Now in its 33rd year, ACT-SO was conceived and founded by pioneer journalist Vernon Jarrett who once said: “It is urgent that we resort to a strategy based upon our history of winning against the odds, which can keep alive the inspiration and the learning required to solve complex projects, issues and situations. Greeted by ACT-SO National Director, Anana Kambon, who also executive produced the classy ceremony, the air was filled with excitement and anticipation. Throughout the week the students were chaperoned, mentored, and coached as they participated in various workshops and other activities. Some distinguished ACT-SO alumni include Hill Harper, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Mae Jameson, Anthony Anderson, Kanye West, and John Singleton, to name a few. Two people who know first-hand the importance of talent development and community involvement are Bertha Barbee-McNeal, and Caldin Street, who both are members of Motown’s legendary girl group, The Velvelettes (“Needle In A Haystack”). There are 27 different categories that students can compete in, including Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Playwriting, Dance, Architecture, Entrepreneurship, and Culinary. For the many people who are just learning about ACT-SO and saying it’s been the “best kept secret”, here is some basic information: Recruitment begins in the fall season when school starts.
In between workshops, students must meet with their mentors, who are volunteers with professional backgrounds in the specific categories. Street said, “ACT-SO is a prestigious and friendly competition in that students compete against themselves to earn points per the criteria in each category they choose. The Federal Circuit has recently articulated the position that a contractual agreement to transfer otherwise secret information will override trade secret protections that may be in place. The Federal Circuit, on appeal, concluded that Seagate did not breach the NDA to the extent it may have appropriated the information disclosed because the information was disclosed without the mandatory follow-up memorandum pursuant to the NDA. The Federal Circuit found that the written NDA overrode any other duty of confidentiality that may have existed between the parties. IP Law Leaders PLLC (IPLL) is a premier law firm dedicated to excellence in all aspects of technology driven law.
But as knowledge and the IP law that protects it cannot exist in a vacuum, IP Law Leaders is the business leader’s legal companion from corporate formation, through early growth and financing and onto establishment of global presence and dominance. More than 40 mission crew members have returned to Barksdale for this commemoration of their historical mission. Lasting more than 35 hours, it remained for a decade the longest non-stop combat mission in air warfare history. Secret Squirrel was the first long-range bomber air attack launched from the Continental United States and the first to use modern precision strike weapons, specifically the air launched cruise missiles. The symposium lunch will end the public aspect of the event, and includes the only attendance cost associated with the otherwise-free schedule.

Please note that tickets are now available online for the luncheon that will end the symposium, the only part of the event that entails a cost. ABOUT USMission: A locally-minded, unified team serving God and our community to the utmost of our abilities and resources. The ACT-SO National Competition for 2011 commenced on July 21st in California, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Our history says: We must never write off the potential for greatness among and of our beleaguered youth. Some of the presenters on hand included Hollywood stars like Lamman Rucker (“Meet The Browns”, “Why Did I Get Married Too”). They were thrown a lavish dance, visited Universal Studios, and spent a wonderful day at the exciting Santa Monica Pier and Beach, where for many it was the first time seeing and experiencing the ocean. Barbee-McNeal and Street are Chairperson and Co-Chairperson respectively for the ACT-SO program in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Kalamazoo had four students who made the final cut locally as Gold medal winners, and went on to compete in five categories nationally. Letters are sent to school principals and superintendents asking them to publicize among students. When students win a Gold medal in their local competition, they move on to the national competition.
She began her acting career in the late 1990s, appearing in several television series, including American Gothic and Once and Again.
Convolve argued that, even if it failed to disclose or confirm the confidentiality of its trade secrets in writing, its tort claims should succeed. Since the parties agreed on the limits of their confidential relationship through the NDA, one party cannot unilaterally alter or impose new confidentially obligations on the other party by implication. The keystone for growth oriented companies in the 21st Century is the fostering and expansion of human knowledge, protectable and enforceable under the tenets of IP law: patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets, and our attorneys are second to none. 16-17, 1991 SENIOR SURPRISE mission from Barksdale in which seven B-52G bombers fired 35 conventionally armed Air Launched Cruise Missiles to destroy early warning and communications sites in Iraq, kicking off Operation DESERT STORM. The B-52 attacks, which remained a closely guarded secret for a full year, paved the way for spectacular and widely publicized attacks by other Allied air forces that devastated Iraqi forces in and around Baghdad. But it was more than a long-range mission in the tradition of the Doolittle, Ploesti and European air war and Pacific air war campaigns of World War II. It was the first example of using stand-off munitions air tactics where American bombers did not penetrate enemy airspace but struck assigned targets with hitherto-unknown thoroughness and accuracy.
There were about 800 participants from cities all across the country from Norwich, Connecticut to San Diego, California that competed all day long.

We are charged with the task of identifying the best and brightest students who show promise and potential in their chosen areas to compete regardless of economic background. It pled misappropriation under the California Uniform Trade Secrets Act (“CUTSA”), which does not require trade secrets to be identified as such in writing. Further, CUTSA states that misappropriation occurs when a trade secret is acquired under circumstances giving rise to a duty to maintain its secrecy. The awards ceremony that took place on July 24th was likened to the “Academy Awards” for black youth honorees, as the winners were presented medals, monetary rewards, and other gifts for their achievements.
Jarrett always felt that a lot of the kids who excelled in sports were getting more accolades than the students that excelled in academics, especially in the black community.  So, ACT-SO was born from that idea … to celebrate the ‘Olympics of the Mind’.
Such duty never arose in this case since Convolve disclosed its alleged trade secrets to Seagate pursuant to the provisions of the NDA but failed to follow procedural steps to protect its trade secrets. California’s Governor Jerry Brown addressed the students and the audience at large, as did many other luminaries including NAACP’s Roslyn Brock, Chairperson of the Board of Directors, and Benjamin Jealous, President and CEO (NAACP is the acronym for National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). The agreement stated that any confidential material or presentations must be particularly identified as confidential and Convolve was unable to show that it followed the procedures required by the NDA. Jarrett asked the NAACP to help develop and sponsor the program, and they’ve done so for the past 33 years.”  Street added, “Students must meet a certain criteria in each category to earn points that add up to win a Bronze, Silver or Gold medal.
July 1, 2013), reaches back more than a decade to 1998, when MIT and Convolve sued a group of defendants for both trade secret misappropriation and infringement of Convolve’s U.S. Elder served as the 48th commander of Eighth Air Force.  A former Air War College commandant, he now is a research professor at George Mason University and senior advisor to the Consortium.
The dispute between Convolve and Compaq began when they effectuated a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to facilitate sharing of their respective confidential information.
After the NDA was in place, several meetings took place where Convolve presented on its input shaping technology and the applications of the technology. The NDA required that the disclosed information must be (1) marked as confidential at the time of disclosure; or (2) unmarked, but treated as confidential at the time of disclosure, and later confirmed in writing as confidential. During two of the four presentations, Convolve failed to acknowledge in writing after the meeting that any unmarked oral disclosure of confidential information was covered by the NDA.

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