Ira Singhal, the country's first differently-abled UPSC topper shares her secret to success and her big plans for India. Ira Singhal: Sir, I shall obviously do whatever I am asked to do - which is basically everything that the Government needs done. Ira Singhal: Discrimination against differently-abled people in the selection procedure of the exam. Abhishek Gupta: Ira ji, how did you celebrate and do you have addictions other than chocolate and movies???
For example, I read an article recently where they mentioned that IAS Officers should not be allowed to dominate other services. The article said that specialists should be preferred and IAS Officers are not specialists. Ira Singhal: Ensure they have all the opportunities they need to grow and achieve their potential. Rohit Prajapati: Hello, I am from Gujarat, Rohit Prajapati My BEST wishes will always be with you. Ira Singhal: Mainly because I realised I wanted to leave behind a legacy of more than what I was doing! Abhishek Gupta: Ira ji, how do you motivate yourself and push yourslf forward despite of fears? Anil Raghuwanshi: In spite of our more than 65 years independence and lot of contribution of IAS officers and other officers for the country in these years we are still lagging in development as far as China is concern, what reason you are looking far? KARTIKEY DWIVEDI: I am sure that this Country will surely be proud to have an officer like you. Do you give credit to god's grace for your achievement or you think it's solely your hard work..what would you recommend in nutshell for a beginner to prepare and succeed in Civil Services?? Ira Singhal: I think any competitive exam is 50 per cent God's grace and 50 per cent effort with a little bit of talent and skill thrown in! Abhishek Gupta: Ira ji, what do you think when you look such a huge crowd with similar ambition??
Ira Singhal: I hope that they want to do it for the right reasons and not for ego-satisfaction!

I have two questions for you:i) Why did you not go back to private sector job while your court case was on ?ii) Why did you not opt for Management optional? Ira Singhal: I didn't go back to private sector because I knew I would win the court case and I didn't want to quit another company again. HareKrishnaSingh: What's your opinion about difference of income in our progressive society? Ira Singhal: Difference of income will generally always stay because it comes from variations in the use of talent. Jaipal Sahani: Hi Ira, what is your advice on dealing with failures and challenges in life? Abhishek Gupta: Congratulations Iraji, my roommate is preparing for upsc, though I am a fan of his ambition so how as a roommate I can contribute to his preparation?? It's really a heartening to see that you are responding to each question with zeal and zest. Ira Singhal: Tell her to first get a very good education, find a good job and then see if she still wants to be an IAS.
You prove that everything is possible if you have the passion and desire to achieve the goal. One question what you will say to those people who fell that they cant do anything or they an unable and they are different from others? I can't climb a mountain but I can study so I focused on that, similarly someone else can do something else better, so they should focus on that! Ira Singhal: I don't see much changes except I am a lot of busy these days and a lot more people know me now! Ira Singhal: I have seen some success cases of surgery but I have also seen some cases where the person is now paralysed. I do believe that the officers have made a huge difference, it is just not that visible to you because it is so scattered! Shashidhar: Dear Ira, thank you for the blog, but there seems to be many fake accounts of yours on the FB. Ira Singhal: I appeared because I had nothing else to do as I was waiting for my court judgement.

If I were given the opportunity to present a gift to the next generation, it would be the ability for each individual to learn to laugh at himself.-Charles M. Nothing so conclusively proves a man's ability to lead others as what he does from day to day to lead himself.-Thomas J. Hats off to you for leaving it but what did really hit you that made you quit a 20 lakhs per annum job and not thinking about it ever again despite 5-year struggle? And I'd like to make a world where people are only appreciated for their strengths and never discriminated based on their weakness. And if ever I am stressed, I ask myself, what is the worst that could happen and then analyse if it will be so bad! My career goals still stay the same and I still have the same enthusiasm and energy to pursue them. My question -- why do you think the IASes despite being hardworking, intelligent and empowered enough, are not able to make a meaningful difference to the life of a commoner ? And from the base that they have to start with, incremental changes are what they can look at. Wanted to ask you, when you become an IAS officer, what are the changes you would like to bring in our country.
So if you can't do something, maybe you didn't try hard enough or maybe you are meant to do something else. NEOS is one of the Top 100 woman-led businesses in the state, and one of the Top 500 woman owned businesses in the US, according to Working Woman magazine, for two years in a row.[more]Woman Of Influence - Anu ChitrapuSenior Vice-President and Executive at Bank of America, Anu has won awards at the bank for exceptional performance and been named to the high potential women leaders group.
A strong believer in supporting women's causes, she is the Chair for Saheli’s 2013 fundraiser Nirbhaya scheduled for Sept 20.

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