Female idol group Secret's new song "Shy Boy" has jumped four steps to reach No.1 on music cable channel Mnet's single chart during the week of January 10 to 16. Any other names used on this website may be trademarks of their respective owners, which I fully respect. The song had also been named the winner on Mnet's televised music program "M!CountDown" last Thursday.Consequently, the previous winner "Bad Guy," a ballad number from JOO's first EP album "Heartmade," got pushed back a step to land at second place.

Debuting third on the chart was boy band MBLAQ's song "Stay" from its first full-length album "BLAQ Style" released on January 10, "Stay," one of the two title tracks to the new album, is a dance number whose music is a combination of electronic, rock and hip hop rhythm. The album received attention particularly for one of its songs, "That Man," which was sung by actor Hyun Bin himself.
Female singer IU's second EP album "Real" that features hit songs such as "Good Day" got pulled down a step to take third place.

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