Adam Wylie (Brad Langford on Gilmore Girls) recently lent his voice to the animated television series The Secret Saturdays, which airs on Cartoon Network. Adam Wylie appeared in the first episode of Season 2, The Underworld Bride, which aired on May 8, 2009. In the latest episode, King Ulraj travels with the Saturday family to New Guinea to investigate the Duah, a cryptid with a bad attitude. Munya is Argost's assistant who resembles actor Boris Karloff's interpretation of Frankenstein's monster and serves as the secondary antagonist of the series.
In his normal form he is already stronger than an ordinary person, but can also transform at will Munya in his normal form into an even greater monster. When Argost would not give up after being defeated in Antarctica, Munya wrapped him up in a cocoon and carried him away. In War of the Cryptids, he led Argost's attack on Paris with The Allegewi giant and an army of river sprites, to be confronted by Tsul Kalu, an army of Bunyips and the Fouke Monsters.
Munya presumably spent the next five years secretly working with Animo behind the scenes until his master was finally revived.

In Munya's Cryptid appearance, a recurring scene will play showing Munya transforming into his Cryptid form.
Munya is a playable fighter in Cartoon Network's game, TKO, with Zak Saturday and Van Rook.
Ironically in the game, Munya only uses the spider webs in his super move (His super attack is where he launches a spider web ball at the enemy, making the enemy temporarily unable to move). The series follows the adventures of a family of cryptozoologists, the Saturdays, who work to keep the truth about the cryptids (monsters) from getting out. He was the voice of King Ulraj, a character he’d first lent his voice to in Season 1, when Ulraj was still just a prince of Kumari Kandam.
They learn that Duah plans to take Zon as his mate, then to eat her, and together try to save Zon from this fate.
He was injected with the DNA of a Papuan Giant Spider to transform into a half-human, half-cryptid monster.
While in his monstrous form, Munya can spit strands of sticky webbing from his mouth to cocoon enemies, stick them to walls, etc.

In that episode, the Saturdays helped him reclaim his rightful spot on the throne, after his father was killed. Ulraj, as a cryptid, has some powers but is only able to help save Zon if she truly wishes to be saved. Animo, a mad scientist who liked experimenting on rare and or endangered animals and a long-time enemy of Ben Tennyson who had previously made a deal with V.V.
In his Cryptid form, Munya rips off all clothing on his upper body, revealing a muscular torso, and the only clothing detectable on him are his purple trousers.

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