Secret Extensions® are made of an all new keratin conditioned fiber that moves like, feels like, and looks like the real thing!
Click above and view the Secret Extensions® video demonstrating how Secret Extensions® work. YouTuber, summsumm02, recently posted a video exploring her thoughts on Secret Extensions (TM). Krystal Smartt explores how she uses her Secret Extensions (TM) on her YouTube channel and she highlights some of the many ways you can wear your Secret Extensions. YouTube user, Laura Baulleret, recently posted her very own Secret Extensions (TM) tutorial for her viewers. Review site, Trustworthy Reviews, has recently released information about Secret Extensions (TM) and they thoroughly reviewed how anyone can use Secret Extensions.
Earlier this month, I was invited to attend the MTV 2014 Video Music Awards as a guest of a make up brand and to also attend their pre-party concert at a super cool club in Hollywood. My hair looked shiny, but was falling flat and that’s when I remembered that I had a little secret back up with Secret Extensions.
I also have super thick and lots of hair, so I did end up breaking 2 sets in trying to comb out with my fingers (which didn’t work well for me) and a brush (which did work, after I sectioned my hair off). Anyway, once I got the headband hidden, which really wasn’t at all noticeable, I did a few flips and was ready. So thanks Secret Extensions for giving this mom some pretty awesome hair for a VMA  Hollywood party.
One of my favorite things to do lately, when I see friends, is to show up or receive guests wearing my new Secret Extensions extra hair.
The extensions I have are actually the double weft – you can pay extra to get double the thickness depending on the thickness of your hair.

If you have a good stylist, bring the extensions to him or her and have them trimmed to fit the shape of your hair. Secret Extensions also makes removable bangs (I KNOW!) and a funky ponytail extension that makes it look like you have a cute little up-do in a snap! So far they are only sold online, Diane, and I’m told they were such a hit that there is a 3 week backorder in progress! Sep 23 Posted by nancyjrab Leave a Comment If you get the reference in the title, then you’re either a musical theater person, or of an age when long hair just seems, well, for younger people. As I’ve inched nearer and nearer to  the half-century mark, my hair has gotten shorter and shorter.
Click Here to buy The Bigger The Better the Tighter the Sweater, which includes my essay about my boobs. Click Here to buy The Knitters Gift, which features my essay on the psycho-sexual effects of being a knitter. The best part is, Secret Extensions® are available in 11 multi-blended, salon inspired colors to perfectly blend in with your hair! She once worked for Donna Karan International in NYC, before moving back to her home-state of Rhode Island to raise her 5 boys. She was recently invited to an event where she was given the opportunity to try our Secret Extensions.
Nancy was recently invited to an event in New York City, where she was given the opportunity to try Secret Extensions.
She is the creator and writer of the Julieverse parenting blog, and often writes reviews about products she loves.
She was recently given a chance to try and review Secret Extensions and she wrote about her experiences on her blog.

Now, I am not the most hair savvy person, so it took me a few minutes to figure out how to do it. Not sure it was the actual extensions or my use of them, cause like I said, I am not exactly skilled in this area. My friends just thought I got some highlights in, but I knew it was thanks to Secret Extensions. You can also Like Secret Extensions on Facebook, Secret Extensions on Instagram, and Secret Extensions on YouTube.
Just leave a comment below to let me know that you want to enter and make sure I have your contact information by using a real email address. My hair looked incredible, I got so many compliments, I almost didn’t want to take the extensions off! No need for tweeting or sharing for extra entries (but I would love it if you’d share with friends who might like this post). I would love to enter the contest for the Secret Extensions, especially since I have been thinking about going shorter. I got a blow out, but the look wasn’t really working for me, so when I got home, I ended up brushing it out straight.

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