The quest is received from the Suspicious Lady in the Hanged Man at night after completing the quest Fools Rush In. The easier way is to go up the stairs to the left and listen to the conversation from the ledge; however, this is dangerous, as you will then need to fight the group of Raiders hiding out there. A more difficult but superior method is to enter the docks from the southern entrance (exit the docks from there during the day and "travel" to the docks at night), set your party on Hold, and carefully inch (pc toggle main character from run to walk) your way up the stairs, hugging the wall on the left; then, when on the second set of stairs inch down towards the captain until the conversation triggers. Coming from south it's also possible with held characters, when reaching the platform with the captains, to move them one by one to the right towards the end of the docks like mentioned further below, then approaching carefully the scene with one character only to trigger the dialogue. The conversation reveals that someone in power in Kirkwall is blackmailing the pirates into specifically targeting Amaranthine ships.
This can be a very difficult fight even without the added complication of the Raiders further up the stairs; both captains are elite Assassin-types and should be taken down hard and fast with as much crowd control as possible. Return to the Suspicious Lady in the Hanged Man at night; let her know the Raiders captains are dead and that their plans to attack Amaranthine ships were overheard. It's possible to reach the end of the stairs by hugging the right wall and prompt the raiders to attack you without starting the conversation. If, in Awakening, you saved before deciding whether to defend the Keep or the city, then used that save to first defend one and then restart to defend the other, then using that game as your history import will allow you to play both this mission and The Conspirators.

When you enter the area from the entrance right beneath the group, neither the conversation nor the fight is triggered. This item is in Excellent condition or better (unless it says otherwise in the above description). Regardless of country of origin all tracks are sung in English, unless otherwise stated in our description.
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Sending any fragile ranged characters down to the end of the docks to reduce the chance of the Captains aggroing them from stealth is advised--this will put them in range of the inevitable second wave when it spawns, but these are mostly trash mobs and of far less concern than the captains.

We buy items as close to Mint condition as possible and many will be unplayed and as close to new as you could hope to find. Note that even though the Suspicious Lady tells you that the secret meetings are taking place in Lowtown, you still need to go to the Docks to actually complete the quest. The quest will still update to "overheard the conversation", and when you return to the Suspicious Lady you will be able to tell of the conversation.
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Deep in the garden, through the trellis lies a secluded bench for two lovers to meet for their Secret Rendezvous.

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