Anne decides that Amy should have more responsibility now that she is almost done with her pregnancy.
Adrian and Ricky are having one of their typical after-sex conversations (you know, he wants to leave and she's asking him to stay), except this time, Ricky reveals to Adrian his deepest secret: His dad used to sexually abuse him when he was younger. George, meanwhile, starts plotting the death of Bob Underwood after he finds out from Ricky's foster father, Dr. Ricky visits Marshall and Kathleen to say he can't see Grace anymore because of his father issues.
Speaking of George, he's still getting no support for his kill-Bob campaign—not from Leo Boykewich, and not from Ruben either. Over at the doctor's office, someone else is getting good news: Amy finds out the baby is a boy. On the other hand, if Jack is going to leave us, it is sad, but it drives us crazy, this program using Promo suggestive of a thing, do other things, rather than.
This is another story is very persistent, he will get Amy back, he even started using his detective skills, he discovered the hidden facts, Ricky and Amy, is it right?
In the fifth-season opener, Amy (Shailene Woodley) and Ricky (Daren Kagasoff) run off as they contemplate eloping, and George (Mark Derwin) is the only person aware of their secret. A shocked Adrian calls her own father on the phone, demanding that he put Ricky's dad back in prison.

She's about to learn the sex of the baby (she's hoping for a girl), and he's looking forward to going with. Turns out that a "new friend" she's visiting is none other than Reverend Stone, who she hopes can put a stop to evil Bob (she wants the Rev to put in a good word with Jesus). And Ben kind of gets what he wanted after all: He gets to videotape her first message to her future son. Strangely, the show spent almost a whole hour, to do so, we do not even see Jack in the exhibition at any point. Elsewhere, Ben (Ken Baumann) wrestles with guilt concerning a fire; and Adrian (Francia Raisa) prepares for college. But an unexpected job opportunity turns up at the church when a cocktail waitress offers Ashley work at the restaurant.
And that the kid he's mentoring, Duncan, has a super-hot sister?), which is enough to put bad dad back behind bars.
He said, when they were married, he would be at the end of the church, he took hold of her, and she fled the time. But Anne does call Bob for a meeting, where she warns him (pretty intensely!) to stay far away from Amy and the baby.
Too bad the high-paying gig only lasts 'til George shows up at the place and busts Ashley's lie that she's 21.

And it's about time, because we've only seen Ricky cry once on screen, and that was earlier in the day when Bob threatened him again about selling the baby.
Dylan has her mind and her friends are more important, she followed her little posse to follow Wendy and all girls school decision.
Amy and the University and Ricky spent the most time with, thinking the meaning behind it, if Amy is trying to get rid of him.
Ben's and Amy's friends went to the school, while they were having a car wash, they went to get fake Nevada ID's in order to attend Amy's and Ben's wedding. Later, Marshall goes to see Ricky and reveals that his own brother was sexually abused and killed himself as a result. Although many of us agreed, but it was very clear, that the two should earnestly seek help and comfort.

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