Emoticons or Smileys are those facial expressions (now this has been expanded to small images as well – having some meaning) to represent an emotion.
In some cases where the smiley icon is available – you can directly click and use those.
Facebook already offers some default emoticons and smileys which you can use directly (and you need not to remember the code for them). Just like Skype, Facebook also offers a set of emoticons and smileys which are not directly visible in the above image list. To use them – simple visit the page, copy the code (click on image and ctrl+c), paste this in facebook chat window. Whether you are from India, USA, UK or any other part of world, you must be making international calls which are very costly.
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The use and popularity of these Facebook emoticons is almost same (or may be greater) then other instant messaging applications.

As seen in the above window the number of these smileys is too less (far too less if you compare this with Whatsapp).
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La unica pega es que en este texto, salvo contadas excepciones que escribimos con el propio teclado, no es posible insertar divertidos emoticonos. However if you compare these Facebook smileys to other instant messaging applications (like Whatsapp or Skype), then these are just far too less in numbers.
Using it is very simple – just copy the code in the window there and use it directly in the facebook chat window. I am always connected to internet on my mobile and Whatsapp keeps running in the background. These smileys are now widely used by many Face-book users in their chat conversation, in their posts and comments.
Una sonrisa por aqui, un guino por alla… ?Te imaginas una vida virtual sin estas simpaticas imagenes. How about an easy, affordable way to promote your business, class reunion or favorite hobby? Whatsapp offers hundreds and hundreds of these emoticons where as if you look at the Facebook Chat these are just few. Simple text chat is just a static un-emotional conversion, but these smileys have made the conversations full of emotions.
Face-book has introduced these sticker in the form of user’s favorite animated cartoon characters.

Yo desde luego que no.Quieras o no, los emoticonos forman parte de nuestra cultura y le dan un toque personal a las conversaciones escritas. It is rightly said that an image can say more than thousands words and so are these emoticons.
Now everyone show his expression by these emoticons that how is he feeling about something. People use them so often now – in chat, status messages, even in emails and digital letters. Emoticons are so popular among teens and kids – that in 100 words chat they will be using atleast 20-30 smileys.
It was just a yellow circle, with two black dots representing the eyes and a bracket representing the lip i.e. Insertar un emoticono para romper el hielo o seguir el hilo de la conversacion.Si Google Chrome es tu navegador predilecto, ahora tambien tienes la posibilidad de incluir mas de 200 emoticonos en los comentarios de Facebook.
No es necesario que tus seguidores y contactos en la red social utilicen el navegador de Google o descarguen la extension que voy a mostrarte para poder visualizar los emoticonos. Los campos requeridos estan marcados con un *Al publicar un comentario estas aceptando nuestra politica de privacidad.

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