Brenna Edwards is one of the 3 main protagonists in the internet mini-series Secret Life of a Mermaid. While Brenna is cheery, bubbly, upbeat, energetic and is smiling most of the time, she can be somewhat absent-minded, random, and slightly naive. Brenna and Blaire meet in season 3 when Blaire sees Brenna (along with Amy and Kelsey) swimming in the ocean as mermaids. She originally had a rainbow tail, but it changed to yellow at the begining of season 3 with no explanation.
She owns a green bouncy ball named Bill which makes frequent apperances in the later seasons of the show. Add to EJ Playlist  Amy finds Tess unconscious on the pool deck the morning after the strange attack and tries to get Tess to understand. Add to EJ Playlist  The girls find out that Tess has sent a package to a marine lab revealing their secret. Add to EJ Playlist  Blaire finally comes back from Key Largo, and the girls are dying for some answers. Add to EJ Playlist  World War III breaks out between Kelsey and Brenna with Amy stuck in the middle of it all. Add to EJ Playlist  With Blaire forbidden to see her friends, she spends most of her time locked up in her room going through her mom's old stuff. Add to EJ Playlist  With their best friend's life on the line, Amy, Brenna, and Kelsey risk it all to save Blaire. When i was younger, my best friend (Claire aka Brenna) and I decided to do a little home movie on my mom's old video camera about how we magically turned into mermaids when we touched water because of a star.
DESCRIPTION: While not exactly the leader, Amy was the first of the three to become a mermaid and has more experience.
The Secret Life of a Mermaid is a mermaid show posted on the channel Adam Bradley, currently in its first season. Zuma the dolphin finds Merliah with her friends again and tells her that the mermaid kingdom, Oceana, zuma's first apperance ruled by Merliah's mother is in danger.
Merliah talks to Fallon and Hadley with a device and they find out where the Celestial Comb is: in a cave guarded by large jellyfish.
Merliah asks the Dreamfish for help, and it offers to let her go home and pretend nothing ever happened.
The original plot was as follows: "When Marisa, played by Barbie, discovers she is half-mermaid, she must help the citizens of Atlantia by rescuing their queen--her mother.
Barbie in A Mermaid Tale was initially released on DVD on March 2, 2010 with a Wide Screen Enhanced (16x9) format. When Merliah throws her necklace, Zuma has a dialogue to say to Merliah which she can't pronounce properly and the director says "Cut". When Merliah is modeling and trying out her tail, it rips because maybe it was a little too tight. Calissa and Merliah are playing cards Calissa asks for any threes but Merliah say "Nope, Go Human" (It's a reference to "Go Fish").

Zuma and Snouts try on some accesories Zuma say "Snouts and I are stepping out" but Zuma hits herself through a wall.
Zuma blows a whistle then says "Training them was easier then you think." then one of the mermaids splash water on her. When Remo trys blowing his horn 3 times the Lipstick Fish comes out from the horn then the cast laughs. Liah hides her legs and has a mermaid tale for the first time in her life to save her Mother Queen Calissa and Oceana from her terrible aunt Eris.Liah Explains to her friends what just happen under water.
As an example, in 'Finale Part 2' (S3E8) she has a staring contest with Bill the Ball and claims that he blinked; "HA!
She owns a green rubber, bouncy ball named Bill whom she is often shown talking to and interacting with. Brenna is down at the pier and takes a photo of a 'pink fish' in the water that later turns out to be Amy.
When Kelsey first met Brenna, she didn't like the other girl because Brenna was getting in the way of her and Amy's friendship.
Amy, Brenna, and Kelsey decide it's time to get Blaire out of the house for some much needed girl time. When we made this film, we didn't have real tails or anything, just a sheet of green fabric.
Particularly bright, Kelsey has a harder time then the rest of the girls when it comes to why they are mermaids. According to comments on the video, the show was made "just for fun" and would probably not continue, and the original episode was taken down in 2015. The movie follows Merliah Summers, a half-human and half-mermaid who tries to rescue her mother and her underwater kingdom. She is nicknamed the "Queen of the Waves", and her friends, Hadley and Fallon, even make a song for her.
Her grandfather, Break , who takes care of Merliah, reveales to her that she is actually half-human half mermaid; her father Rip married a mermaid named Calissa , and had Merliah.
She also gives her daughter a necklace that will let her be human again, as well as a mermaid whenever she wishes. Brenna and Blaire seem to be on good terms, although they don't appear to interact very much. At first, they appear to be on good terms but as the show progresses, their relationship gets more and more strained until the point of Brenna (along with Amy and Kelsey) blasting Tess into the pool with her powers. A while later, my sister (you may know her as Tess) got bored, so she decided to see if she could find a mermaid tail for sale.
One day, during a surfing competition, suddenly there's pink highlights on her hair while she is surfing. However, Merliah would be unsafe living among mermaids, because she was born with a human appearance. Merliah becomes angry because she doesn't understand what was going on, and throws a necklace she'd been wearing, on the floor.

Zuma tells Merliah that Eris' Merillia was not as powerful as Calissa's, and it was making the ocean weak. They hear Eris saying she will destroy Merliah, so Kayla and Xylie sidetrack her, and they go on to meet the Destinies. Kelsey often seems to have to punish or give Brenna a 'time out' when Brenna gets out of hand. After, Tess pretends to be friends with Brenna but is really plotting against her and her friends. This is seen when she sprays people with water, even when there is no discernible source from which the water is coming from.
The necklace had been given to her when she was a baby, and it played a message when she threw it. Zuma and Merliah enter a fashion boutique to get her a fake tail as a disguise as they witness the festival. The Destinies — Dee, Deandra and Deanne — tell Merliah exactly what she needs to defeat Eris: The Celestial Comb, Dreamfish, and Eris' necklace, which protects her.
Calissa makes more Merillia, and Merliah finds out that Eris couldn't defeat Calissa because Eris is unable to make any Merillia. After we made the tail (which took a couple of tries until we finally got it right) my sister wanted to find an underwater camera so we could film it.
A talking dolphin named Zuma has a conversation with Merliah, and then takes her back to her friends. They see Eris make whirlpools that were impossible to escape from, and take merpeople to her dungeons.
This makes Merliah unsure if she can save Oceana, and the boutique owners find out that she is hiding when their pet seal, Snouts , tickles Merliah's toes. They get the Dreamfish and then, to get Eris' necklace, Merliah, Kayla and Xylie sing a song Queen of the Waves (but with different lyrics) to her in a festival to distract her.
The owners are Kayla and Xylie , two stylish mermaids, who give Merliah a fake tail to swim around so she will fit in.
Eris becomes angry and makes a whirlpool to get rid of Merliah, and Merliah gets sucked in.
I didn't think much would come of this show, but I kept getting comments asking if there was going to be more episodes. So, Bridget and i made more and then decided to get my friend from the original movie to co-star in my series.

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