I lined up all the pieces in number order, then flipped them over and started stamping each word. I was very happy that I discovered this website, thank you for this excellent information!! A fun way to get a dinner party going (especially if you have invited people who only know each other in passing) is to have a little ice breaker game.
You may think party games are just for kids, but we're of the other mind - any party is only made better with a bit of fun and games added to it!

An easy game to play at a sit-down dinner party where it's adults only is the Secret Message game. Before your dinner guests arrive, write a different sentence (silly for an adult party but not outrageous) on slips of paper and place one under each plate.
When you all sit down at the table, have your guests pull out the papers and read the phrase silently to themselves - don't let any guests peek at others paper slips!
Once everyone has memorized their sentence, they must, at some point, attempt to incorporate their phrase into the evening's conversation without being detected by the other guests.

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