We’ve all seen secret hideouts or seedy underground places with secret knocks on the movies. After an overwhelming response to the idea on his website, Steve Hoefer has decided to put together a self assembly kit so you can make your own Secret Knock Detecting Lock at home. In one wall of my home office is a 5 feet tall 2 feet wide door to access the storage area and crawl space under the garage. This wall was the perfect spot for floor to ceiling bookshelves, which I have done lots of, but it had this door in the middle of the wall.
Check out more interesting categories: Consumer, Design, DIY, Educational, Entertainment, Featured DIYs, Furniture, Hack, Home, HOWTO, Misc, Projects. Bob Schmidt shows you how to take a factory built cabinet and some simple hardware to make a bookcase door.
Here’s an interesting hack that will allow you to build d DIY keypad door entry system. I believe that kids (and not only kids) that have their hands on electronics, wanted at least once in their lives to make an electronic keylock system for their house or room.
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My husband had the idea of using a lidded storage box, and we found the perfect item in the Ikea Snalis storage box.
Check out more interesting categories: Animals, Cats, Consumer, DIY, Educational, Entertainment, Featured DIYs, Gadgets, Hack, Home, HOWTO, Misc, Projects. Imagine how impressive it would be if you could open your own frontdoor using a secret knock. A device which fits on the back of your door lock and can detect a preset rhythm of your choice. So before long you could be opening your frontdoor using the beat of your favourite tune instead of messing around with keys. The coolest art, latest gadgets, new music, viral videos and anything else interesting, thought provoking or amusing.
After I am done it will still be messy but now it is finished AND it has the secret feature. Please note that the prices here are not guaranteed and may change at any given point in time. When i was a kid, i had bought a Smart Kit Keycode lock system, and i had adapted it on the external door of my house.

We cut out an entrance with a utility knife, and we originally had a plastic mat as a door — which our cat hated, so now we just leave it open. There is plenty of room for our big boy inside, and its flat lid fits under the sink perfectly. No need to worry if you forget your keys and more importantly it looks cool to anyone your with.
Build Your Own Secret Bookcase Door: Complete guide with plans for building a secret hidden bookcase door. I only had to find which wires actuate this mechanism and hook the relay of the kit in parallel to this.

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