Your Secret Message Pens contain super special, ultra-violet compounds that make your secret messages completely invisible under normal, everyday light. So if you're a tad security conscious, your Invisible Ink pens will help you to protect your private diary entries which can only be revealed by the beam of your UV Black Light!
In the cap of your pens you will find your powerful UV Light which causes the particles in your ink to become fluorescent and illuminate your message! Even Harriet the Spy has her own Invisible Ink pens, so it's not just something you'll see on a James Bond flick. Posted by Lisa Birnesser What if the stress that you are feeling today has a purpose…a purpose that you might be missing?

If you are so busy that you can’t take 15 minutes to yourself each day to rest and rejuvenate (even if that is for exercise) then you are too busy.
This makes it look as though it's just a note that accidentally wound up in your pocket, rather than something unusual or private!
If you focus only on the stress and getting rid of it as fast as you can, you might be missing an important message.
The kind of stress that is always there, lying in wait…where you feel like you are running at full tilt and you never get the opportunity to catch your breath?
Think hard about this one…and those answers that come up…are they your answers?

I tracked my time for an entire week…I tracked my time in 15 minute increments on an excel spread sheet…and what an eye opener that was!
She uses various techniques, including NLP, timeline, hypnosis and common sense gathered through life experience.

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