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Secret of Evermore -- not just a cheap attempt to ride the coattails of success.a€‹Everyone who played the SNES game Secret of Mana was taken in by its epic tone, whimsical scope, and addictive gameplay. Just teaches you, if life gives you lemons, you should beat your enemies to death with those lemons. One major part (some would say the major part) of our hero's character is that he is obsessed with movies. Besides validating the guiding idea behind this entire series of "Five Things" articles by essentially saying that entertainment media can make our real lives more meaningful, this also serves to allow the game's writers to come up with stupid fake movie titles.
A cat would take one look at Evermore and flip out, and no amount of Friskies would be able to keep him there. Retired engineer and Edison worshiper wants someone to take his massive collection of antique audio equipment. 5 Secret of EvermoreCruelly mocked and disregarded as an inferior game to Secret of Mana when released (partly due to its Western heritage, it being the first game made by Square's Chicago team), this game is a charming little action RPG that is well worth your time. Rounding out the Holy Quadrilogy of RPGs on the SNES (Secret of Mana, Secret of Evermore, Final Fantasy III (aka VI), and Chrono Trigger), Secret of Evermore offered up gorgeous graphics, a story that spanned the breadth of your imagination, and a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack that still gives me goosebumps to this day.
With an interface that’s heavily inspired by its unofficial sibling Secret of Mana, Secret of Evermore grabbed me in a way that few other games ever have.
Thankfully, just like many of the RPGs from that era, it stands up to the level of nostalgia I’ve bestowed upon it.
The various sound effects are decent, although they serve more as a vehicle for nostalgia at this point than anything else.
Also, if you’re interested in learning about the technical aspects of the game, its business origins, and why it shipped without a co-op component, Nintendo Life did a FANTASTIC interview with Secret of Evermore’s lead programmer Brian Fehdrau back in 2009. Pojut started Living With a Nerd as a bonding project when his girlfriend moved in with him in the Fall of '07.
I thought the only surviving data on that game was an incomplete source code (missing important stuff like graphics data). You should be able to get Brave Fencer Musashi around $25-$28 with shipping including the demo disk. I remember the double pack in fact if it wasnt for that double pack I probably would have never bough a DS. As for Castlevania, i'm looking forward to this so called awful 'Castlevania: The Adventure' to be released any day now on the 3DS's VC. The giant snake in question is actually Salabog, one of the toughest bosses in all of Evermore.
Hidden in here, and easy to miss, is the third of what I say is the holy trinity of alchemy formulas.
At this point I spend some time sassin' chickens until the place clears out for the big meeting. It seems the ruler of Nobilia believes that Hot Dog is the sacred dog of legend, and sends him out into the crowd to choose who gets thrown into the coliseum today.
Overzealous Japanese Announcer: "TIME FOR INFERNO FIRE PIT EXPLODING LIGHT TUBE DEATH MATCH~! Moments after this picture was taken, Vigor sprinted out, shaking the ropes and panting for air.

What follows is a pitched, potentially difficult fight, since Vigor is protected in front by his chariot. Basically, he has to collect the two Diamond Eyes so that the ruler of Nobilia can use them for great power. Also The Lion King which has exceptional animation, perhaps even the best animations to ever grace a 16 bit game. The Genesis one has the better action, but the SNES one to me features much better platforming. I personally prefer Aladdin SNES and let me tell you there's great platforming to do in there.
The goal of the game is to guide the Troddlers to the exit by placing blocks around the play area.
I'd also like to add Contra Hard Corps and more importantly, an arcade-perfect version of Donkey Kong. Gotta miss that pie factory level with conveyor belts, sorely missing from the NES version. It rightfully achieved a place as one of the best games of the 16-bit era, and fans eagerly awaited some form of follow-up. The hero of Evermore goes completely apeshit (and we mean the apes of 2001: a Space Odyssey, immediately after their brains have been monolith'd) with the most primitive weapon imaginable, making the most out of what he has.
They will only barter with you, meaning that if you want what they're selling, you have to traipse all over the place looking for the seven chickens, three tapestries and eighteen sacks of cornmeal that they want. First off, he's morphed into all kinds of different stuff -- a wolf-dog, a greyhound, a robo-dog. Deep, enjoyable and rewarding in equal measure.4 Castlevania 4 (Super Castlevania)A remake of the original Castlevania, this is one remake that improves on its original. While many consider it inferior to SoM, I personally put it in the same class: there’s just something incredibly unique and amazing about SoE that’s difficult to explain. There’s some truly original and clever ones, but for the most part, they’ll just bring back memories more than anything else. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll admit that it isn’t perfect, but there’s something magical and beautiful about it that few games could ever hope to come close to. Now a happily married couple, they continue to run Living With a Nerd in an effort to show the world just how much fun it can be! Because it was released as a DS game even though the DS's successor came out more than a year and a half ago! I already blew my Space wad' on the Wii U Pre-order and $900 is going towards a 50" plasma. This time, the cryptic title is referring to any one of the major highways that beam straight into the heart of a major city, making trade and commerce more possible on our modern scale and making our attempts at nobility somewhat feasible. In any case, now our heroes stumble into a scene right out of the most bizarre porn movie ever.
Our heroes conveniently landed in some sort of small boat, floating along in one of the mysterious waterways that runs through the recesses of Evermore. I'll say this: Now he knows how I felt that one time back in '97 when those three cute Pakistani girls next door decided to act out every chapter of the Kama-Sutra with me that one night. You can get all kinds of useful items here, but the only one I'm after at the moment is the Silver Sheath. Though, after this went to press, I learned that it doesn't actually have any effect because the game is bugged and gives swords the Silver Sheath bonus whether you have it or not. So far no one has ever shown any initiative in translating old import RPGs for a download service.

Featuring some of the best music on any 16 bit system, and a harcore challenge worthy of its illustrious forebears, this is a game well worth playing if you are up to the challenge.3 Super MetroidOne of the deepest and most atmospheric games on the SNES, the opening still brings shivers to our spines.
It’s got a distinct personality and humor to it that has stuck with me ever since it came out. You can almost feel the dirt and grit on your hand, the arid dusty desert parching your lips, and the chill from long metal hallways reaching right down to your very bones.
The same cannot be said for the soundtrack, however; it’s just as beautiful as it was back in the day, perhaps more now than ever. The original cartridge can be found relatively cheaply on eBay, so if you’re looking to play this one, don’t fret: it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to do so. Man, it's such a good game; it's so good that I went through the dedication of playing it in one go on my first try. In return I'll make you a life time supply of Breakfast Witch Waffles, Serpent Soda, topped off with a side of Bug Bacon for Elmo Eternitiy!
I think of the things Evermore brought to the RPG table in the mid-90's, a city of trade was perhaps the idea that was most ahead of its time. Because, with the narrow passageways, it's a primo spot to get the spear from level 2 to 3. Several people do this in Evermore, which contributes to the Metroid-like feeling of there being more to the world than we can see or get to. By like 5 AM, they were flipping through it, and one of them was all "hey Jer, get up, we're only up to Chapter 37, there are 23 more to go" and then they all glanced over at me and I was literally unable to move. Great boss battles, memorable locations and a hot lead character - what more could you ask for? It may have something to do with the fact that I had just entered sixth grade, so perhaps I was overly impressionable then, but whatever the reason, even after the untold thousands of hours I’ve spent gaming, Secret of Evermore is still in my top 3 of all time.
The animations still look great as well, providing the smoothness and detail that developers were achieving this late into the SNES’ life cycle.
We’d be sitting here all day if I wanted to go over the whole soundtrack, but here’s just a few of my favorites. Yeah, it's mostly because it's internal battery died, so it couldn't save (darn you, old cartridges!) but the fact that I dealt with it gives credence to its quality. I wonder how many little kids played this and got stuck at this point because they ran in the desert for a while and nothing happened, so they gave up. When I bought an SNES for the first time in 1999 or 2000, this was the first game I made sure to pick up. The collecting and hoarding aspect it provides is immensely entertaining, and when you finally obtain that one ingredient you’ve been hoping to find for hours, there’s a certain sense of glory you get to bask in.
Unfortunately, this ordeal in the swamp is necessary to get a mud pepper, which is needed to get into the volcano. I like it, and I WANT to really like it, but it just makes it tough with all the bugs and bad design choices. It also brought a strategic aspect to the game, forcing you to be smart about how and when you use your Alchemy skills. Does victory REALLY require you to use up the last of your reagents for that particular spell?

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