This is what Song Joong Ki, the male lead of ?A Werewolf Boy? tells his fans when he goes to give his stage greetings.
Song Joong Ki shared, ?I had a few conversations with some female students in the audience while we were giving our stage greetings for the film. It is clear that Song Joong Ki?s immense star power had a lot to do with the success of this movie.
The film staff posted up dates and locations for these stage greetings on their Facebook, Twitter and Internet fan cafes, which also led to many requests for stage greetings being made from different areas. On December 12th, during episode 11 of MBC 'I Miss You', Park Yoo Chun (playing the role of Han Jung Woo) is in danger of losing both Song Ok Sook (playing the role of Soo Yeon's mother) and Yoon Eun Hye (playing the role of Soo Yeon). Han Jang Woo was chasing the cleaning lady because she was the prime suspect of the Kang Sang Deuk murder case, but he keeled over after she stunned him with a Taser.
After watching the broadcast, the viewers reacted and said, "My tears would not stop flowing from beginning of the episode. Episode 12 of 'I Miss You' will show how Jung Woo will deal with losing the people who helped him endure.
Seriously, Ze:a?s Kim Dong Jun could have been Han Ga In?s stunt double or stand-in during The Moon that Embraces the Sun.
The two of them aren?t related, and Han Ga In even said during an interview that she?d like to meet Kim Dong Jun because she keeps hearing how much they look alike. So I have to ask?would knowing Kim Dong Jun looks exactly like Han Ga In deter you from dating him?
We've been waiting for him for almost 2 years, but I felt like last one week was longer than 2years.
According to a source in advertising on December 14, Hyun Bin recently signed an exclusive contract with Caffe Bene and finished filming a commercial for the franchise. Before his enlistment, Hyun Bin had signed a modeling contract with more than 15 brands and franchises, making him one of the biggest figures in advertisement.

One rep in the industry said, "The advertisement industry made its moves to get Hyun Bin even before his release. Quickly taking back his rightful claim as the entertainment?s hottest star after being discharged from military service, Hyun Bin wastes no time and signs an exclusive contract with local coffeehouse chain Caffe Bene. Hyun Bin?s last project before entering service was ?Secret Garden,? which became such a local phenomenon that variety shows and other dramas would parody scenes from it, certain phrases became very popular in day-to-day life and Hyun Bin?s sparkly blue tracksuit became a hot selling item.
A marking representative commented, ?In order to have Hyun Bin agree to be the exclusive model, we started negotiating before his discharge.
Today (14th), advertising shots according to its public disclosure has attracted the attention of many fans.
The same day, Song Zhongji as a variety of clothing, shows the Pose with different facial expressions and dynamic, makes the whole shoot cozy atmosphere, harmony, much-praised the staff.
In addition, the Song Zhongji recently adopted television drama film the good man and the Wolf family of juveniles while across television screens and screen, active activities are under way. Tag what you see on the picture : clothes, celebrities, bloggers, series, movies and brands.
With millions of people waiting for you to tweet something shady, you have to be mindful of  what you do. Just when you thought you saw every picture of Beyonce and Jay-Z , take a look at more from Beyonce’s private Instagram. Tallest wedding cake in Nigeria: Have You seen any other Wedding cake Taller Than This One? Each time Song Joong Ki stood on stage before the movie started, he would say, ?Stop watching my movie,? which perplexed the crowd. It is common for fans to re-watch performances like musicals, plays and concerts since it is a live performance and may contain different bits and pieces each time. Song Joong Ki, along with his co-star Park Bo Young and director Jo Sung Hee went around to 105 different movie theaters to give their stage greetings.

Last month, when the CSATs were over, an influx of female high school students occurred at these stage greetings. He was forced to take sedatives and was barely able to call Soo Yeon to give her his location before losing consciousness. She knew that because of Soo Yeon and herself, Jung Woo was unable to let go of the past, but after he was attacked, that was the last straw for her.
Park Yoo Chun is a virus that elicits emotions", "What will Jung Woo do now that he has lost his first love and his girlfriend? His popular foam kiss with Ha Ji Won from the drama was filmed with help from the cafe, leading it to seek out Hyun Bin as its model. Song Zhongji photos in black check ski jacket, with his sunny smile on my face, showing fresh and handsome styling. Over 600,000 ?likes? were made for photos of these stage greetings on the ?A Werewolf Boy? official Facebook page.
Soo Yeon's mother tells him that Zoey does not want to come back as Soo Yeon and wants to her go. This became a big incentive for many coffeehouse labels to seek Hyun Bin to become their model. A special event survey showed that a 16-year-old student watched ?A Werewolf Boy? more than 70 times in the theater.
The stage greeting happens before the film starts and the audience members are able to see the stars of the film right before their eyes. At her words, Jung Woo decided not to wait for her anymore because Soo Yeon would hurt every time she saw him.

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