GLENNON:I was curious why a president such as Barack Obama would embrace the very same national security and counterterrorism policies that he campaigned eloquently against. IDEAS: Why would policy makers hand over the national-security keys to unelected officials?
The presidency itself is not a top-down institution, as many people in the public believe, headed by a president who gives orders and causes the bureaucracy to click its heels and salute. IDEAS: Isn’t this just another way of saying that big bureaucracies are difficult to change? IDEAS: Couldn’t Obama’s national-security decisions just result from the difference in vantage point between being a campaigner and being the commander-in-chief, responsible for 320 million lives? GLENNON: I think the American people are deluded, as Bagehot explained about the British population, that the institutions that provide the public face actually set American national security policy. GLENNON: The ultimate problem is the pervasive political ignorance on the part of the American people.
All plans come as a Standard license, and can be upgraded to an Enhanced license at any time. About James JoynerJames Joyner is the publisher of Outside the Beltway, an associate professor of security studies at the Marine Corps Command and Staff College, and a nonresident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council. Wikileaks Document Proves Illuminati Conspiracy: Wikileaks released this document that exposes the Illuminati. Australian Resumes Services is part of the itouch group, giving clients an international resume service and professional resume that can be adapted to a wide range of markets. WorkBloom's goal is to help job seekers find work and reach their highest aspirations, one step at a time. Category: Behind The "News", Essential Reading“Dark Forces”By Rixon Stewart on January 23, 2008There are few real accidents in history and the version we see in the history books, may have happened entirely differently in reality.
Israel’s efforts to use “girls in bikinis” and Nazi genocide to sell itself abroad are not working, a secret conference of the country’s hasbara – or propaganda – chiefs has been told. The conference was convened in Jerusalem last weekend by Gilad Erdan, the Israeli minister currently in charge of government efforts to combat the global movement for Palestinian rights. According to Israel’s NRG news site, 150 “Jewish leaders” from around the world took part in the meeting, which “dealt with the fight against BDS” – the Palestinian-led movement for boycott, divestment and sanctions on Israel.
Journalists were not invited and participants were asked to maintain secrecy, NRG reported. Erdan’s office supposedly insisted on secrecy because “exposing the information about the conference participants could be life endangering” – a smear against the BDS movement, which is avowedly committed to nonviolence. The conference heard from Frank Luntz, the prominent US Republican pollster, that Israel’s propaganda messaging was failing even among American Jewish students. According to Luntz’s findings, only 42 percent of Jewish students believe that Israel wants peace, just 39 percent view Israel as a “civilized and Western country” and a mere 31 percent consider Israel to be a democracy.
As many as one fifth of Jewish students believe the US should support the Palestinian side and a similar proportion sees Israel as racist.
Indeed, Israel’s tourism industry went into freefall as a result of Israel’s summer 2014 attack on Gaza that killed more than 2,200 Palestinians, including 551 children, and has still not recovered. The conference was also told that instrumentalizing the Nazi genocide of European Jews – a favorite tactic to deflect criticism of Israel’s occupation and violent colonization of the Palestinians – is also not a winning strategy. Participants were also given ideas on language choices that are supposedly more successful at discrediting the BDS movement. The recommendation not to try to smear all supporters of Palestinian rights as anti-Semitic echoes the findings of other major anti-Palestinian organizations in recent years.
In 2012, for example, The David Project, an Israel lobby group that works to suppress support for Palestinian rights on North American campuses, found that efforts to portray universities as hotbeds of anti-Semitism were not working. Yet despite such advice, Israel and many of its advocates still often insist that opposition to Israel’s violence against Palestinians is driven by hatred of Jews. The flailing around for a message that will work reflects confusion among Israel’s marketers.
Hasbara chiefs still appear to be convinced that the problem is not the product – brutally enforced occupation, war crimes and state-sanctioned racism – but simply the packaging. Yet despite spending tens of millions of dollars on propaganda, Israel’s image continues to slide. At least one participant was not convinced that the new buzzwords would make any difference. It may also be because the carrot approach – trying to seduce young people to Israel’s side – is failing so badly, that the Israel-led anti-Palestinian movement is relying ever more heavily on the stick: bullying and censorship in the hope of intimidating people into silence.

UFO Sighting of two glowing craft near 4 jets & River Thames, England Sept 17, 2010, see video.
On Friday two amazing glowing craft were seen hovering over the River Thames in Southern England for nearly 10 minutes before they began to move off toward the Tilbury Terminal direction.
A UFO was near the ISS (international Space Station) on Sept 28, 2010 and this is what one person captured. Second UFO Sighting photo surfaces of UFO over Ancient Chinese City, Amazing Sept 22, 2010.
The object kept appearing and disappearing in the sky from time to time and its position and flying trajectory also kept changing. A group of youth passing by witnessed the whole event with the two students and left their telephone numbers for them. The two students, named Gu Peiwen and Sun Jiali, were admitted to the Department of Photography of the Harbin Normal University's School of Communication in 2008 and are in the same class. Retired USAF Officers Admit they had UFO Sightings Near Their Military Bases, Sept 27, 2010, see video. Monday, 27 Sep 2010WASHINGTON - Several former Air Force officials are taking the cloak off of reported UFO sightings on U.S.
From the NSA’s warrantless wiretapping to Guantanamo Bay to the Patriot Act, candidate Obama was a defender of civil liberties and privacy, promising a dramatically different approach from his predecessor.
Bagehot was the scholar who presided over the birth of the Economist magazine—they still have a column named after him. They are particularly concerned about being caught out on a limb having made a wrong judgment about national security and tend, therefore, to defer to experts, who tend to exaggerate threats. There is not only one explanation or one cause for the amazing continuity of American national security policy. They believe that when they vote for a president or member of Congress or succeed in bringing a case before the courts, that policy is going to change. Includes a shading criminal to represent the anonymous, black market aspect of the currency. This vector illustration represents curiosity, mystery, secrecy, security, surveillance, spying, invasion of privacy, suspicion, fear. Everyone who signs up gets full access to our entire library, including our curated collections.
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We provide both Resume Writing and CV writing and cover all levels from Executive Resumes through to resumes for Graduates. After Sandy Hook anything is possible and the authors present a very convincing case that it was. Early this year, the Iceland volcano was on CNN when a dozen dark orbs were seen close up on CNN in V formation.
He states: These two picturesshowed 7 invisible UFO light balls arranged in a straight line formation. It is a triangle craft that appears when the suns direction changes, causing the UFO to bounce rays of light off its shield that normally causes it to look invisible. When some tourists passing by were looking at the pictures taken by the students and comparing them with the sky, they were also surprised. For a period, the object disappeared in their camera lens, but at nearly midnight, it appeared again when one of the students adjusted the time of exposure to 20 seconds and pressed the shutter. A girl gave them her mobile phone number, and said that she was willing to testify about this incident in the future. 18, the two traveled to Pingyao with their photographs to take part in the 10th Pingyao International Photography Festival. Bagehot tried to explain in his book “The English Constitution” how the British government worked. I initially wrote it based on my own experience and personal knowledge and conversations with dozens of individuals in the military, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies of our government, as well as, of course, officeholders on Capitol Hill and in the courts. The courts similarly tend to defer to the expertise of the network that defines national security policy. Many of the more controversial policies, from the mining of Nicaragua’s harbors to the NSA surveillance program, originated within the bureaucracy.

They make nerve-center security decisions that in a democracy can be irreversible, that can close down the marketplace of ideas, and can result in some very dire consequences.
But obviously there is something else going on when policy after policy after policy all continue virtually the same way that they were in the George W. Now, there are many counter-examples in which these branches do affect policy, as Bagehot predicted there would be.
If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription. In the background the guy still has his TV running and a bird is chirping away trying to get the mans attention, these two things make this appear 100% legit.The two UFOs move around slowly yet a jet and a helicopter pass over them. The largest orb in the upper middle suddenly disappears, but actually that photo didn’t load on my computer more than half way so I lost it.
Also at Adam’s Mountain in Washington state there have been nightly UFO sightings of glowing orbs flying from the old volcano and around the sky, Fox News even went to see for themselves and caught not one but two glowing orbs on video (ECETI). This is why I often say that 65% of all UFO sightings happen during sunset and sunrise due to the changing light. The two photographers kept following it and shootingpictures, and were able to take many clear images of the objects. However, this time, the columns on its two sides reversed and the object had also moved to a position above the moon. The group of ex-military commanders is set to unveil several alleged UFO sightings which they say shut down nuclear missiles. And the documented evidence in the book is substantial—there are 800 footnotes in the book. But the larger picture is still true—policy by and large in the national security realm is made by the concealed institutions. The lower one (helicopter) slowed down and hovered near the objects for a while indicating that the aircraft had seen the UFOs and was curious about them, but the helicopter then continued on its way. FOX 5 got a preview of the first hand accounts and top secret documents that are now being released. There are the “dignified institutions,” the monarchy and the House of Lords, which people erroneously believed ran the government. The images change every 15-20 seconds but I made them change every second in the video to make it easier to view. Looks like those UFO light balls are not less than 30 cm in diameter.~~Please look at my books I wrote called "Dragons of Asgard," & "UFO Sightings of 2006-2009," at all on line bookstores. You will need a 14X Zoom or better to zoom in on those clouds, but a regular camera is better than none. 22 and the moon was bright and beautiful on that night, so they went to Mingqing Street to take pictures of some night views. But he suggested that there was in reality a second set of institutions, which he referred to as the “efficient institutions,” that actually set governmental policy. Most recently it was reported that the same president who won a Nobel Prize in part for promoting nuclear disarmament is spending up to $1 trillion modernizing and revitalizing America’s nuclear weapons. There is very little profit to be had in learning about, and being active about, problems that you can’t affect, policies that you can’t change. Critics tend to focus on Obama himself, a leader who perhaps has shifted with politics to take a harder line.
Glennon has a more pessimistic answer: Obama couldn’t have changed policies much even if he tried.
In a new book, “National Security and Double Government,” he catalogs the ways that the defense and national security apparatus is effectively self-governing, with virtually no accountability, transparency, or checks and balances of any kind. He uses the term “double government”: There’s the one we elect, and then there’s the one behind it, steering huge swaths of policy almost unchecked.
Elected officials end up serving as mere cover for the real decisions made by the bureaucracy. In fact, he is the quintessential insider: He was legal counsel to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and a consultant to various congressional committees, as well as to the State Department. And he’s not a conspiracy theorist: Rather, he sees the problem as one of “smart, hard-working, public-spirited people acting in good faith who are responding to systemic incentives”—without any meaningful oversight to rein them in.

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