By doing this, shea€™s avoiding her problems; particularly, not wanting to confront if she was the one, who killed her mother. Wrong, is also revealed by the actions of Lilya€™s mom, Deborah, when she leaves Lily and T- Ray and travels to the Pink House.
But all that she is trying to do is get out of that nadir and hapless point in her life and help herself, even if it might seem selfish to others. Therea€™s a good and bad side to Lily writing in her notebook, that is why it helps reveal the theme, Right vs. The bad side to Lily writing in her notebook, is that shea€™s writing about her friends and their lives, without their permission.
The good side to the situation, is that she can express herself through her writing, she can also she the possibilities of her life through the stories that she writes.
The signing of the Civil Rights Act was an event that greatly affected the people of South Carolina and heavily influenced the charactera€™s decisions.

The signing of the Civil Rights Act gave Zach the opportunity to attend a school that would put him one step closer to his dream of becoming the first African- American lawyer. Lily, another character that is affected by this event, is able to attend the same school as Zach, without racial discrimination, as the result of this event. Like Lily, the result of this event affects Rosaleen, because she is able to walk through the streets without being discriminated, and become a registered voter. One setting, or many different settings can affect how the characters of a story will make their decisions or handle their situations. Lily, Zach, and T-Ray gradually change through out the novel, The Secret Life of Bees. Lily, who falls in love with Zach, a black boy, and has carry around the bane of killing her mother, is the character that changes the most.
From her experiences with the people of Sylvan and the Boatwright sisters, shea€™s able to overcome her own racism and view the world from both sides of the spectrum.
Becoming more aware of the unjustly things that are taking place around him, Zach changes into a better person.

Because he was unjustly arrested and imprisoned, Zach started to have an odious outlook towards the legal system. That outlook and all of the love and encouragement that he got from the people around him, drove him to make something better out of his life. T- Ray, who has such enmity towards his wife for leaving him, wrongfully unleashes his wrath on Lily. Because he was abandoned by the person that he loved the most, T- Ray changed into a callous person. All of the characters in the book changed, but Lily is the character that changed the most.

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