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No matter what the creative activity is, the pressure to put aside all of the hundred other thoughts that spring to mind and figure out what is the single most important thing to do first… that can be overwhelming.
You may have been taught in elementary school or in business school to create plans by using nice, crisp outlines. When you’re at the front end of a process—just about any process, your best thinking comes when you unshackle your mind, spread your nets wide, and quickly capture all the thoughts you can.
It can be incredibly freeing to just capture ideas without worrying about what order they’re in—or even if they make a lot of sense at this point. For people used to making outlines, working in the mind mapping interface can be a liberating experience. Is that concept at all alien to you—having so many ideas that you need to find a way to limit them?
As you continue working on the map, your ideas can build on each other to give you some very concrete things to do. Probably one of the most ingenious things about mind map software is the way it automatically resizes content so that all work stays before you on one screen.
Probably the second most ingenious things about mind maps is that they allow you to “collapse” parts of the map, to hide them from view so they don’t take up screen space.
The end result is a document can, on one level, appear very simple—just a few thoughts on a page. While still relatively new to American business professionals, mind mapping applications have found their way inside an estimated 85 of the Fortune 100 companies.
One business user tells the story of suddenly being called on to lead a discussion on a global sales initiative. The next time you face writer’s block, need to do some creative thinking about a marketing campaign, or have been called on to give a presentation later that day, give mind mapping a try.
Hobart has produced hundreds of radio programs for CBS Radio, developed a multi-part series for Japanese Public Television, written OpEds for the Los Angeles Times, and written just about every kind of business document you can name.

I love doing mind maps, usually on a whiteboard or paper, then I can see visually the way things evolve and flow. My better half is a list person, she likes to make lists before we go on holiday etc and many other things. Hobart did an excellent job writing this for us and hopefully (fingers crossed) he is going to write something for us in the near future.
On June 3, Mnet’s variety talk program “Beatles Code 2” aired an episode featuring B1A4 and Secret’s Han Sun Hwa and Jung Hana.
The emcees asked, “Are you girls sad that she’s the only one endorsing lingerie?” Jung Hana responded, “But it will look weird if all four of us endorse it. Apart from sharing his tips exclusively to webinar participants, Fitz will teach you how to FOCUS – an acronym for “Follow One Course Until Successful”. Lastly, get the chance to pick the brains of the hosts Ginger Arboleda (serial entrepreneur) and Marv de Leon (podcaster and business coach) as well as Fitz himself during the Mastermind Session of the webinar. Join thousands of freelancers at Freelance Blend and receive your regular dose of tips, inspiration, meetups, learning events and even entertainment! But, in fact, trying to capture your thoughts in a linear outline is a little like trying to dance with your feet tied together. Unfortunately, most business tools are so rigid, so linear, that they actually get in the way of this kind of good thinking. Instead of trying to make some neat list of ideas, just start capturing them as they come to you. Once you’ve given yourself a chance to think freely, it’s time to add some structure to your thinking.
And the weird thing is that it all this thinking and planning can seem unusually, well… fun. This allows you to focus in on one part of the map at a time—adding detail and depth to the map by capturing new thought, and by inserting links to web pages, documents, spread sheets, mages, sound, video… anything you can get to electronically.
But when you want to delve into any one thought, the document suddenly opens up to give you immediate access to tremendous amounts of information. Here, they are used for strategic planning, for project management, for large writing and marketing projects and for countless other personal uses. Lists can be helpful but sometimes harder for the brain to understand which is odd, you would think we would understand it being linear as that is what happens when we work.

After revealing that B1A4’s Jin Young currently has thirteen of his compositions registered, the emcees guessed he earns the most within the group and asked how much he has made. You are perfectly capable of coming up with a great question, a great plan, a great blog topic. In fact, many mind mapping applications have timers built into them so you can put a limit on just how much creative thinking you allow yourself to do. Mind maps accelerate this process by enabling you to simply drag and drop your ideas into an order that makes sense to you. And when you are finished, you can collapse that part of the map and move on to the next part. The better mind mapping applications solve this issue by enabling you to “view the map as an outline.” A simple click of a button allows you to view—and share—the mind map as a standard outline, export it to a slide program. In fact, some business users consider mind mapping so strategically important to their success that they consider mind mapping as their “secret weapon” and create them far from prying eyes in the privacy of their own offices. If you'd like to write for OnlineIncomeTeacher, then check out our write for us page for details about how YOU can share your tips with our readers. A mind map is simply a way to capture thoughts, insights, and information without making the usual top-down list. It also means that you may miss a connection between two ideas that leads to a critical new idea. You can do your creative thinking and planning in the mind map, then share it with others in whatever format they prefer.
He started capturing his thoughts and insights about the initiative, linked to relevant documents and spread sheets, and mapped his way to a coherent presentation. A scant ten minutes later he felt confident to stand in front of the group and give a well-reasoned, thorough presentation.
And it can have an immediate impact on your ability to think clearly and quickly, to plan quickly, to find creative solutions to stubborn problems. More often, you’ll notice that new ideas spring to mind; ideas that deepen or sharpen your thinking, that take your thinking into entirely new directions.

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