Two of Korea’s best actors face off in this blockbuster action flick that manages to be sly, subversive and really funny while delivering white knuckle thrills. Filming began June 5th, 2009, with the shooting schedule expected to finish in four months.
Song Kang-Ho (The Host) is a South Korean secret agent who fumbles a sting operation on a North Korean spy. The after effects of the shooting results in ee Han-Kyu (Song Kang-Ho) losing his job at the NIS (National Intelligence Service). Pop star Gang Dong-Won (Haunters) is the North Korean assassin who has been embedded in the South.

Six years later, Song Ji-Won (Gang Dong-Won), an ex North Korean spy, now operates somewhere in the Seoul metropolitan area.
You and Song Kang-Ho were the best partners to watch and you showed so many emotions that could be felt by the viewer. CICI Feb 26 2013 11:43 am is one of the most exciting and well put together action Kdramas Ive seen.
After the botched operation, both men are cut loose by their respective agencies and Song becomes a private eye, while Gang sinks into deep cover, trying to survive long enough to go home.
Years later, they cross paths and what audiences are treated to is a buddy movie to end all buddy movies.

The after effects of the shooting results in Han-kyu Lee (Song Kang-Ho) losing his job at the NIS (National Intelligence Service). Directed by Jang Hoon () Though the film sounds like a North-South spy drama along the lines of The Spy (1999) or Double Agent (2002), its more of a discursive odd-couple.

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