I hate how soft fruits like peaches, plums, and nectarines get gouged or crushed in my bag on the way to work. Not Martha and BoingBoing posted a few months ago about specialty protective containers for cupcakes and bananas, but in the case of peachy peaches, duct tape and yogurt cups work well too. In addition to enjoying the open space and cool night air in Vermont, playing with my parents' little dog, eating too much tasty food, as well as trekking to Canada for an art festival and going to a real live auction, Mr.
Some parts of it seemed to be cribbed from Cloud Atlas, but I suppose the story of an individual cog attaining consciousness and destroying the entire social machine is one of sci-fi's favorite story lines. Ewan and Scarlett's talents were not maximized in this picture, but the Island wasn't too bad if you need to hunker down in a space that has air conditioning. By the way, if you enter a movie title into Google, there's a new feature that will look up theaters and times for you.
I was privy to a rare event last night, which was a further glance into the depth and breadth of incompetence at work among our public transportation system. As you may know, the station is designed with a single tunnel in each direction, and if a bus breaks down in the tunnel, or T employees are not capable of using the poorly designed accessibility equipment on the buses to allow patrons in wheelchairs to board, bus entrance and exit to the station becomes impossible.
Rather than asking us to leave the bus platforms and walk outside to board buses above ground, we were asked to go to the lower level platform, and board a bus that would take us to other buses. After being trapped on this bus in the tunnel for 20 minutes, the bus drove us approximately 50 feet, and told passengers requiring the 77, 78, and 96 bus to get off.
Although the government and the media remind us that we must be in a constant state of vigilance, and alarm, particularly in the urban environment, I had never felt a true sense of fear for my safety while I was in greater Boston. We as citizens are told that if a catastrophic emergency or incident were to occur that we must listen to the information and instruction provided by government and transit authority employees.
What should have been a coordinated re-routing of buses and change of boarding area was in fact a ridiculous waste of everyone's time. The events in London which took place only a week ago remind me of the seriousness of travelling by public transit. I am willing to overlook a lot of shortcomings with our system because I strongly believe that public transportation is an essential part of an urban democracy, such as bus and train drivers who are unwilling to announce stops (even when vision impaired passengers are present), rude or belligerent staff, inefficient bus routing, lack of trains and buses during peak hours, and escalators at Porter and Kendall stations that are disabled for weeks at a time. MBTA passengers need a better response from MBTA employees than "this is f*cked up" or "we don't know" or "everything here is a mess." Improvements must be made to staff training and communication.
Maybe it was just a suburban phenomena of the 70's where we would run around the yard, timing our jumps and yelling or singing with the movement of the sprinkler jets. Before the days when everyone had a pool in their backyard (plastic 1footer, octagonal 5 footer, or the kidney shaped inground) my sister and I would toss on our suits, ride our bikes around the block as fast as possible, and then run off the bikes and into the water in a single motion. As I walked by the sprinkler today (a professional woman on an academic campus) I still remember the anticipation and the little screams that would fly from us as the cold water hit our skins for the first time. After seeing the travesty of a RedSox game on Friday night (Mark Bellhorn & Matt Mantei, you both SUCK!) we went to Johnny D's to see Alto Reform School. Before I went to lunch yesterday, co-worker JackAttack and I were discussing our favorite future pet--little dogs who are mellow and have cat-like personalities.
Mister Robot asked the HR clan to share the 20 albums of the last 20 years that kicked their asses. The Providence Journal is running an article today about the kickball league that our buddy Adam belongs to. Greg & I went to the Westport Rivers Vineyard last week, and also saw lovely horseneck beach while we were there. Someone even has a blog where they photograph their Nohonon wherever they go, including a trip to see Star Wars. I was kind of annoyed this morning when power wasn't restored yet, and this article about the NStar strike does not make me feel warm, fuzzy, or clean. Going to the opening of Getting Emotional at the ICA earlier this week reminded me that I've had several museums on my wish list for a while, and will hopefully visit them this summer. I need to brush up on my Spanish, since I'd like to go to Barcelona in the fall, and I've been downloading podcasts in Spanish or about Spain.
It's pretty strange to walk into someone's living room, and to see Jackie O on the wall, above a piano. Nicole the gadget queen may have mentioned it, or maybe it came up during the Syndicate program last week.
I was looking forward to seeing the Through the Keyhole burlesque troupe strut their stuff, but after waiting more than an hour after the scheduled time, we gave up. Gondry directed the Steriogram video for Walkie Talkie Man, where everything is made of yarn, so he's pretty crafty as well.
I have an amazon gift certificate that I've been sitting on, Gondry's video collection will be joining my shopping cart soon. The purse party at Alicia's was very fun on Saturday, and I bumped into a friend from undergrad that I hadn't seen in years, which was a very pleasant surprise. The Secret of My Success could be used in the future as an anthropological tool to dissect the values of Americans during the 1980's.

The Lorna's Laces Sheperd Sock Yarn that I ordered from Knitting Zone arrived just before we left for Montreal.
For all of you who have ever referred to Boston as Fake New York, you may be right, but Somerville's got some gates too. We enjoyed the Museum of Contemporary Art, eating at Le Commensal, and visiting the Canadian Center for Architecture in Montreal. We're off to Montreal for a few days, and I'm hoping to catch up on some knitting while there.
The comment feature is going to be turned off for a while too, due to the huge number of spam comments for online gambling porno that I have to delete every day.
In Act 3 of the episode, Sarah Vowell discusses how Johnny and June Carter Cash got together and stayed together, which was quite brilliant. Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson as well as anyone who's ever appeared on The Bachelor, the Bachelorette, Joe Millionaire, Wife Swap: Meet your new Mommy, Temptation Island, or Love Connection, need to listen to this episode quite badly.
Betwixt the many sessions and hitting the exhibit hall, I did steal some time away for myself and went to see Hotel Rwanda. Additionally, I think I'm probably the only person who didn't find Napoleon Dynamite hilarious after seeing this weekend. A clarifying note: I saw Napoleon Dynamite first, so my response has not been tainted by seeing Hotel Rwanda.
This rings true with some of my feelings about the death of optimism in our country, particularly related to our last presidential election, and the general acceptance that one of either of the two candidates was truly the best we could expect. Though I know very little about her at this point, Sontag strikes me as a very courageous activist and author.
The Susan Sontag Reader and Regarding the Pain of Others (about prisoner treatment at Abu Ghraib) are currently checked out, but I'll get to them soon. The loved ones in my life treated me far better than I deserved this year, and have been gracious enough to forgive me for my moodiness and sometimes bad behavior.
Things aside, I am a very lucky, and thankful lady to have such wonderful ones in my life, and to have gotten to have not 1 but 2 xmas celebrations with wonderful people. In my selfishness, I ask simply that all of them remain their healthy and happy selves in the coming year. The item I picked was a Sigmund Freud Bobble Head, which I traded for an ice cream scooper, which became the hot item and I ended up with a cook book, called Taste Pure and Simple which has some lovely photography. True to typical Qdog form, a suggestion was made that I try to drive the snow mobile myself, and I decided to do so. No fats were rendered fight club style for our soaps, only the use of a microwave, and supplies from Michael's craft store and Nina's pantry.
A moment after I took these photos of picking up our xmas tree, some dumb lady in a giant SUV drove into our parked car at full speed while we were tying the tree onto the car. The librarian played by Noah Wylie is a man in his 30's who is finally ejected from academia after spending eons as a professional student.
This spear is stolen by the brotherhood of the snake (perhaps ripped off form the Union of the Snake song by Duran Duran) and it's the librarian's job to get it back. The fighting Buddhisy monks were an amusing highlight, but did not add the originality in story or perspective required to make this production more than a night time version of an after school special. However, IMDB informed me that I've missed Kyle MacLachlan's appearance in the Flintstones Movie and didn't recognize his voice in Grand Theft Auto. It looks like they may be trying to sex up the librarians in some way in TNT's dramatic renderings of life in the archival world.
We saw some movies this weekend, foremost among them Dogville and The Saddest Music in the World. I also noted that David Hasselhoff will be making an apperance in the latest Spongebob movie. I used to be a big fan of the sponge in 20 minute tv episodes, however I will not be packing myself into a sticky movie seat any time soon to see the full length feature. I originally had grandiose plans of making placemats and seating cards and a centerpiece, but I think it's not going to be too elaborate this time around.
May not be appropriate for work--but this situation isn't exactly appropriate for humans either.
I've been super busy at work with a somewhat less than satisfying project, and keep going into work earlier and earlier in hopes that I can get my work done, sometimes at 6:30 or 7 am. Upon looking in the mirror at work to straighten out my hair after some intense hat head-edness, I discovered that there's a stain on my sweater, which must have stained itself the last time I wore the sweater last winter.
If you want to see some color that certainly not the result of a stain, check out the photos of Stitch N Bitch Nation, out in stores now. I can't wait to see the book in the flesh, but I really enjoy the way that they've posed the models in front of Mt. We haven't listened to any of the CD's yet, but the desire to snoop and look at the contents was hard to resist.

The Mixter web site will be unveiled very soon, and you should be able to see everybody's track listings in no time.
This morning has left me feeling quite bereft--as if someone has shown up on the happiest day of my life and beaten me up and started having sex with my life partner in front of me as they kick me in the teeth (Honky Cracker wrote about this in relation to the forces of evil destroying his favorite baseball team last season ) so that's the stage of grieving that I'm in when it comes to electoral events.
There's still a glimmer of hope --that someone will stop kicking me or perhaps that it's not really happening. Since I've only lived in small states in the Northeast most of my life, I thought I'd accepted that my vote really does count less than the votes of people in the midwest or states like Pennsylvania or California, if it counts at all.
To the voters of states like Ohio, Missouri, Florida, West Virginia (and nationwide) who decided that More of the Same is the best we can do for another 4 years: A pox on your house. To the Democratic National committee for not bringing forth a truly inspiring, electrify candidate: A pox on your house.
Fuck you to all of the aforementioned groups, with an extra special scratch-n-sniff fuck off to Fox News (just because). My friend Omar, from up the road, is opening a national chain of bowling alleys where house rules require that all human clothing be checked at the door.
Far more distressing than people bowling au naturel is the thought of sockless feet in a rented bowling shoe. Due to HIPPA regulations, I can't disclose all of the details of his condition (some is still largely unkown) but his heart has been known to get a little too lethargic, and slow down or outright stop pumping from time to time. He's been in the hospital for a week, and has endured a battery of neurological and cardiac testing, has become a medical curiosity of national awareness due to his unique combination of symptoms, and has had to endure telling and re-telling his story to neurologists, cardiologists, electro-physiologists, nurses, and scores of curious interns with differing opinions over the Greg's deepest physiological nature. I like the stitch voting system much better as it offers viable candidates in 3 or 4 areas (spinning could also be an option).
Aside from the undecided voters out there, I know quite a few people pondering not going to the polls at all due to lack of enthusiasm over the candidates, and deserved disdain for the state of our democracy. And as a final thought today, Air America Radio is now available in Boston at WKOX 1200 AM and WXKS 1430 AM. I saw an ad for this coveted T when I was perusing the VegWeb for recipes for my Precious Object(TM)'s upcoming birth anniversary. An infrastructure must be put in place where responsibility and accountability are clear, particularly in times of unexpected equipment failures, accidents, or worse.
Some sprinklers turned in a circle, ch-ch-ch-ch-ch, but others were more like a harp, where long jets of water would arc back and forth, back and forth, and we'd try to pluck the water strings with our feet. After I left the peace corps, I promised myself no cold showers ever again, and will try to wash up at the gym later on.
Fox was the epitome of cute, and I gave my heart to him each time I saw him on the small or big screen. In a work interaction, I made a snarky comment about a co-worker (relatively innocuous in comparison to example 1) to someone in another department, only to CC the person that I made a snarky comment about in the message. Since I put myself out on this here interweb every few days, I guess I'm fairly open about my feelings, thoughts, and fears.
Lunch time today will involve a trip to a LYS I try to avoid due to their chronically bad service and surly staff, but nobody else has 2 size 1 circulars so I'll have to make an effort to keep my blood pressure in check. I'd definitely visit there again, preferably in the spring or summer when it's not freezing. She's spoken out about many topics ranging from the Vietnam war to AIDS to prisoner treatment at Abu Ghraib.
Xls ended up with some Retro Chocolates in the Malted Milk, Salted Pretzel, and Raspberry Jam varieties. If it was really sunny, there were interesting visual effects when the sun and the water met one another and the occasional rainbow would show up.
After the grass was saturated with water, the running would turn to sliding and falling, sometimes messy. We have very low operating costs -- free labor, no taxes, new friends in strange places and extremely addictive behavior five times a week." Hundreds of thousands of otherwise decent people are already hopelessly addicted to naked bowling, which renders them all but useless for normal military work.
I'd like to pump my legs just because I can, smell the silvery greenness, hear the sound of the water, and just let go. They were noisy and unpleasant but the earplugs and sleep mask provided by the hotel helped a lot. After playing almost every game, aside from catching Wakefield's knuckle balling in game 1, this man's knees must be wicked tired. Per usual, the bodyguard believed that her lack of professionalism and love attachmnet to the former librarian was responsible for his death.

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