Argent HorseriderWhile this isn’t a card that has been seeing a lot of play so far,Is this supposed to mean that it hasn't seen play specifically in Shaman? A person that attempts to diagnose themselves has a fool for a doctor and a bigger fool for a patient. Sludge BelcherThis card is incredibly with Effigy since it both forces your opponent to kill a five-drop first. This will be a series of articles for the first week or so of the The Grand Tournament release.
Most of the low cost minions off Effigy are worse than the ones you already have in the deck. In each article I will cover a few decks or cards I predict will have an impact on the metagame going forward. These will all be decks which I have tested to a reasonable level of proficiency but not mastered given time constraints.
Yes it's a free minion, but rather get a better minion off Mirror Entity or card advantage for the late game via Duplicate. Hexing my own totems vs Facehunter, not drawing Lightning Storm against Zoo, not having a single taunt against Paladins etc. If you're looking to maximize the Effigy value, you need to have a stronger late game curve with some taunts (forcing them to trigger Effigy).

Shaman deck looks fairly straight forward, and with the ability to push out more minions (along with including stickier minions), Bloodlust becomes relevant for these decks as its not uncommon to have 3 minions (mainly totems) out.
Instead, they are intended as loose deck ideas so feel free to tinker or suggest improvements.
I would probably not include too much Overload aside from Storm and Golem because hitting that strong curve is important. Unfortunately, due to its reliance on board control, and other decks becoming more and more efficient over time, the strength of Shaman has dwindled. Most players considered Midrange Shaman to be a poor archetype in GvG even though some were able to find success such as Ersee.The release of TGT has given the Shaman class a plethora of viable new tools.
Your game plan is to get control of the board and grind value from both your Hero Power and the various things which have good interactions with your Hero Power. Meanwhile, you want to use your cheap and efficient removal to keep your enemy's board clear.
Given that you are a midrange deck, you have two main game plans: grind out the aggro decks and tempo out the control decks. Ancestral Knowledge Most Shamans run three card draw effects in two Azure Drakes and a Mana Tide Totem. With Feral Spirits no longer being up to snuff, however, the Mana Tide is much harder to protect.

Keep in mind that the Totemcarver counts Totem Golem and the Totem from Tuskarr Totemic so it can end up being a decent deal for the mana. The Mistcaller This is the new Shaman legendary and while its effect looks good on paper, I personally think he is a bit too slow. Healing Wave The obvious downside of this card is that it doesn’t have a lot of synergy with the rest of your deck since you aren't built to win jousts.
Also because of the inclusion of Doomhammer in this deck you will often be using your face to clear out many minions against control decks so the healing doesn’t completely go to waste there.
Argent Horserider While this isn’t a card that has been seeing a lot of play so far, some people that rated it quite highly and it theoretically fits here since it assures board control. Compared to Polymorph, the two health is often not that much of a problem since a Flamewaker can often deal the extra point or two. Sludge Belcher This card is incredibly with Effigy since it both forces your opponent to kill a five-drop first.

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