Christine Davis portrays Amy Samuels, the main character of the YouTube Series, Secret Life of a Mermaid.
She was also the one who came up with the idea for the show in the first place, and wanted to do a series for it. The series became bigger, and in the later years, one of the biggest mermaid YouTube shows in the world. It's very likely that Christine wants be an actress and maybe even a singer, since she does sing on the show.
Christine has her own personal YouTube account, teenieturn, on which she posts videos from her vacations and homemade music videos for various songs. Kelsey believes llamas and alpacas are the same thing, regardless of what anyone tells her.
In Wild Fire, Lilly, Brenna's youngest sister, attempts to reveal Brenna's secret to her other sister, Grace, but when Brenna tells her not to tell her friend about her being a mermaid, she does not want to listen. Brenna has strawberry blonde hair-which is mostly put into a ponytail or bun-with green eyes. Amy begins using her new heat powers to their full potential, discovering another ability on the way.
Since it's been a month since her transformation, Amy decides to visit the cave where she became a mermaid.

Amy and Brenna were just hanging out like normal, when Amy is abruptly reminded that she and Kelsey have a science project to do. Since Brenna can't swim because of her broken foot, she has to wait at the dock while Amy takes a dip.
Kelsey's had been having nightmares about Amy being a mermaid, but can't really remember if it was real or not. Kelsey has decided to make a scrapbook as a nice present to give to Amy and Brenna, to show her friendship. Her role Amy is like the other roles, similar to someone from H2O: Just Add Water, and in this case, it is Cleo Sertori. Amy hides Brenna upstairs, trying to conceal the fact that she's forgotten about the project, and Brenna makes some discoveries of her own.
Lured in by the mystic water and blue moon bubbles, and a change in the tail, Amy forgets about Brenna, who eventually goes home.
From Brenna's tail changing to their tails magically appearing, Amy, Brenna, and Kelsey are in for a wild ride. Both Amy and Cleo share the same powers, but with a few differences when it comes to personality. At first Brenna is an ordinary girl but then she finds what she thinks is a fish but is actually a Mermaid (Amy).

After learning that Brenna was a mermaid, Kelsey's jealousy caused her desire to be a mermaid too. In Season 4: Episode 1 Tess, instead of calling Amy a name like in the previous seasons Tess calls her by her name.
One day Brenna goes to find the mermaid with Amy but then Brenna thinks she fell into the water but actually Amy is tranced by the last sunset of the month.
At first, they fight over whether or not Kelsey is trustworthy and why she can't be a mermaid.
Instead of going to a cave like the previous times Amy drank a Dark Blue Potion that smelled gross but tasted like cupcakes, Then her tail changed from light blue to the same color as the potion. But as she was going after the mermaid she goes to the same cave as Amy did and becomes a mermaid the next day. Unfortunately, it falls into the ocean and Kelsey decides to find it before anyone sees it. They take her to the cave to try to wake her up, but then the waterfall comes over on all three of them, turning Kelsey into a mermaid.

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