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Anorasian geneticists have watched Earth for thousands of years in the belief a 65 million year old prophecy has led them to the Chosen, the one who must prevent their race from going extinct.
La lecture de ce format se fait donc uniquement sur smartphones et tablettes (compatibles Android et IOS). Mariah Carpenter is terrified and helpless as an unearthly substance courses through her veins, ripping her from a peaceful existence to fulfill an alien prophecy to both destroy an evil entity and battle an alien government and cause it to implode.

Les fichiers au format PDF peuvent etre lus sur les liseuses numeriques, cependant nous vous conseillons une consultation sur votre ordinateur a l’aide du logiciel Adobe Digital Editions, a telecharger gratuitement apres votre achat. She must travel millions of miles from home to dangerous and unknown lands, to meet those thought of only as myth. One thing is clear: the clash with the evil destroyer will have galactic and perhaps astrophysical implications - for only one will survive.

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