On the morning of the 30 June, 1908, hundreds of eyewitnesses observed inexplicable and previously unseen phenomena in the skies above the Tunguska region. Just a few minutes later, several huge explosions with the destructive force of 2,000 Hiroshima bombs shattered the stillness of the boundless central Siberian highlands. In just a short space of time, a flaming inferno reduced everything to dust and ashes, and an unimaginable blast wave snapped trees like matchsticks, hurling the inhabitants of a settlement 20 km away, and their reindeer, through the air. Despite countless expeditions, no crater and no meteorite parts have ever been found; scientists today are still searching for answers. The game is viewed from a third person perspective and uses a classic point and click interface.
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Es una aventura en tercera persona de estilo clasico, en la que encarnaremos a Nina Kalenkov, una atractiva mujer sovietica con la que tendremos que recorrer diversos lugares de todo el mundo resolviendo un insolito y peligroso misterio.
Este sitio no aloja material que atente contra los derechos de autor en sus servidores, todo lo que aqui se encuentra son enlaces de otros sitios en Internet. In the Secret Files: Tunguska adventure game, attractive mechanic Nina Kalenkov sets out on a dangerous quest to find her missing father. The main protagonist is Nina Kalenkov, a Russian girl living in Berlin, whose role is to uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of her father, who was involved in a secret scientific project concerning the Tunguska region in Siberia. The game features a 'snoop key' tool, which highlights all interactive objects on screen and assists in finding small, easily overlooked objects.

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The search puts her on the trail of the secrets and conspiracies that surround the Tunguska Phenomenon and the inhabitant of the region. At times, the role of the player-controlled character switches to Max Gruber, who is a German scientist, and Nina's father's colleague.

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