Secret Jardin is proud to introduce its new combined station now available in big sizes with the L160 (160 x 120 x 205cm) & L280 (280 x 120 x 210cm). Reaching more than two meters high, these new models provide a large flowering chamber and separate isolated growing areas for clones and mother plants. The Secret Jardin LODGE is ideal for use with all types of lighting technology (LED, HPS, CFL, T5) and large enough to cater for all growing systems (hydro, soil, coco etc).

Se compone de unos tubos ligeros de aluminio que se unen por medio de unas piezas ensambladoras para formar la estructura y de una tela cobertora resistente. Newest member of the Revision 2.50, this new range offers 2 in 1 stations, which allow you to enjoy a space Bloom and an area of ??growth in the same tent. This offers the possibility of running two light cycles over these separate areas, at the same time.

These products are a great solution for end users concerned with available space, who need a high efficiency from their total work space.

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