Victoria’s Secret is the largest and the most famous American retailer of lingerie and swimwear. Seeing them in the catwalk you wonder how they keep that body, is just genetic or an intensive diet and workout plan? It’s not enough just the genetic, you have to work hard to be healthy, pretty and in good shape. Snacks are always in their menu, yogurt or a fruit to keep their energy levels high and to keep hunger at bay.
The dietitian of Victoria’s Secret says that fruits like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries or pomegranate are high in sugar but also rich with antioxidants which help the models to be healthy and have a glowing look. Adriana Lima reveals that to look her best and be prepared to wear that tiny lingerie, two days before the show she cuts of the solid food and just drink liquids. Miranda Kerr, the Australian model takes care of her body and beauty by following the Blood Type Diet (eating according to blood group).
Like everyone that do fitness, VS models start with a warm up with cardio exercises like running, kickboxing to burn fat and bust the metabolism.
You see that’s nothing extraordinary on keeping a model appeal, just some rules in diet, exercising, patience, willpower and desire. With her golden tresses, angelic features, and those endless legs, there’s a reason why so many swoon over Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel.
Posing with Miranda Kerr (L) abd and Alessandra Ambrosio during a media opportunity to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Victoria's Secret swim catalogue in Los Angeles.
Presenting a creation during the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at the Lexington Armory in New York.

Posing with Alessandra Ambrosio (L) and Adriana Lima pose during a media opportunity to celebrate the launch of the 2011 Victoria's Secret Swim collection in West Hollywood.
Posing with Miranda Kerr at a media event to promote the new Victoria's Secret 2012 Swim Collection in Beverly Hills.
Posing with Lily Aldridge during a photo opportunity for the 2013 Valentine's Day sale at the Victoria's Secret flagship store in New York.
Posing for photographers with the Royal Fantasy Bra gift set, valued at $10 million during a photo opportunity at the Victoria's secret store in New York City.
Also a little bit of dark chocolate or an ice-cream twice a week it’s not a problem, on the contrary is recommended so they don’t risk to exaggerate with the intake of chocolate, sweets or cookies. For example Alessandra Ambrosio, the hot Brazilian girl, mother of two children, likes a lot food and eats whatever she wants but always with portion control. Even though she eats pizza, eggs, steak, croissants she has a thin body from her childhood. She does not limit herself on eating chocolate or ice-creams but she goes for the rule 80% healthy food and 20% “unhealthy” food.
These exercises are not difficult, you can do them in your home without a personal trainer. In the future articles we will talk more thoroughly about a model diet and workout routine. Also, it doesn’t hurt that the 25-year-old South African beauty is always strutting the catwalk in skimpy lingerie. Sure, she’s obviously genetically blessed, but the blonde bombshell also tells Vogue UK that she follows a strict regimen to keep looking so flawless.

The last ones are known for their beauty, their fitted body and some of them have an Angel status. They eat 5 times a day including snacks, no processed foods, just organic fruit, vegetables and of course a lot of water. She eats for breakfast bacon with eggs, for lunch salad and meat or fish, for dinner Japanese food. She eats very little meat, a lot of food rich in iron, mostly fresh and organic products and of course drinks plenty of water. They generally exercise 3-4 times a week about 1 hour each time, working on legs, but, abs and entire body. They also practice yoga, pilates, balance and stability which are very important on the catwalk. For starters, she’s all about “a really strong sunscreen” to avoid aging sun rays from damaging her face, and constantly conditioning her hair for the beach. Besides this she works with her personal trainer continuously especially for legs, tight butt and thin thighs.

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