Sometimes we all need to just escape with our loved ones, be it for a romantic getaway, injection of sunshine or a simple time-out from busy everyday life. Ideal for those who love a good surprise and a bargain, booking a Top Secret hotel gives you the chance to stay at four or five star hotels in 250 locations for up to 35% less.
We help you find the best travel deals for your holiday in the sun by sharing tips on when and where to go, before providing you with top discounts. Enjoy a terrific holiday on the north-east Costa de Barcelona - Costa del Maresme of Spain through this special Allocation on Arrival (AOA) opportunity which offers accommodation at an exclusive rate in one of the member 4-star H Top Hotels located in the vibrant resort town of Calella.
Getting to the hotel: 35km from Girona International Airport and 65km from Barcelona International Airport.
Local tips: Calella has lovely beaches, an esplanade with restaurants and bars, nightlife and there is an interesting old town quarter to be explored.
All Inclusive Gold: upgrade option to enjoy an extensive array of additional Premium brand and special drinks. TOP Entertainment: programme for adults comprising fun activities, sports, evening shows and dance. TOP Bus: free bus travel from June to September between all H Top destinations from Lloret de Mar to Calella a€“ prior reservation at your hotel is required.
TOP Excursions: Guests staying on All Inclusive basis receive half-price access to award-winning family show including dinner a€“ Medieval Castle of Comte de Valltordera. Additional: 24 hour Front Desk services, housekeeping and further standard reception services.
With Priceline Express Deals, you can save up to 60% off of your hotel stay with no bidding required. Plus, even though sales of all Top Secret Hotels are final, all Top Secret Hotels bookings are backed by the Travelocity Service Guarantee, which means that your booking will be right, or Travelocity will work with its partners to make it right, right away. With Last Minute’s Top Secret Hotel Deals, you can save up to 35% on 4 and 5-star hotels.
Begin by reading the hotel listing very carefully, looking for any distinctive feature that differentiates it from other hotels — a hot tub on the balcony, for example, or a fireplace inside the suite. AND I once needed a room in Springfield MASS ; was even shown a MAP of the area (which I am familiar with so it WAS the right place) and when I clicked GET THIS DEAL I suddenly discovered that I was now booked into a hotel in SPRINGFIELD MISSOURI. Leta€™s face it, for many of us, the only thing holding us back from traveling as often as wea€™d like is the cost. Here are some tips to help make sure you get the best deal possible on your hotel stay for the next time youa€™re on vacation. The great thing about the time that we live in is that just about any information we could want is at our fingertips. Sometimes you may not be able to find a great deal, but you can look into the details to see where you might be able to save money. Although some are pretty obvious and others are not so well known, the above four tips will help you get the most out of your budget when booking your hotel stay.
Priceline Express Deals is one of the best services to use when you are trying to save money on a hotel. I thought this would be a good time to document the (long, long) process of how I book a hotel.
I didn’t do things in this order, but I will refer to these items by their numbers throughout this post. Before doing anything else, I did a quick search at HotelsCombined to scope the going rates. Basically, for hotel auctions and secret hotel listings, Priceline divides the city into several areas. See how much smaller it was? Even if I was to randomly chose one hotel out of these, I would still get to stay in downtown Victoria.
The lowest rate, at $58 per night for a two-star hotel, made me a little nervous because it seemed too cheap. Generally, I trust TripAdvisor ratings more than star ratings, provided there are enough reviews.
Here, I used the same steps I have written about in my post on how to figure out the name of a secret hotel. Unfortunately, Hotwire didn’t provide much in the way of hotel descriptions, so I had to skip this step. At this point, I had a strong suspicion that James Bay Inn was the secret hotel, but I did a bit more sleuthing just to make sure.
Looking more closely at each listing, I saw that James Bay Inn had all the amenities of the secret hotel, whereas Arbutus Inn didn’t have a restaurant or a business center.
Based on my preferences, I quickly narrowed down my options to just one hotel: the Capital CityCenter Hotel. I skipped the higher-end flash sale websites and went straight to Groupon Getaways and LivingSocial, where they often have budget options.

I didn’t find any good offers on LivingSocial, but Groupon Getaways had a deal for the Capital CityCenter Hotel that I had previously found on Travelocity.
To my surprise, the hotel rate on the official Capital CityCenter Hotel website was slightly higher than it was on Groupon and Travelocity. I like Tingo because it has price-drop protection, but I didn’t need the protection this time. By this time, I had already gotten myself excited about staying at this quaint hotel, which was so old it was said to be haunted.
But if this is not your idea of a fun time, as I mentioned earlier, HotelsCombined can do the comparison shopping for you.
Yes, you may save a little bit more money if you do things the long way like I just did, but it may not be a huge difference. Tingo is owned by TripAdvisor, so while it may not be as well-known as some of the other sites, it actually works really well.
My co-pilot Kelli checks AirBnB and a few more sites but usually we find what we want quickly. Rent free living with a million dollar view of the bay and it’s a nice add to our resume. I think house-sitting is great and I haven’t even done it in a house with a million-dollar view. Get exclusive updates, money-saving travel deals, and the FREE seven-part You Can Afford to Travel Too! Browse the latest deals, discounts and special offers on exotic holidays, exciting city breaks, international hotels and so much more including flights, theatre trips and spa packages. You know everything about your hotel (such as price and location) except the name until you arrive. Member hotels consist of H Top Calella Palace and H Top Amaika, both positioned within the town and only a short walk from the resort facilities, entertainment venues and the glorious beaches. The popular town of Lloret de Mar is only 20km away and the major attractions of Barcelona City are well worth a visit if you can. The key to getting the best deals around, up to 60% off of normal price in fact, is flexibility. If you know where you want to go and when but don’t have a specific hotel in mind, then these sites are the way to go! You basically just input your desired city and check-in and check-out dates and Priceline gives you a list of hotels by price and area. You find out everything about the hotel you’re choosing (amenities, star rating and cost) except for the actual hotel name. If youa€™ve stayed at a hotel chain you like, then you can probably trust that other hotels bearing the same name will be pretty similar. The more money you can save on the roof over your head, the more you can spend for having fun! It was two days before the trip when I made the booking, so the whole thing was pretty last minute. Before you accuse me of having no life, I should say that I’m not usually this thorough and I went through some of these steps just for the sake of completeness.
After doing this the long way, I ended up with two hotel options, both of which had already appeared in my original HotelsCombined search results. Star ratings seem arbitrary to me because the same hotel can be listed with different star ratings on different websites.
On most websites, this means you have to click on the listing, choose a room and go to the page where you’re supposed to enter your credit card details.
Both hotels offered free parking and free Internet, but only James Bay Inn had a restaurant.
I couldn’t limit the search results to just the Downtown Victoria area as it was defined by Hotwire, so I just filtered the results by star rating. The reviews said it was a well-preserved old building with an interesting history — not fancy, but clean and well-located. If this was indeed the secret hotel, then I liked it.
They didn’t have any secret hotel deals in Victoria, but they had some pretty decent regular listings. The prices on the two websites were identical after including all the fees and taxes, but Groupon also offered US$6.99 worth of Groupon Bucks. However, they had a smaller room (which didn’t appear on the other websites) that was a few bucks cheaper. If you’re a smooth talker, this strategy would probably get you the best rates possible. It was such a last-minute booking I thought it was unlikely that the rates would change, so I skipped Tingo. Luckily, the hotel website still had a room available, so I booked our room there for C$160.28.

So if you don’t want to check multiple hotel booking sites, you can always just do a quick search on HotelsCombined instead. But then I look at my own actions over the past couple of weeks to look for hotel options for our drive from Sydney to Brisbane at Christmas and I realise that I am (almost but not quite) in a similar league to you! There are a lot of posts assessing the hotel bookings, but none explains the real time-consuming process behind it. Even though I usually put off booking hotels, I get really into it once I start and I’m always comparing and hunting for the best deals. If you accept whatever comes down the pike you may pay a premium, and if you need not, why do it?
Otherwise we’d likely never have traveled to Fiji for it really is in the middle of nowhere and flying here can be a bit of a challenge. You will be contacted three days before your check-in date to advise which hotel accommodation you have been allocated. Whether you’re flexible with your dates, your location or the amenities you need, you can use some great sites to your advantage.
You’ll select the hotel that fits your needs, and then the actual hotel name is revealed after booking. Then as soon as you book (at up to a 45% discount off of 3 and 4-star hotels), the hotel name is revealed.
Also, if you find a cheaper price for your chosen hotel within 24 hours of booking, Last Minute will refund you the difference. Otherwise, sift through other hotel listings on the booking website that have the same star rating and location until you come across one with the same features as the secret hotel.
Every meal is more expensive than home-cooked, you pay for the beds on which you sleep, and the transportation to get you there. Using a discount-booking site like Travelocity will not only save you money, but it will also save you time. So, if you are looking for the best of the best, then you would enter in the box a five-star rating. Not only this but no bidding is required to do this, and all you do is enter in your desired city and dates.
Just like with Priceline, you will need to enter in your desired information, and the savings can be yours. To see how the prices on HotelsCombined compared to my other options, click here to skip to the last section of this post.
The description of individual hotels can be found on our website under Hotel List: Costa Brava - Calella.
But you’ll be guaranteed to be in the area of your choice with your specified amenities and star rating. Spending several nights in even a modest hotel can set you back hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
If youa€™re looking, for instance, at booking a Niagara Falls Hotel, you can enter the details in the search, and it will give you a list of options.
Many programs also offer other incentives like gift cards or purchase offers and, if the chain you like has an affiliate chain, you can often stay at the affiliate and still gain points. However, if you are more low-key, and would like to spend less money, try a three-star rating. After doing this, Priceline will display all of the hotels in the area, and then you can sort by price. If you are looking for a hotel to stay in, then you should really consider using Travelocity. Even after youa€™ve found a great deal on a room, make sure to call the hotel directly to ask about any extra charges that might not be showing up on the website youa€™ve used. The good news is we are here to give you three awesome ways to accomplish this, and Travelocity is among them. No matter what you choose with Hotwire Hot Rates, you will be able to find the best hotel near your destination. There are some sites that let you enter the details of your trip, including your budget, and they will suggest the best deals for you. If the room has a kitchenette, you can save even more by cooking your own food instead of hitting restaurants for the whole duration of your trip.

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