Secret Life has never topped my list of well-written television shows – the dialogue can be clunky (see above) and silly and preachy, and inexplicably, riddled with detailed accounts of legal requirements (for child custody, for weddings, for driving on a permit).
The cliffhanger ending, which showed Ben looking forlornly out an upstairs bedroom window at his father’s wedding reception in the yard below as Adrian took a pregnancy test, also happens to be the first time this show has choked me up. You can ask for help with your account, report a problem, or ask some other question to us here.
Not only that, but Adrian repeatedly, eloquently, and unapologetically expressed her intention to have an abortion if it turns out she is (the cliffhanger left that open to question). But what it lacks in finesse it makes up for in no-nonsense talk about sex aimed straight at teenagers, its clear target audience. But the sensitive portrayal of girls struggling with every agonizing decision that a real-life pregnancy entails – even this controversial option – shows the heartbreak involved instead of shrouding it in mystery, which could have the opposite effect, making termination seem like an “easy” way out. The late, great Everwood featured a guest character who got an abortion, and Degrassi: The Next Generation went there with a major character – though its network, The N, declined to air that episode of the Canadian show at the time (it later included it in rerun cycles).
I don’t think that’s a coincidence – it reflects the enormity of such a decision, and the power of effective drama. It might be small, but it only needs to hold about 125 people, and the shifters, spend a majority of their time away.

There’s no sense in shielding kids – who are clearly having as much sex as ever – from this stuff.
Here, Secret Life is taking a cue from MTV’s riveting, wrenching reality show 16 and Pregnant, which does the exact opposite of glamorizing teen pregnancy by showing every harrowing bit of what being with child really involves (sketchy boyfriends, irritated parents, labor pains, late nights, and all). The show might still exist in a bit of a fantasy world where boys are thrilled to date girls who just got knocked up by someone else, but Adrian’s pregnancy bombshell shows it’s got grit and guts beyond what it’s shown us so far.
If you do, you will be reported and the CS staff will deal with you.Semi-Literate to LiterateThis is a literate to advanced rp.
Some of the shifters also know the wisdom of medicinal work, and gather herbs here.---??? ?????The pure, white waters of the Rogue River, some spots in the river, strong enough to wipe you off your feet, others calm enough to drop a a feather in, and watch it stay in place. That means that you are required to type at least a paragraph worth for each character you have. If you are Semi-literate or under then don’t join.OOCYou are never allowed to argue in OOC.
I hate when genders are uneven and there are always more females than males.Character LimitationYou are allowed only 5 characters per person. His breathing became heave and he sank into a battle stance, his body gaining a threateningly large stature.-McKenna fell slowly into a laying posture, crossing her paws and resting her head upon them.

If you can handle more than that and keep them all involved in the rp then PM me about it and I’ll get back to you.CrushesYou are not allowed to make your two characters have a crush on one another. She watched and Owl silently take flight, the shadowy figure resting upon a cactus and disappearing into a tiny hole in the base of the spiny plant. It’s weird and boring for other members that might have wanted to interact with that character.
Just put “____ Gives Birth To ____.” The owner of the mother and father are to rp each of the children that are born.
If you do then you might not be accepted, just giving you a heads up before you do that kind of thing. Personalize it with different color and add some of your character into the answering of the form.

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