As soon as I entered the Georgian Pergola, I felt like I had instantly entered a wonderful place, a place that I never wanted to leave … I had wandered into my very own fairy tale.
The red bricks of the Pergola led my eyes upwards to the columns which were covered in climbing plants that gave it a magical feel. The pergola was very clearly not a total secret in London, because there were a few people kicking about.
Just as I took the steps down from the magnificent Pergola the summer rain came on again … but this Scottish loon wasn’t going to let that stop him from wandering around Hill Garden. In the blink of an eye I suddenly had the place all to myself … in this era we live in people don’t seem to want to spend more than a very short period of time exploring places. Through a wooden door I stepped out of Hill Garden and it’s perfectly manicured lawns, beds of flowers, pruned bushes and trees, and entered what reminded me on wild Scottish countryside. The Pergola and Hill Garden was the dream of Lord Heverhulme, an extremely wealthy individual, who was helped by the celebrated landscape architect Thomas Mawson. During the 2.5 hours I spent at the Pergola and Hill Garden I encountered about 15 people … 15 people in a place that if it was in Central London, the queues would be a mile long.

Comedy Plus, this is one of those places that there aren’t enough of, I should have maybe kept it a big secret. I too was astounded when I wandered into the gardens while I lived in Hampstead for a year and a half. Get your daily fix of the hottest celebrity photos on red carpet, in bikini, on vacation and fashion photos from the red carpet, awards shows, events and more. This wonderful place is a real sanctuary from the hustle, bustle and grind of London life … a very beautiful, peaceful and totally chilled out sanctuary. However people were calm, walking slowly, polite, smiling, chilled out … was I really still in London – a city where if you fainted and fell to the ground 1 in a 100 might stop to offer assistance. While the Pergola was overrun with plants, the garden was beautifully manicured with an ornamental pond as the centre piece. Everyone always seems to be in a hurry … did they all really have some place better to be than this gem of a garden.
There were overgrown trees, heathers, wild flowers, huge ferns and bramble bushes everywhere, I had to make my own path forward.

This quiet little hidden, almost forgotten corner of Hampstead Heath offers a great place for some serious rest, relaxation and chilling out time. I was instantly reminded why one day I will return to Scotland to live … London may possible be the coolest city on the planet, and back home doesn’t offer up the excitement and buzz that this city does, but the quality of life is so much better … that is for sure!
I stood there literally in disbelieve, that I have lived in london for over 2.5 years and I just discovered this amazing secret place that was located only 40 minutes walk from my front door. Thankfully nowadays this fantastic place isn’t just for the enjoyment and pleasure of a handful of rich people!
For the full story of the history one of London’s coolest hidden gardens visit The Pergola and Hill Garden.

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