February 26, 2010 by kristaneher 5 Comments First, thank-you to everyone who came out to the Boot Camp Digital Cincinnati Open House and Ribbon Cutting Happy Hour.  We really enjoyed hosting you at the new office (and it gave us an excuse to finish decorating!), and I truly appreciate your support. We had over 60 people in and out throughout the night (both new and familiar faces), and the party was a big success!
Also, a special thank-you to the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and Susan Houghton for conducting the ribbon cutting ceremony  as well as Kelley Long, for presenting the certificate, Debba Haupert from Girlfriendology who held the ribbon (but didn’t make it into the photo), Joe Wessels for helping assemble the furniture and prepare for the party.
February 24, 2010 by kristaneher 2 Comments According to Wikipedia, a flash mob (or flashmob)[1] is a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and pointless act for a brief time, then quickly disperse.
A new trend with FlashMobs has started – brands are creating their own Flash Mobs to take advantage of this trend and get some of the ever elusive viral buzz. What T-Mobile did right was play off the original Flash Mob concept – they shocked people in a public venue. The video has had almost 4 million views as the Trident Single Ladies performed in Piccadilly Circus. The dance routine is very entertaining (although I wonder why they did it in Black and White) and ties in to the brand promotion with a Beyonce concert.  The relevance ties to an offline campaign and they have callouts during and after the video to drive action. The Cincinnati Fine Arts fund capitalized on this trend by staging Flash Mobs in Findlay Market and Fountain Square (unfortunately it was raining that day).  They also used music from local artists. There are only 27k views, but for a local effort, with a small budget, I would say this was a success. February 19, 2010 by kristaneher 1 Comment According to a new survey by Microsoft, Online reputation matters more than you think. Filed Under: Personal Branding Tagged With: appropriate photos, HR professionals, job hunting, job seekers, online branding, online recruiting, online reputation management, ORM, personal brand, personal brand building, recruiters, Social NetworksThe Key to a Killer Social Media Strategy?
The brand purchase cycle starts with awareness (I know about your product) then Consideration (I am considering purchasing your product) then Preference (I actually prefer your product over the alternatives) then Experience (I bought or consumed your product and what was my experience like) then Loyalty (will I do it again?). The key is to focus your social media strategy on the right part of the brand building cycle vs. I shared the presentation below on how to build your brand and reputation online.  One of the main discussion areas was around Facebook – how do you manage Facebook when you leave college and enter the job-seeking world?
February 11, 2010 by kristaneher 2 Comments For those of us who aren’t into football, the superbowl is all about the ads #brandbowl #adbowl #sbads. Millions of dollars are spent (this year it was 2.6 million for a single spot) by large and small brands, with creative execution highly scrutinized by superbowl fans. This year, myself and Monika Roberts had the pleasure of posting our superbowl ad recaps and opinions in videos of the Museum of Advertising.
What do you think?  Who were the winners and losers and who actually achieved marketing success from their 2.6 million dollar spend?
February 3, 2010 by kristaneher Leave a Comment While at PubCon in Las Vegas, I had the pleasure of moderating a number of panels on twitter.
There is definitely a time and place for both strategies, depending on your marketing objectives and strategies.

I’ll be speaking again at PubCon south in Dallas, which promises to be another great conference.
I was pretty shocked with these results – almost 10,000 people have seen my slideshare presentations. 10,000 people were exposed to my brand and ideas AND I was only sharing content that I had already created! If you aren’t using SlideShare as a part of your social media brand building strategy, you may want to reconsider. When I get speaker requests, I often send people to my SlideShare account to give them an idea of my presentations. Below is my most popular speaking presentation – given to the Cincinnati AMA on Online Brand and Reputation Management. February 1, 2010 by kristaneher Leave a Comment As you may know, Boot Camp Digital moved in to a new office in downtown Cincinnati late last year. Ed Westwick shared a secret with Jessica Szohr at LA's Art of Elysium's third annual Black-Tie Charity Gala in January 2010.
Jessica Hart, a model, was not on the runway last night in London at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show where Taylor Swift performed.
The New York Daily News reports that Taylor had her cut from the event because she’s a mean girl grudge keeper. So do you believe Taylor Swift would freeze out a model for not falling at her feet and praising her? If she did have their blessing, what does that say about how the others feel about Jessica Hart? Prince Harry with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Toronto and did he pat Daisy Ridley's bottom while dressed as a Storm Trooper for secret Episode VII scene? My friend Lara sent me an article about Taylor last night that was posted at Slate about why 1989 is such a smash hit and what she’s accomplished this year. Whatever you want to call it, however you want to say it, at 24, Taylor Swift is nowhere near her Imperial Moment.
Now – one of the most questionable girls in the show – as well as one of the most questionable girls in fashion in general right now – is Cara Delevingne.
And last but not least, there are the bona fide fatties Adriana Lima and Lily Aldridge, who absolutely should not be on the runway because they just popped out babies these past few months.
There is one thing I must give VS credit for – they are smart marketers and know how to capture almost every audience. There was also brand relevance as they showed people taking photos and videos with their cell phones. Before you post something online think about how it impacts your personal reputation.  Are you OK with that? As you can see below, it starts with Awareness and ends with Loyalty.  Your social media strategy needs to focus the the relevant portions of the consumer experience and create a strong connection (also know as brand equity).

Provide great stain removal tips.  Listen to your audience, learn what they are interested in and start to talk about the things that they are interested in. She is passionate about the subject and has tremendous knowledge and skill in all aspects of social media strategy and implementation. Krista was able to provide step-by-step instruction in how to use social media -- which tools to use to keep my website content current, how to start a Facebook fan page and how to create a blog. And by the same criteria, I wonder if the writer would have said the same about Justin Timberlake when he was her age and giving Sexy Back. Constance is a larger-framed girl, and on the boxy side, and thus has to work much harder to look skinny compared to the smaller framed models – which she has obviously been doing. Magdalena, for the most part, always looks great and is always very consistent with her body and appearance. The best executions are those that can combine both the creative and the marketing objectives in a clear way. Not only did she do a great job presenting I walked away with a great guide book to reference those next steps to implement. The better play might have been to have Jessica Hart there and ask her how she likes them apples. It’s a great album (and the soundtrack of my life right now), exactly right for who she is and where she is.
The writer goes back to the year 1989 and compares her to the top act from that time: New Kids On The Block.
New Kids were hardly in control of their careers – we know it now and we knew it then.
I also appreciate and respect the high production value that goes into the shows, even if they are quite ridiculous, with the outfits often more reminiscent of a holiday masquerade parade than something appropriate for a fashion show. I know I’d rather barf than look like that – in fact, thanks VS, because seeing this is such perfect birth control! I would highly recommend Krista’s training courses to anyone or any business that is looking to expand their social media knowledge. And some suggest that Jessica missed the show not because of Taylor’s pettiness but because of an injury. She had coffee spilled on her in October and it resulted in some really nasty scarring around her ankle.
If Taylor did push out Jessica Hart, would she have done it with the blessing of the other women?

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