone gets credit for just smelling nice.
Oh my god, can you just imagine how you would swoon if Johnny McMushroomcut brought you your Shirley Temple at your family outing to TGIFriday’s? If they got the answer correct, you got a “boyfriend card,” and the object was to collect a boyfriend for each month of the year!

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