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No one controls the circumstance in which they are born, but many of us learn quickly how to make sure we still advance.
It may not be our wish to fit in with society and end up in the daily grind that so many seem to be miserable in. Becoming limitless may seem impossible to some but it is nothing more than our subconscious desire to continuously improve and feel fulfilled along the way. Secure Payments: Please note Secret Entourage does not see or store your Credit Card information. A confirmation and Download link will be sent to your email for immediate download of your purchase. After I got engaged, the name issue quickly became the most frustrating detail for me to figure out. I genuinely believe that any partner should change their name if they so desire, but I couldn't seem to justify it to myself for some reason.
When I chose my new first name, I partly chose it because it is gender-neutral leaning toward masculine, which suits my genderqueer self far better than my given name ever did.
While my reasons for disliking my first name are many and varied, it's never been about my family - who I love dearly. Please know that I am in no way trying to invalidate anyone else's experiences of feeling trapped. Did I want to keep having the same tiresome, negative conversation with every new person that I meet? Additionally, I now have no problem taking my partner's (delightful) last name when I will also be taking my own first name, on my own terms. Its now been a few years since LUM-TEC has been around, and around that time is when Chris and his team caught our attention with their great work. A few months back, we featured two very popular articles about making money selling watches and got great feedback from our readers that you all wanted to see and hear more about ways to leverage lifestyle in order to make money. Months ago we reviewed the Graf Zeppelin, a very dressy entry level watch that was great value for the money.  This month we follow the same theme of great value for the money, yet we take you in the world of Dievas Diving Watches. Last month we brought you the line of Aeromatic watches offered by Island Watch as a great entry level watch right under $200. Panatime, the leader in aftermarket straps has teamed up with Secret Entourage on a very special project to design straps specific to the Lum-Tec Secret Entourage M49 and M51 watches. The last Bugatti and Parmigiani piece we will cover for a little while, the Atalante fly-back chronograph, is yet one more watch that takes its inspiration from the famous Bugatti Atlante 57S Sport. Secret Entourage knows high end timepieces and from our monthly columns on Panerai, Audemars or Hublot, you would notice that we have outstanding taste in high line watches.  After being exposed to LUM-TEC and their excellent watches for the money, we decided to seek out other great watches at unreal prices.
Actions you undertake as a consequence of any analysis, opinion or advertisement on this site are your sole responsibility. DESCRIPTION: This is the largest map of its kind to have survived in tact and in good condition from such an early period of cartography. These place names are in Lincolnshire (Holdingham and Sleaford are the modern forms), and this Richard has been identified as one Richard de Bello, prebend of Lafford in Lincoln Cathedral about the year 1283, who later became an official of the Bishop of Hereford, and in 1305 was appointed prebend of Norton in Hereford Cathedral.
While the map was compiled in England, names and descriptions were written in Latin, with the Norman dialect of old French used for special entries. Here, my dear Son, my bosom is whence you took flesh Here are my breasts from which you sought a Virgina€™s milk. The other three figures consist of a woman placing a crown on the Virgin Mary and two angels on their knees in supplication.
Still within this decorative border, in the left-hand bottom corner, the Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus is enthroned and crowned with a papal triple tiara and delivers a mandate with his seal attached, to three named commissioners. In the right-hand bottom corner an unidentified rider parades with a following forester holding a pair of greyhounds on a leash.
The geographical form and content of the Hereford map is derived from the writings of Pliny, Solinus, Augustine, Strabo, Jerome, the Antonine Itinerary, St. As is traditional with the T-O design, there is the tripartite division of the known world into three continents: Europe, Asia, and Africa.
EUROPE: When we turn to this area of the Hereford map we would expect to find some evidence of more contemporary 13th century knowledge and geographic accuracy than was seen in Africa or Asia, and, to some limited extent, this theory is true.
France, with the bordering regions of Holland and Belgium is called Gallia, and includes all of the land between the Rhine and the Pyrenees.
Norway and Sweden are shown as a peninsula, divided by an arm of the sea, though their size and position are misrepresented. On the other side of Europe, Iceland, the Faeroes, and Ultima Tile are shown grouped together north of Norway, perhaps because the restricting circular limits of the map did not permit them to be shown at a more correct distance. The British Isles are drawn on a larger scale than the neighboring parts of the continent, and this representation is of special interest on account of its early date. On the Hereford map, the areas retain their Latin names, Britannia insula and Hibernia, Scotia, Wallia, and Cornubia, and are neatly divided, usually by rivers, into compartments, North and South Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, England, and Scotland. THE MEDITERRANEAN: The Mediterranean, conveniently separating the three continents of Asia, Africa and Europe, teems with islands associated with legends of Greece and Rome. Mythical fire-breathing creature with wings, scales and claws; malevolent in west, benevolent in east.
4.A A  For bibliographical information on these and other (including lost) cartographical exemplars, see Westrem, The Hereford Map, p.
10.A A  For bibliographical information for editions and translations of the source texts, see Westrem, The Hereford Map, p. 11.A A  More detailed analysis of these data can be found in my a€?Lessons from Legends on the Hereford Mappa Mundi,a€? Hereford Mappa Mundi Conference proceedings volume being edited by Barber and Harvey (see n. 16.A A  Danubius oritur ab orientali parte Reni fluminis sub quadam ecclesia, et progressus ad orientem, . 23.A A  The a€?standarda€? Latin forms of these place-names and the modern English equivalents are those recorded in the Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World, ed. From the time when it was first mentioned as being in Hereford Cathedral in 1682, until a relatively short time ago, the Hereford Mappamundi was almost entirely the preserve of antiquaries, clergymen with an interest in the middle ages and some historians of cartography. FROM THE TIME when it was first mentioned as being in Hereford Cathedral in 1682, until a relatively short time ago, the Hereford Mappamundi was almost entirely the preserve of antiquaries, clergymen with an interest in the middle ages and some historians of cartography. Details from the Hereford map of the Blemyae and the Psilli.a€? Typical of the strange creatures or 'Wonders of the East' derived by Richard of Haldingham from classical sources and placed in Ethiopia. Equally important work was also being done on medieval and Renaissance world maps as a genre, particularly by medievalists such as Anna-Dorothee von den Brincken and Jorg-Geerd Arentzen in Germany and by Juergen Schulz, primarily an art historian, and David Woodward, a leading historian of cartography, in the United States.
The Hereford World Map is the only complete surviving English example of a type of map which was primarily a visualization of all branches of knowledge in a Christian framework and only secondly a geographical object. After the fall of the Roman empire in the 5th century, monks and scholars struggled desperately to preserve from destruction by pagan barbarians the flotsam and jetsam of classical history and learning; to consolidate them and to reconcile them with Christian teaching and biblical history.
There would have been several models to choose from, corresponding to the widely differing cartographic traditions inside the Roman Empire, but it seems that the commonest image descended from a large map of the known world that was created for a portico lining the Via Flaminia near the Capitol in Rome during Christ's lifetime. Recent writers such as Arentzen have suggested that, simply because of their sheer availability, from an early date different versions of this map may have been used to illustrate texts by scholars such as St. Eventually some of the information from the texts became incorporated into the maps themselves, though only sparingly at first. A broad similarity in coastlines with the Hereford map is clear in the Anglo-Saxon [Cottonian] World Map, c.1000 (#210), but there are no illustrations of animals other than the lion (top left).
The resulting maps ranged widely in shape and appearance, some being circular, others square.
A few maps of the inhabited world were much more detailed, though keeping to the same broad structure and symbolism. Most of these earlier maps were book illustrations, none were particularly big and the maps were always considered to need textual amplification. From about 1100, however, we know from contemporary descriptions in chronicles and from the few surviving inventories that larger world maps were produced on parchment, cloth and as wall paintings for the adornment of audience chambers in palaces and castles as well as, probably, of altars in the side chapels of religious buildings. A separate written text of an encyclopedic nature, probably written by the map's intellectual creator, however, was still intended to accompany many if not all these large maps and one may originally have accompanied the Hereford world map. These maps seem largely to have been inspired by English scholars working at home or in Europe. The most striking novelty, however, was the vastly increased number of depictions of peoples, animals, and plants of the world copied from illustrations in contemporary handbooks on wildlife, commonly called bestiaries and herbals.
Mentions in contemporary records and chronicles, such as those of Matthew Paris, make it plain that these large world maps were once relatively common. At about the same time that this map was being created, Henry III, perhaps after consultation with Gervase, who had visited him in 1229, commissioned wall maps to hang in the audience chambers of his palaces in Winchester and Westminster. The Hereford Mappamundi is the only full size survivor of these magnificent, encyclopedic English-inspired maps. An inscription in Norman-French at the bottom left attributes the map to Richard of Haldingham and Sleaford. The Secret Entourage Aston Martin is far from over, and this month it is full of carbon fiber love, courtesy of our premiere sponsor, The Vantage Collection. A month has passed, and we have enjoyed putting an additional 2000 miles on our Aston Martin Vantage but as you all know time has come to start modifying this one of a kind Vantage. For this particular project, we call upon Sponsors like D2Forged, friends like Sr Auto Group and fans to help us make this another masterpiece. We warned you that our Lamborghini Project was on hold after phase 2 due to the winter months in the Mid Atlantic region. After working a 9-5 job that didn’t quite work, Jonathan had to go back to square one and figure out what he really wanted to do in life.
Louis Spagnuolo is lucky to have been an entrepreneur nearly his entire life and privileged enough to be involved in many various industries.
Being fortunate enough to have achieved great success over the years, Louis shares how his real motivator now lies in the challenge of creating new businesses and making them successfull. The affiliate marketing industry can be cut throat since the primary objective of affiliates is to make money whether that means copying your websites, ads, SEO tactics or other. As the app industry continues to grow, more and more people are jumping into app development.
We all love exotic cars so we often find it a shame when they are garaged rather than driven. Meet Derrick and Stefan Williams, two brothers from the streets of Brooklyn, NY who shared a passion for cars and decided to do something about it.  In less than a year, they have been successful in creating their own wheel line and marketing it to high end exotic car owners worldwide.  How did they do it? Before we start, we would like to personally welcome you as the newest Platinum Sponsor of Secret Entourage, your help and partnership really means a lot to all of us, and so we truly do appreciate your support. From our conversation you said you used to be D2 Autosport, a distributor of aftermarket accessories, prior to becoming D2 Forged?
We generated visibility via the use of Project Vehicles, which we would modify and then take to local car shows, and post on the online forums. The thing that separates us from any other company is our passion, and our dexterity within the marketplace.
We’ve managed to capture that ever elusive quality of attraction, and embed it in our product. Yes, I have held many different positions at various Fortune 500 companies, and so has Stefan. My first car was a 1995 Honda Accord, and in the space of 1 year, I put 3 sets of wheels on it.
That being said, we are professional, responsible, and accountable,  this is what has allowed us to have the consistency of success over such a long period of time. The thing that motivates me in business is the thrill of cultivating something from nothing. When looking back at when you first started making wheels, many would argue that it takes major $$$$ backing…as its an expensive business to start. It is a very expensive business, but with the background that we had, and the “D2 following” that we’d already generated it did take major backing and required us to invest ALL of our capital, but at the time of this interview (13months after our official public introduction), we actually have NO financial backing whatsoever. I make this distinction to let anyone reading this article know, with determination and the right strategic road map, ANYTHING is attainable, even with limited resources.
Cathy Johnson, Dan Mahoney, Andrew “Fox” Neish, Sheldon “Karate” Laborde, Paul Evans, Shawn Franklin, Matt Jackson, Demarco Valestin, Vin Budhram, Mike Opalek, and Andrew Magsino. We want to take a moment to thank Derrick and Stefan for taking time out of their busy day and give us an insight on their business and vision. It is a powerful, self-reflecting business book with a twist of psychology and a deep dive into the emotional rollercoaster that true entrepreneurship can be. We ensure our environment doesn't control us, but rather we choose the direction of our journey.

It is however, imperative that we understand all the inner workings of the system and how to master elements like money, and control over our emotions.
When money no longer fills that void and our desire for answers keep growing, comes the time to enhance our awareness and take the final step of our journey. Your transactions are secured with 128-bit encryption and once your payment is complete, you will be emailed a receipt of your transaction. Though, I decided to keep my middle name for sentimental reasons - bracketing it between my chosen names. We listened and finally released TIC TOC – How To Make Money Selling Watches, your complete guide to making money selling, trading and buying watches. This month Island Watch decided to send us a beautiful dress watch that truly offers a lot of watch for the money but yet we had never heard of it. As you may have seen in our previous posts about the Secret Entourage Lum-tec watches, the original straps are nice but a very simple black on black and rarely command attention. We wanted to be able to identify some of the best watches under $300 as well as allow our readers of all levels to enjoy wearing watches and getting in that habit early on. All opinions expressed on this site are those of the author and may contain errors or omissions. The circle of the world is set in a somewhat rectangular frame background with a pointed top, and an ornamented border of a zig-zag pattern often found in psalter-maps of the period (#223). Show pity, as you said you would, on all Who their devotion paid to me for you made me Savioress.
Olympus and such cities as Athens and Corinth; the Delphic oracle, misnamed Delos, is represented by a hideous head. James (Roxburghe Club) 1929, with representations from manuscripts in the British Library and the Bodleian Library, and a€?Marvels of the Easta€?, by R.
The upper-left corner of the Hereford Map, showing north and east Asia (compare to the contents on Chart 3). 1), however, call attention to a remarkable degree of accuracy in the relationship of toponymsa€”for cities, rivers, and mountainsa€”both in EMM and in Hereford Map legends.A  On the Asia Minor littoral, for example, one passage in EMM links 39 place-names in a running series, 23 of which are found in Chart 4 (and visible, in almost exactly parallel order, on Fig. 5, above).A  Treating islands separately from the eartha€™s three a€?partsa€? follows the organizational style adopted by Isidore of Seville, Honorius Augustodunensis, and other medieval geographical authorities.
Note Lincoln on its hill and Snowdon ('Snawdon'), Caernarvon and Conway in Wales, referring to the castles Edward I was building there when the map was being created.
In England, a detailed study of its less obvious features, such as the sequences of its place names and some of its coastal outlines by G. The Psilli reputedly tested the virtue of their wives by exposing their children to serpents.
The cumulative effect has been to enable us at last to evaluate the map in terms of its actual (largely non-geographical and not exclusively religious) purpose, the age in which it was created and in the context of the general development of European cartography.
The Old and New Testaments contained few doctrinal implications for geography, other than a bias in favor of an inhabited world consisting of three interlinked continents containing descendants of Noah's three sons. This now-lost map was referred to in some detail by a number of classical writers and it seems to have been created under the direction of Emperor Augustus's son-in-law, Vipsanius Agrippa (63-12 BC) for official purposes. As the centuries went by, more and more was included with references to places associated with events in classical history and legend (particularly fictionalized tales about Alexander the Great) and from biblical history with brief notes on and the very occasional illustration of natural history.
Note also the Roman provincial boundaries, the relative accuracy of the British coastlines (lower left) and the attention paid to the Balkans and Denmark, with which Saxon England had close contacts. Some, often oriented to the north, attempted to show the whole world in zones, with the inhabited earth occupying the zone between the equator and the frozen north.
They were never intended to convey purely geographical information or to stand alone without explanatory text.
Often a 'context' for them would have been provided by the other secular as well as religious surrounding decorations.
For many maps continued to be used primarily for educational, including theological, purposes. They reached their fullest development in the thirteenth century when Englishmen like Roger Bacon, John of Holywood (Sacrobosco), Robert Grosseteste and Matthew Paris were playing an inordinately large part in creative geographical thinking in Europe. In most, if not all of these maps, the strange peoples or 'Marvels of the East' are shown occupying Ethiopia on the right (southern) edge, as on the Hereford map. Exposure to light, fire, water, and religious bigotry or indifference over the centuries has, however, led to the destruction of most of them.
Both are now lost but it seems quite likely that the so-called 'Psalter Map', produced in London in the early 1260s and now owned by the British Library, is a much reduced copy of the map that hung in Westminster Palace. Despite some broad similarities in arrangement and content, however, there are very considerable differences from the Ebstorf and the 'Westminster Palace' maps in details - like the precise location of wildlife, the portrayal of some coastlines and islands, or in the recent information incorporated. We showed you the amazing carbon fiber work by our friends at the Vantage Collection and showed you how we completed the entire exterior with the V1 Carbon Fiber Splitter and the V2 Rear Diffuser.
We last mentioned that we were going to call on a few sponsors to help us build the most stunning Aston Martin in the country and we had laid somewhat of a road map on the various modifications we might go with on this project. We couldn’t stand looking at this in our garage unmolested and decided that it simply was not fair to have an Aston Martin unless its fully modified.
This beauty was with us since last September and she is off to a good home locally, so we’ll be keeping an eye out for her driving around. Here is an update on our car as it is about to be going on sale to make room for some summer exotic cars. This has not stopped us from picking up our latest addition to the family which was a 2006 CLS55 AMG.  We unveiled our CLS55 earlier this month in a photo shoot along with our Lamborghini. Hardship fell on Jonathan where he had to resort to moving back in with his brother while he worked a part time job to make ends meet. Since exiting his first business for $400,000 during college, Louis has dabbled in restaurants, online businesses, insurance, private jets, yachts, and more. Read on as Louis discusses how he went from bouncing clubs to launching 300 lead generation websites to insuring sports teams in our latest success story. Unfortunately, most people that do create apps, often fall short of their goals and expectations and call it quits after one try. Thanks to Damon Fryer of Daily Driven Exotics, he’s not your average Lamborghini owner and has successfully shown that exotics can take a beating and be driven in all types of situations.
We had a chance to show our readers two of your previous projects, the Lamborghini Murcielago and the Aston Martin Vantage which were both piece of art after your wheels were fitted. Tell me about how it all started and what made you decide to go from selling to manufacturing? I started the company to fill a gap that I perceived in the landscape of aftermarket parts resellers.
Our customer base grew from the Lexus community to BMW, to Mercedes, to Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini and beyond within the first 2 years!! Being born and raised in NYC (Brooklyn), we are privy to a wealth of different cultures, practices and socio-economic boundaries.
When combined with the quality of our materials, and level of craftsmanship, D2FORGED Wheels stands alone from any and every other wheel line. A few of them being sales companies, they certainly related to the field that we currently in. Although no company is immune to anything, we are well aware of the pitfalls of this industry, and we take every precaution to navigate around them. The identification of an opportunity, or gap in the landscape with which I can carve out my own niche; this is what motivates me the most. They are always ready to hit the road and promote D2, they support us with their time, resources and vehicles! We are very confident in saying that D2 forged wheels are here to stay and that great new designs will be launched soon, and of course Secret Entourage will be the first to bring them to you.
True mastery of the 2nd circle is only the beginning of our success and a pivotal point in our journey.
I had already earned two degrees and published a few academic papers under my current name which was a significant amount of identity investment, as I saw it. My father is Hawaiian, and I was given the name to honor that heritage, though I was not raised in Hawaii. Then I started my first full-time job, and was overwhelmed with my legal name on everything, including my provided work e-mail address.
For the past few years LUM-TEC has partnered with Secret Entourage to bring you some amazing Secret Entourage versions of some of the most popular LUM-TEC models. TIC TOC took about 6 months to bring to life as we wanted to make sure that its content is full of valuable information including secrets of the trade that many of you would not know or have been exposed to. Introducing the Graf Zeppelin Chrono watch, a perfect alternative to Maurice Lacroix or Raymond Weil but yet at a fraction of the cost.
We reached out to Panatime to come up with a variety of straps we can use on our M49 and M51 Secret Entourage Lum-tecs. In Phrygia there is born an animal called bonnacon; it has a bulla€™s head, horsea€™s mane and curling horns, when chased it discharges dung over an extent of three acres which burns whatever it touches.
India also has the largest elephants, whose teeth are supposed to be of ivory; the Indians use them in war with turrets (howdahs) set on them.
The linx sees through walls and produces a black stonea€” a valuable carbuncle in its secret parts.
A tiger when it sees its cub has been stolen chases the thief at full speed; the thief in full flight on a fast horse drops a mirror in the track of the tiger and so escapes unharmed. Agriophani Ethiopes eat only the flesh of panthers and lions they have a king with only one eye in his forehead. Men with doga€™s heads in Norway; perhaps heads protected with furs made them resemble dogs. Essendones live in Scythia it is their custom to carry out the funeral of their parents with singing and collecting a company of friends to devour the actual corpses with their teeth and make a banquet mingled with the flesh of animals counting it more glorious to be consumed by them than by worms. Solinus: they occupy the source of the Ganges and live only on the scent of apples of the forest if they should perceive any smell they die instantly. Himantopodes; they creep with crawling legs rather than walk they try to proceed by sliding rather than by taking steps.
The Monocoli in India are one-legged and swift when they want to be protected from the heat of the sun they are shaded by the size of their foot. Flint, a€?The Hereford Map:A  Its Author(s), Two Scenes and a Border,a€? Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, 6th ser. Nevertheless, it placed a somewhat misleading emphasis on the map's geographical 'inaccuracies', its depiction of fabulous creatures and supposedly religious purpose, all clothed in what for the layman must have seemed an air of wildly esoteric learning and near-impenetrable medieval mystery.
Recent research suggests this is a reference to African traders in medicinal drugs who visited ancient Rome. Today, with the map in the headlines of the popular press, it may be time to give a brief resume of what is currently known about it and to attempt to explain some of its more important features in the light of recent research. In the eyes of some (but by no means all) theologians, a fourth inhabited continent, the Antipodes, would implicitly have denied the descent of mankind from Noah, and the depiction of such a continent was deemed to be heretical by them. It was based on survey and on military itineraries and reflected the political and administrative realities of the time. Where space allowed, reference was also made to important contemporary towns, regions, and geographical features such as freshly-opened mountain passes.
Most of the maps, however, like the Hereford Mappamundi, depicted only that part of the world that was known in classical times to be inhabited and they were oriented with east at the top. Traces of the maps' classical origins could regularly be seen in, for instance, the continued depiction of the provincial boundaries of the Roman Empire (which are partly visible on the Hereford map) and for many centuries by the island of Delos which had been sacred to the early Greeks being the centre of the inhabited world. They and the texts that they adorned continued to be copied by hand until late in the 15th century and are to be found in early printed books. God dominates the world and the 'Marvels of the East' occupy the lower right edge of the map, as they do on the Hereford map.
Together they would have provided a propaganda backdrop for the public appearances of the ruler, ruling body, noble or cleric who had commissioned them, and some may have been able to stand alone as visual histories. The Hereford map, as an inscription at the lower left corner tells us, was certainly intended for use as a visual encyclopedia, to be 'heard, read and seen' by onlookers.
Because of the maps' size, they were able to include far more information and illustration than their predecessors.
More space was also found for current political references and information derived from contemporary military, religious and commercial itineraries. Today, the earliest survivor, dating from the beginning of the thirteenth century, is a badly damaged example now in Vercelli Cathedral, probably having been brought to Italy in about 1219 by a papal legate returning from England. We know from Matthew Paris that the Westminster map was copied by others, and it is likely to have had a lasting influence even though the original was destroyed in 1265. A Latin legend in the bottom right corner of the Hereford map refers to the 5th century Christian propagandist Orosius as the main source for the map, but as we have already seen, it incorporates information from numerous ancient and thirteenth century sources and adds its own interpretations of them.

The map is an outstanding example of a map type that had evolved over the preceding eight centuries. Here is a final update on our project and one last photo shoot for all you Mercedes AMG lovers. We have yet to decided what will replace this beast but a Bentley GT or Aston Martin Vantage are looking like promising choices. We had originally decided to keep this car entirely stock as a daily driver the Secret Entourage family would use, but who are we kidding…that’s near impossible!
After being introduced to the world of cosmeceutical science by his brother, Jonathan found a new passion and business opportunity.
Shortly after a brief stint working for another company, Tolga knew that he wasn’t building his dream but rather helping someone build theirs. Although Porsche specialized performance shops may seem common, it is those who are able to innovate and continue to raise the bar, that ahead of the competition. As you’ll learn with our latest success story, Braydon Batungbaca has created well over 50 apps but it was not without its challenges. When he’s not hooning around in his Gallardo, you can find him anywhere in the world running his email marketing business.
Such good taste deserves recognition as many wheel companies make nice wheels but can never get it 100% when selecting which wheels to put on which cars, D2 Forged simply gets it.
There was (and still is) a lack of professionalism, accountability and follow through across all genres of this business, and I wanted to offer potential customers a  more service centric experience. We were well noted for our fitment expertise, and excellence in custom fitment so that part came relatively easy. This provides us with the ability to set our targets on specific audiences and market our products in a fashion that develops a CONNECTION with the end user. The great thing is, our corporate backgrounds are infused into what we do, so you can expect the professionalism you get from a branded multi-million dollar company but with the human touch and care that has gone missing from Corporate America.
It was lowered aggressively, with color matched moldings, centercaps, and the oh-so-trendy clear lenses. There is an immense amount of satisfaction to be derived from looking back over the past 13months and seeing how much progress my company has made, while simultaneously taking inventory of the bright future ahead!
Make sure to check out D2 forged for all your exotic wheel needs, and make sure to mention that you heard about them through Secret Entourage for the best possible deals. I reluctantly ordered business cards thinking "Well, maybe I can go by this name again." But, in fact, I couldn't - I hated it. From its literal meaning in Greek it also signifies the plant ox-tongue, so called from its shape and roughness of its leaves. Conventionally holds a mirror in one hand, combing lovely hair with the other According to myth created by Ea, Babylonian water god.
The large city at the top edge is Babylon (its description is the map's longest legend [A§181).
12-30.A  The conservator Christopher Clarkson drew my attention to the gouge in the Mapa€™s former frame.
Talbert (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2000), which I employ throughout my book, but with the caution that in dealing with the manuscript culture of medieval Europe, it is misleading and anachronistic to speak of a€?standarda€? or a€?correcta€? spellings, especially of geographical words.
Casual visitors to the dark aisle where it hung could see only a dark, dirty image which they were encouraged to view in a pious, but also rather condescending manner.
Crone of the Royal Geographical Society, revealed that despite the antiquity of many of the map's sources much was almost contemporary with the map's creation and was secular. Much of the text that follows is an amplification of information panels and leaflets prepared for the British Library's current display of the map. Most medieval mapmakers seem to have accepted this constraint, but world maps showing four continents are not uncommon: notably the world maps created by Beatus of Liebana (#207) in the late 8th century to illustrate his Commentary on the Apocalypse of St. It may have incorporated information from an earlier survey commissioned by Julius Caesar and, to judge from some early references, it may originally have shown four continents. These texts owed much to classical writers, particularly Pliny the Elder (23-79), who himself derived much of his information from still earlier writers such as the fifth century BC Greek historian Herodotus.
As befitted the encyclopedic texts that they illustrated, the maps became visual encyclopedias of human and divine knowledge and not mere geographical maps. Many were purely schematic and symbolic, showing a T, representing the Mediterranean, the Don and the Nile, surrounded by an 0, for the great ocean encircling the world, sometimes with a fourth continent being added.
It was only from about 1120 that Jerusalem took Oclos' place as the focal point of the map, as it does on the Hereford Mappamundi. They retained and expanded the geographical and historical elements of the older maps - coastlines, layout and place names on the maps frequently reveal their ancestry - but to them they added several novel features. Inscriptions of varying lengths amplified the pictures and sometimes contained references to their sources. Much better preserved, until its destruction in 1943, was the famous Ebstorf world map of about 1235. It is difficult to account otherwise for the striking similarities in detailed arrangement and content between the Psalter world map, the recently discovered 'Duchy of Cornwall' fragment (probably commissioned in about 1285 by a cousin of Edward I for his foundation, Ashridge College in Hertfordshire) and the Aslake world map fragments of about 1360.
In many of its details it particularly resembles the Anglo-Saxon World Map of about 1000 and the twelfth century Henry of Mainz world map in Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. The Aston Martin V8 Vantage is known for its overall appeal but is also known for its infamous lack of power.
We dont keep anything stock at Secret Entourage, we modify everything we own in an effort to remain unique, so without adieu, here we go!
His first year of business proved to be a success, even while balancing a day job along side his business.
He took his contacts and knowledge and launched Emilia Motors, a luxury concierge service that caters to the worlds wealthiest individuals.
Todd has not only raised the bar but also set the standard when it comes to ultimate Porsche performance with several horsepower and speed records to Evolution Motorsport’s name. He shares with us his best kept secrets on SEO, productivity, and how he plans to diversify into software and mobile. His first app only had 2,000 total downloads but through constant refinement, he has built an app portfolio that has surpassed 30 million downloads and over $500,000 in revenue for 2013. None of this could of happened if he wasn’t exposed to entrepreneurship or success at a young age which lead him to drop out of school in 9th grade.
The new logistics of manufacturing, production, assembly, quality control and inventory management were all new to us! It is almost as if our product comes to life off a computer screen or page.  When seen in person, the effect is even more magnified!
I also derive motivation from the satisfaction I feel when my closest friends and loved ones can be proud of what I’ve done. I’m already extremely successful, however I work hard to sprinkle a few extra dollars in with my success! His name was certainly not improved by tacking my name to the front of it, but I felt kind of wrong just changing my last name - misplaced feminist pride, perhaps. Crone points out that this reference has special significance because Augustus had also entrusted his son-in-law, M. Sometimes identified with Sirens, the mythical enchantresses along coasts of the Mediterranean, who lured sailors to destruction by their singing. Amazon means a€?without a breast,a€? according to tradition these women removed the right breast to use the bow. At the right edge, a looping line shows the route of the wandering Israelites in their Exodus from Egypt; it crosses the Jordan to the left of a naked woman who looks over her shoulder at the sinking cities of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Dead Sea (she is Lot's wife, turned into a pillar of salt [A§254].
400), a text that was often attended during the Middle Ages by diagrammatic a€?mapsa€? illustrating the concept.A  See also David Woodward. Others delved into the question of its authorship, which had previously been assumed to be obvious from the wording on the map itself. The medievalized depiction on the bottom left corner of the Hereford world map of 'Caesar Augustus' commissioning a survey of the world from three surveyors representing the three corners of the world may be based on a muddled - and religiously acceptable - memory of these classical events.
Even though the inscriptions on the maps gradually became more and more garbled and the information more and more embellished, distorted, and misunderstood, they nevertheless retained their tenuous links with ancient learning. More than simple geographical shorthand, such maps were also meant to symbolize the crucifixion, the descent of man from Noah's three sons and the ultimate triumph of Christianity. Palestine itself was usually enlarged far beyond what, on a modern map, would have been its actual proportions. A note on one of the most famous of them, the Ebstorf, says that it could be used for route planning. Although the maps were still dominated by biblical and classical history and legend, most other information seems to have been acceptable and was accommodated within the traditional framework. Far larger than the Hereford Word Map and much more colorful, it was probably created under the guidance of the itinerant English lawyer, teacher and diplomat, Gervase of Tilbury.
In transmission some facts and text became garbled and some inscriptions are gobbled gook or wrong. Knowing that he could take his business to the next level if he was able to focus on it full time, he quit his job and the rest is history. By letting the records speak for itself, Todd has carved out a niche of his own that has allowed him to proudly own one of the top Porsche tuning shops in the USA for the last decade.
A very impressive feat for anyone but especially for Braydon since he is only 21 years old. Through relationships he was able to find his niche in email marketing and is here today to give us an inside look on what it takes to succeed.
We stepped up to the task, consulted with the best professionals in the business and got our plan of action solidified. The circle one-third of the way from the bottom is Jerusalem, the Map's central point, with a crucifixion scene above it ([A§387-89]). Its images and decoration have been examined from a stylistic standpoint by Nigel Morgan and put into the context of their time, while the late Wilma George examined the animals in the light of her own zoological knowledge [2] The chance discoveries of fragments of other English medieval world maps in recent years [3] have expanded the context within which the Hereford World Map can be examined, and the Royal Academy exhibition, 'The Age of Chivalry' of 1987 enabled the map to be displayed in the company of other non-cartographic artifacts of its own time. Generally, though, it was not difficult to adapt surviving copies of existing, secular world maps to suit the purposes of Christian writers from the 5th century onwards. This was in order to match its historical importance and to accommodate all the information that had to be conveyed. Christ would, for instance, be shown dominating the world, or the world might even be depicted as the actual body of Christ. The world was shown as the body of Christ and much space was devoted to the political situation in northern Germany: an area of particular concern to the Duke who may have commissioned it. Today, his scientific cosmeceutical line is achieving new heights and advancements year after year! I have to take a second to thank my colleague and friend Bob Hale for his support and wealth of knowledge shared with us during this process. Carte marine et portulan au XIIe siA?cle:A  Le Liber de existencia riveriarum et forma maris nostri Mediterranei. The amount of space dedicated to the other parts of the world varied according to their traditional historical or biblical importance and the preoccupations of the author of the text that the map illustrated. Some call all this luck but Tolga will tell you it was all Laboring Under Correct Knowledge. Behind the blue band of the river is a grim array of grotesque figures to indicate the existence of primitive peoples. There may be significance in the soulless mermaid placed in the map close to the unattainable Holy Land, or she may be a possible temptation to sea-faring pilgrims.
Phillott, wrote that it shows a a€?rejection of all that savoured of scientific geography, .
Because of this, space devoted to the author or patron's homeland was often much exaggerated when judged by modern standards, as in the case of England, Wales and Ireland on the Hereford Mappa Mundi. Crone demonstrated, the Hereford also contains sequences of the more important place names along some major thirteenth century commercial and pilgrimage routes.
On a world map, though, as opposed to the strip itinerary maps produced by Matthew Paris in about 1250, the route planning could only have been very approximate and very much incidental to the main purposes. 14), which may have resulted from the survey of the provinces ascribed by tradition to Julius Caesar. In the Hereford map they could revel in this pictorial description of the outside world, which taught natural history, classical legends, explained the winds and reinforced their religious beliefs.
The two upright fingers branching up from the Mediterranean are the Aegean and the Black Sea with the Golden Fleece at its extremity.

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