Many animators like Lasseter attended school there and by including the number they are giving a subtle shout-out to their alma mater. Images from the web about disney has been hiding a secret message in its movies for years, hope you like them.
Find us on FacebookRecent CommentsAHMED on Burma ‘ends attacks in Kachin’wisnel on Obama visit to Kenya? Vidia is one of the main characters, initially an antagonist of Disney's 2008 film Tinker Bell. When all is said and done, Vidia is sly, grouchy, vindictive, and narcissistic, but has a good heart.
Despite her negative traits, Vidia ultimately has a good heart, most notably seen in Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue where she traps Tinker Bell in a fairy-sized house made by a human girl in an attempt to teach Tink a lesson on how dangerous human things can be. Even so, she still maintains her anti-hero persona as seen in The Pixie Hollow Games where she is looking forward to Rosetta embarrassing herself during the competitions, knowing the garden fairy's fear of dirt and mud (which is much unlike the other garden fairies, who only do not want to enter because they never even came close to winning).
When a new fairy arrives in Pixie Hollow, Vidia and the other fairies are present to witness what talent she shall become.
Later on at the review, Vidia witnesses as Tinker Bell's inventions prove to be less than impressive. When Vidia witnesses this, she attempts to destroy everyone's sudden hope in the tinker by reminding them that she was the cause of the disaster. During the summertime, Vidia and many other fairies and sparrow men have journeyed to the mainland to attend Fairy Camp.
With Vidia's guilt now abolished, the fairies move on, with Clank and Bobble finding the house.
Once they reach him, Lizzie helps her father notice the dangers of his actions, causing Dr.
Vidia is first seen attending to her normal duties as a fast-flying fairy, creating a smooth breeze. That night, Tinker Bell enlists the help of Vidia and the others to create a snow making machine that will allow Peri to visit. Vidia tries to comfort Tink and take her home, but the tinker refuses to have it end like that.
In the special, Vidia represents the fast-flying fairies' with Zephyr as her teammate competing in the games with the animal, water, light, garden, storm, tinker, and other nature-talent fairies. Vidia appears in the fifth Tinker Bell film, where she and her friends go after Zarina, who has stolen the blue pixie dust from Pixie Hollow. Vidia goes on the quest to restore Mother Dove's egg with Prilla and Rani in Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg. When Queen Clarion's crown goes missing in Vidia and the Fairy Crown, Tinker Bell accuses her of taking it.
When Vidia will not go after the wand in Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand, Mother Dove locks her in Rani's room.
She appears in Silvermist and the Ladybug Curse, when she falls in the water and Silvermist saves her, making her stuck at the fairy picnic. Before officially being cast as the voice of Vidia, Pamela Adlon provided scratch voice-over work for a few years for the character. Vidia is one of the only three fairies made specifically for the Disney Fairies franchise to originate from the books to became a major character in the films, the other two being Terence and Queen Clarion. According to Gail Carson Levine's official blog, when being proposed by Disney to write Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg, the name suggested to use for the character was actually "Invidia"; however, she did not like the name, thinking it was too depressing, so the name ended up being shortened to just "Vidia".
Both performed in villainous activities in their first film, but reformed in one of the sequels.
Both Vidia and Iago's own guilt on causing the protagonist misfortune, ultimately causes them to reform. Both were highly disliked by the protagonists, before their change in heart and redemption. Both were initially cynical and even vindictive towards to the protagonist and their companions, as well as to the world in general. Both had caused trouble for the protagonist in the past without said protagonist being aware of their involvement at the time. Like Megara, Vidia's moment of reform came when she unwittingly landed the protagonist in what would end up being a life-threatening situation, leading her to work closely with the previously disliked protagonist's companions to rescue them before making her own valiant effort to save the unsuspecting protagonist from their fate, placing her own life in jeopardy instead.
Her name is also shown in a speech bubble by Tinker Bell in the mobile game Disney Magic Kingdoms, where she says that she almost went as fast as Vidia after the player unlocks her.
While most were excited to see the duo of Mike and Sulley (Billy Crystal and John Goodman) reunited on screen together during their college days, others were probably more excited with the thrills of the hidden gems in any Pixar flick.
Pixar is notorious for hiding a few iconic symbols in each of its films along with a hint at its next movie. Check them out below along with a few others we've compiled from around the Web and with our own eagle eyes.
The ball from Pixar's first computer animated short film "Luxo Jr" in 1986 appears in graffiti on the wall behind two characters, Claire Wheeler and Brock Pearson, while they're introduced during the Scare Games' first challenge.
A113 is a former classroom of Pixar minds John Lasseter, Brad Bird, Pete Docter, and Andrew Stanton at California Institute of the Arts. In "Monsters Inc." Pixar teased Finding Nemo in similar fashion by placing a Nemo doll in the little girl Boo's room. Celia is Mike's girlfriend from "Monsters Inc." According to Reddit user kaigenji you can spot some notes from her in Mike's locker. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve gone to Disney World, I still find something new and exciting to enjoy every time. Disney’s Electrical Water Pageant is a magical display of lights that travels around Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake.
The Maelstrom ride in the Norway Pavilion at Epcot is one of the most overlooked rides at Walk Disney World. Not to be outdone by the candy sculpting in Japan, China offers a daily acrobatics show performed by the Jeweled Dragon Acrobats. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. Sign up to have exclusive VIP contests, events, coupons, presales, and much more delivered to you for FREE. There is a Hidden Mr Ray, from Finding Nemo, in this scene from Toy Story 3 when the toys are meeting at Sunnyside.

There is a Hidden Mickey Ear in this scene of Toy Story 3 when the Sunnyside Toys meet Andy's Toys.
She tends to use sugary phrases such as "darling" and "dear" in a condescending manner to other fairies. When the human girl ends up taking Tink to her home, Vidia puts all of her differences with the tinker aside to rescue her. Vidia watches happily as Queen Clarion informs Tink that tinkers do not go to the mainland as it is only a job for the nature-talents, leaving the tinker downhearted.
After Tinker Bell fails to learn the other talents, she goes to Vidia for help as a last resort. Vidia and Tink then get into a heated argument, during which Tink asked Vidia if she has helped anyone but herself, unknowingly got Vidia to yell that she should have told her to capture the hawk instead of the thistles, thus revealing her true self.
On the first day of camp, in an attempt to keep Tinker Bell away from humans, Vidia reveals the presence of humans near the camp, urging Tink to go out and discover. Vidia then hides in the nearby grass as the human girl takes Tinker Bell back to her home, upon discovering her inside the playhouse. Later on, Vidia and her friends rush to the doctor after Tinker Bell freezes her wings by purposefully crossing the border to the snow, frozen Winter Woods. However, Vidia is a bit cynical when she hears Peri's tour will end with meeting Queen Clarion. Zarina switches her and the other fairies' talents, and much to her horror she becomes a tinker fairy. She builds a boat out of a hatched crocodile egg, a rod and possibly the swords the fairies use to fight the pirates. She is selected by Mother Dove to go, though Queen Clarion officially appoints Rani as leader so Vidia will not take over.
She eventually breaks free and takes the wand and wishes to be able to fly as fast as she wanted.
She flew in on August 26th, 2010 to promote the release of Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue. The code has popped up on everything from a license plate in the "Toy Story" series to a freight train in "Cars." In "Monsters U," the number shows up on the doorA to the School of Scaring classroom. During the last event of the Scare Games, there's a dinosaur that looks just like the one in concept art for Pixar's next film. If you’re looking for the hidden gems of Disney, those little-known secrets that make the park extra special, I’ve got the perfect list for you. Consisting of 8 people under the age of 21, the troupe wows crowds with extraordinary flexibility and agility. Take this for a 3 minute walk to Disney’s Beach Club Resort where you can dine at “Beaches and Cream” and divulge in the best ice cream sundae of all time, the Kitchen Sink. In un-magical terms, she’s a stilt walker covered in vines and incredible face paint who blends right in with the landscape. She is said to be the fastest fairy in Pixie Hollow, but her title gets to her head, as she is determined to keep her title and would go to great lengths to achieve this. Upon this adventure, Vidia reforms completely and is shown to be much friendlier with Tink and her friends. Vidia scoffs at the tinker-talents, calling them the most useless talent in all of Pixie Hollow. Because tinkers cannot go to the mainland, Tinker Bell decides to change her talent, something that hasn't been done before.
Vidia craftily tells the tinker that capturing the vicious sprinting thistles would prove her worth.
Queen Clarion punishes the fast-flying fairy by forcing her to gather all the sprinting thistles that Tink unintentionally unleashed upon Pixie Hollow, thus Vidia was never an antagonist again.
Vidia rushes back to camp and rallies Rosetta, Iridessa, Fawn, Silvermist, Clank and Bobble to rescue Tink.
The healing-talent fairy ensures that Tinker Bell would be fine, and the friends are able to depart. Tink ensures her that Queen Clarion will rethink the border law upon learning that she and Peri are sisters. Vidia and Zephyr got second place in the finals but during the cart race, they took a shortcut which led their cart to crash, resulting in them being eliminated. While Prilla distracts Captain Hook, Vidia helps Rani take his cigar holder and later plucks the feather from the golden hawk. Queen Clarion sets her court date to be the next morning and Prilla and Vidia set out to clear her name. But because there is no longer any challenge in trying to fly as fast as she could, it is no longer enjoyable.
However, she does wake Silvermist up for the waterball tournament, showing a bit of kindness. Rani and Ronan later hear her at Echo Cavern, screaming at Dulcie that she doesn't want another muffin.
A topiary of Vidia is also featured during the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival in the spring.
If you’re one of the first five to find one, you get a Fastpass to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.
The waiting queue and ride are inside so it’s a great place to escape very hot or cold weather. There are three phone booths outside the United Kingdom and one in Canada in the World Showcase. Once upon a time, she could give her beautiful candy creations to children in the audience, but the health department squashed that.
Not only does she feel she is the best in speed, but the best fairy overall and berates anyone who thinks otherwise.
Later on, Tinker Bell attempts to befriend Vidia, but Vidia immediately dislikes her because of her unusually strong talent.
During a lesson on how to be an animal fairy, Tinker Bell accidentally attracts the attention of a hawk.
However, once she sees Tinker Bell making progress, she lets the captured thistles loose and, while attempting to recapture them, Tink destroys all the preparations for spring.
Her second cameo is at the end of the film where she hides the fact that she is proud that Tinker Bell came through.

When Vidia finally convinces Tinker Bell to head back to camp with her, the two stumble upon a small fairy-sized house created by humans. Because of the rain, however, the fairies are unable to simply fly to Tink's rescue, but Clank and Bobble come up with the idea of building a boat. While Rosetta, Fawn, Silvermist, Iridessa, Clank, and Bobble take care of the cat, Vidia heads to Lizzie's room. When outside, Tinker Bell tells her friends that her wings glowed when she crossed over, though she is not sure why. Vidia and the others are able to destroy it, but the damage its already done threw off the balance of the seasons. But when Rani offers to trade her wings to gain a mermaid's comb, she cannot not bring herself to do the job, leaving it up to Prilla instead. They investigated and questioned anyone who had handled the crown, eventually discovering that Nora had mistaken it for a replica crown party favor and put it with the other replicas.
Thus, her wish, as Mother Dove had predicted, "broke her heart." The wish is later reversed and her speed is brought back to normal.
Vidia loses the bet, having been tricked by Peter Pan and the Lost Boys and seems less than happy about being Rani's servant. It’s located all the way in the back of the Norway section, so if you think you’ve passed it, just keep walking.
Now, if you get there early enough, she’ll take requests on what to sculpt, then you can take photos of it after her show. You can use Disney buses or the monorail to get to them, or you can drive there and tell the person at the gate you’re there for dinner. She is incredibly strong-willed and outspoken, much like Tinker Bell, which can also indicate why the two fairies clash many times. During their first meeting, Vidia also learns that Tinker Bell believes she is going to the mainland, though no one informed her that it is only nature-talent fairies that travel to the mainland. Tink decides to redeem herself, however, by making good use of her talent and concocting various innovations to help restore all the preparations thrice as fast. Once the boat is completed, the fairies make way for the human house. As the adventure progresses, Vidia begins to feel more and more guilty about Tinker Bell's capture, eventually confessing to the others that she slammed the door, causing Tinker Bell to get trapped in the makeshift house. When Vidia finally reaches the room, Lizzie is in the process of introducing her father, Dr.
When Vidia and the others meet Periwinkle, Vidia is surprised by the striking similarities she shares with Tinker Bell, but nevertheless welcomes her and warns her that Tinker Bell may be a little tricky to get along with. If the fairies do not think of something, the Pixie Dust Tree would be destroyed and no fairy would fly again.
Although I haven’t found them, people say there are talking trashcans in Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe, too. Or you can wait for a crowd to gather around her to watch her move and sway in the most awe-inspiring ways. All trademarks, service marks and trade names are proprietary to The Walt Disney Company and Disney Enterprises, Inc.
In an attempt to witness the fairy embarrass herself, Vidia advises Tink to prove her worth of going to the mainland, prompting Tinker Bell to create an array of inventions to showcase during Queen Clarion's review.
Vidia falls into the hawk's vision and is nearly killed, though the other fairies save her by throwing fruits at the creature, but Vidia is also hit.
Despite Vidia's constant warnings to exit, Tinker Bell refuses to leave, as she is too busy looking around. Rosetta, Iridessa, Silvermist and Fawn comfort Vidia about the situation and inform her that it could have been worse without her presence. When she does, she learns that when her wings glow, that means her fraternal twin sister, Periwinkle, is near. Periwinkle and the frost fairies use their ability to preserve the Pixie Dust Tree, which proves successful.
The line is rarely longer than 30 minutes and it’s one of the best places to get off your feel while traveling Epcot.
Although I’ve never stayed there (a bit too pricey for my budget), I’ve eaten dinner there several times. After the hawk retreats, Vidia lifts herself up but is covered with fruit, proving to be quite embarrassing.
Tinker Bell and Periwinkle grow a strong and close sisterly bond over the day, and Tink wants Peri to see the rest of Pixie Hollow. Tink and Vidia lift Peri back across the border, where they are confronted by Lord Milori, the ruler of the Winter Woods. When Tink reveals that her efforts to bring the frost fairies to Pixie Hollow to save the tree had resulted in her breaking her wing, Vidia is shown as one of those who are genuinely sad over it.
She usually hides in the vegetation on the left near the character spot for Baloo the bear.
If you time your day just right, you can even catch the fireworks from the Magic Kingdom from a very comfortable hammock on the beach of the Polynesian Resort. Unfortunately, the human girl (Elizabeth Griffiths), who created the house to meet a real fairy, begins to approach Vidia and Tinker Bell, with the latter still inside the house. Milori declares that it is too dangerous for Periwinkle and Tinker Bell to continue seeing each other. However, when Tink's special connection with her sister Perri caused her wing to be healed, Vidia is one of the first to show her joy in joining in the mid-air group-hug, proving that she really does care about Tink.
In my opinion, it’s MUCH better than trying to find the perfect location to see them from inside the parks. In the end, warm fairies are allowed to cross the border, Tink and Peri lovingly reunite as true sisters, and Vidia sparks quite a friendship with the frost fairy, Spike.
With the rain still going strong outside, Tinker Bell and the others bestow pixie dust upon Lizzie so that she may fly them to her father.

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