Season 2 (6 full episodes) Episode 7 - Royally Challenged2 years agoThe four royals leave Austin and travel home to their kingdoms where they await their potential princesses. News A?a‚¬a€? Secret Craft Fair PicturePin News A?a‚¬a€? Secret Craft Fair cake picture for pinterest and other social networks. Local TV news reporter Katie Rufenera€Z, who witnessed the incident, said: 'Security is crazy tight. Mad for plaid: Prince William joined his brother and their mates to honor the bride and groom two nights before the big event. Some of those will have traveled to Memphis in advance to a€?reccea€™ the private residence where they are staying and the wedding venue.

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They took up residence in a ten bedroom villa with a group of friends and their Scotland Yard bodyguards, one of three luxurious hunting lodges built at the heart of the estate at a cost of several million pounds by the reclusive Duke. They wanted to know what I was doing as I have come all the way from Florida.'a€ZI'm still glad I came to Memphis to see the royals.
They come from different countries and the women in the United States know nothing of their royal bloodline.The four royal men were tired of women only being interested in their money and power. They can to the United States to try to find a girl that would like them for their personality.

I went to London for the royal wedding, so this was not that far to go.'I just want to see them.

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