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Lots going on this month; please check IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS in for details, as well as the upcoming membership meeting. The 2012 membership directories have been completed and were either hand delivered at the March meeting or mailed. Deb Sankovich: Deb introduced Justin Zzyzx who presented a very colorful program outlining collecting areas in southern California. Jim Brace-Thompson: The California Federation show for 2012 will be held in Riverside on July 13-15. Lowell Foster: The post show meeting was held after the work shop this month and a to-do list was created in preparation for the next show. Diane Cook: This year's show turned out to be terrific and profitable in spite of the economy and all due to our members and their efforts!
Deb Sankovich: The April meeting will have Dick Weber and a presentation on septarian nodules.
We'll have the workshop, as usual, between 9 am-12 pm, then the picnic and Silent Auction from noon to ? Diamond Pacific will again be at the clubhouse to demonstrate and sell lapidary equipment, plus supplies and slabs. As you know by now, the tri-clubs of Ventura County will sponsor the 2013 statewide CFMS show and convention.
As reported in last month's newsletter, the California Federation of Mineralogical Societies has instituted a "half-a-million-nickels" campaign to raise $25,000 for the CFMS Endowment Fund this year. As noted previously, the next statewide CFMS Show & Convention will be hosted by the Valley Prospectors in nearby Riverside July 13-15. For those with the ways, means, and desire, the annual national American Federation of Mineralogical Societies Show & Convention takes place this July in Wayzata, Minnesota. MEET: South Side of I-40 Fwy at Hector Rd Off ramp, 35 miles east of I-15 and I-40 Intersection. Type locality - A geologic term applied to the site or general area where a stratigraphic unit, geologic feature, rock type or fossil specimen was discovered, named or first analyzed in great detail for scientific documentation. Fish Rocks or Fish Head Rocks - A distinct group of weathered and jointed granitic rocks exposed at the mouth of Poison Canyon in the California Desert. A cool fact about garnets is that they were actually used in ancient Asia and the American Southwest as bullets in guns. But the point here is with the smaller powered machines we often use, the ones with little 3 inch diameter motors. One friend had a polishing bur bend in the handpiece and then whack the thumb that was holding the workpiece so badly that it seemed the bone might be broken.
Another friend was using one of the small buffing machines, the kind you can stop when you apply too much pressure to the wheel. Rather than pulling the arm into the machine, the light buffer quickly lifted off the table and started climbing up the underside of the friends arm. DONATIONS WANTED - Gull Wings Children's Museum, a local non-profit, is in need of a new handheld blacklight for their fluorescent minerals display. Paving stones of any kind, corrugated tin, edgers, pea gravel, etc., to complete our clubhouse backyard landscaping project so it's safe for kids, and looks nice, too. Please remember that our CafePress VGMS logo site has many items available with the club poinsettia logo to choose from, new items being added when available. April 28-29, LANCASTER, CA - Antelope Gem & Mineral Society, Lancaster High School, 44701 - 32nd Street West. April 28-29, SANTA CRUZ, CA - Santa Cruz Mineral & Gem Society, Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium, 307 Church St. May 5-6, ANAHEIM, CA - Searchers Gem & Mineral Society, Brookhurst Community Center, 2271 W. May 12-13, JACKSON, CA - Fossils For Fun Society, Kennedy Gold Mine, 12954 Kennedy Mine Road (off Hwy 49).
May 12-13, RENO, NV - Reno Gem & Mineral Society, Reno Livestock Events Center, 1350 N.
May 19-20, YUCAIPA, CA - Yucaipa Valley Gem & Mineral Society, Yucaipa Community Center, 34900 Oak Glen Road. May 26-28, JUNCTION CITY, CA - Trinity Gem & Mineral Society, North Fork Grange, 131 Dutch Creek Road.
June 1-3, WOODLAND HILLS, CA - Rockatomics Gem & Mineral Society, Pierce College, 20800 Victory Blvd.
June 9-10, LA HABRA, CA - North Orange County Gem & Mineral Society, La Habra Community Center, 101 W. June 16-17, GLENDORA, CA - Glendora Gems & Mineral Society, Goddard Middle School, 859 East Sierra Madre. July 13-15, RIVERSIDE, CA - CFMS GOLD AND GEM SHOW & CONVENTION, Hosted by Valley Prospectors, Riverside Municipal Auditorium, 3485 Mission Inn Avenue. August 3-5, NIPOMO, CA - Orcutt Mineral Society, Nipomo High School, 525 North Thompson Ave. September 8-9, DOWNEY, CA - Delvers Gem & Mineral Society, Woman's Club of Downey, 9813 Paramount Blvd. September 15-16, BORON, CA - Mojave Mineralogical Society, Boron Community Park & Building, 27177 - 20 Mule Team Road.
September 15-16, PASO ROBLES, CA - Santa Lucia Rockhounds, Pioneer Park & Museum, 2010 Riverside Avenue.
September 15-16, REDWOOD CITY, CA - Sequoia Gem & Mineral Society, Community Activities Building, 1400 Roosevelt Avenue. September 22-23, CHICO, CA - Feather River Lapidary & Mineral Society, Silver Dollar Fairgrounds, 2357 Fair Street. September 29-30, SANTA ROSA, CA - Santa Rosa Mineral & Gem Society, Wells Fargo Center for the Art, 50 Mark West Springs Road. September 29-30, STOCKTON, CA - Stockton Lapidary & Mineral Club, Scottish Rite Masonic Center, 33 W. October 13-14, GRASS VALLEY, CA - Nevada County Gem & Mineral Society, Nevada County Fairgrounds (Main Building), 11228 McCourtney Road. October 13-14, TRONA, CA - Searles Lake Gem & Mineral Society, SLGMS Show Building, 13337 Main Street.
October 20-21, LOS ALTOS, CA - Peninsula Gem & Geology Society, Los Altos Youth Center, One San Antonio Road.
October 20-21, PLACERVILLE, CA - El Dorado County Mineral & Gem Society, El Dorado County Fairgrounds, 100 Placerville Drive. October 20-21, WHITTIER, CA - Whittier Gem & Mineral Society, Whittier Community Center, 7630 Washington. November 2-4, EUREKA, CA - Humboldt Gem & Mineral Society, Redwood Acres Fairgrounds, 3750 Harris Street. November 3-4, LANCASTER, CA - Palmdale Gem & Mineral Club, Antelope Valley Fairgrounds, 2551 West Avenue H. November 3-4, RIDGECREST, CA - Indian Wells Gem & Mineral Society, Desert Empire Fairgrounds, 520 West Richmond Road. November 3-4, SAN DIEGO, CA - San Diego Mineral & Gem Society, Al Bahr Shrine Center, 5440 Kearny Mesa Road.
November 10-11, SACRAMENTO, CA - Sacramento Mineral Society, Scottish Rite Temple, 6151 H Street. November 17-18, OXNARD, CA - Oxnard Gem & Mineral Society, Oxnard Performing Arts Center, 800 Hobson Way. March 6-7, ARCADIA, CA - Monrovia Rockhounds, The Arboretum & Botanic Gardens, 301 Baldwin Avenue (Ayers Hall). Players can 'pay to play' Ghost Town from level 10 onwards, where they can choose to pay with crystals (which will need to be bought with real money) to unlock the Picture early, rather than waiting until they reach level 12 and unlock it for free, through normal game play. Morphs and Pieces modes have their own items that need to be found, separate from those listed above. Ghost Town is one of the darker themed pictures, making Night mode particularly difficult without the help of tools. The Christmas2014 update introduced 2 new pictures, Excavations and Winter Street, 16 new collections, 100 new quests, and finally fixed the Collection Tab sorting problem introduced by the Treasure Island Update. The 2014 Christmas update also introduced a new set of holiday challenges, which gave players a second chance to win the Pyramid of Wonders desktop award (originally up for grabs in the first Christmas Update in 2013).
Collect 500 Snowflakes by winning games of the Gem Match puzzle to either earn the 'Pyramid of Wonder' desktop award, or increase it to the 2nd level if you won it last year. Complete 30 holiday quests to win a special Holiday Talisman that increases the rate of energy restoration by 5 times for 24 hours. For the duration of the Christmas challenge, Christmas ball special items were needed in addition to energy points to play Winter Street.
Note: The amount of time available for the Christmas timed challenges varied across platforms. When you open the Research Window for Gem Match by tapping on the Gem Match puzzle icon on your Home Desktop (note: Gem Match has moved to a new location with the update, it is now in Block's old position, on the far left of the puzzles) you will see Snowflakes listed as the first item in the 'Can be found' list for the puzzle. You must keep playing (and winning) Gem Match until you have collected 500 Snowflakes in order to Win the Pyramid of Wonder or increase it to the second level Pyramid of Wonder. Read the Gem Match article on this wiki for tips on playing Gem Match, including how to make special gems and combine them to create special moves to clear the board faster.
Don't just play Gem Match over and over again; try to play a variety of pictures and puzzles as much when possible. The Pyramid of Wonder desktop award sits in the centre of the top row of player's home desktop.
When discharged, the Pyramid of Wonder gives out a number of one of the game's special item (e.g. Players can win the Unique Christmas Avatar by playing the new picture, Winter Street, until they increase its scene progress level up to Academician Level during the Christmas2014 time sensitive challenge (during the first 27 days after the update is released for a platform). For the duration of the Christmas2014 update, Christmas ball special items were needed for each play of the Winter Street picture.
As a guide, in order to reach Academician Level on Winter Street, and win the new Avatar, you will need to play the picture approximately 165* times, which will require approximately 3,500 Christmas balls! Try to play a variety of pictures as much when possible when collecting Christmas balls (if you have enough energy to do so).
If you are low on energy, avoid playing the newest pictures in the game too often (Tavern, Treasure Island, Theatre, Forest House, Excavations) as these pictures do not reward combining elements and usually have a high energy demand (except for Forest House). Use the Amulet of Santa artefact to decrease the number of Christmas balls needed to play Winter Street. Use luck talismans and artefacts, such as horseshoes, in conjunction with the Amulet of Santa. Five of the new collections added by the Christmas2014 update give Christmas balls as rewards for combining them. The Holiday Talisman can be opened once a player completes all 30 of the special Christmas quests introduced as part of Christmas2014 update.
A special Christmas wreath decorative border in the quest list marks the 30 quests needed to win the Holiday Talisman. These are the 5 collections needed to combine the updated Amulet of Santa artefact, so once a player completes all 30 quests they are automatically able to combine Amulet of Santa artefact as a bonus reward in addition to the Holiday Talisman.The Amulet of Santa artefact itself is the same artefact that has been in the game since the 2013 Christmas update, however the collections needed to combine it have been changed to the new quest collections (from the last Christmas quest collections).
The artefact reduces the number of special items needed to play paid pictures by 20% for 24 hours once activated.
As part of the Halloween2014 update the picture Forest House required special items called Pumpkin lanterns, in addition to energy points, for each play.
At the beginning of the Christmas2014 update, any remaining Pumpkin lanterns in a players inventory are converted into equal parts Fireflies, Ladybugs, Carrots and Cupid arrows, the 4 main special items needed to player the regular paid scenes in the game. The Halloween2014 Pumpkin lanterns being converted into the standard 4 special items at the beginning of the Christmas2014 update! As part of the Christmas 2014 update, the picture Winter Street required special items called Christmas balls, in addition to energy points, for each play.
Prior to the Christmas2014 update, it was possible to use other talismans with similar functions at the same time as the Magic Crystal talisman. The issues with the sorting of the Collection Tab when sorting is enabled, introduced by the Treasure Island update, have finally been fixed. First the collections were sorted based on how many items from that collection a player had.
Within in this sorting by number of items, the collections that a player had all 5 items for were arranged based on whether the player could combine them when they opened the collections tab (or clicked the sorting check-box). After the introduction of the Level 2 version of the Sphere of Miracles in the Halloween2014 update, a glitch occurred in the Top1000 list that caused games to crash.
The Level 2 Sphere of Miracles image did not appear next to a players stats in the Top1000 list (or when looking at the Top1000 using the 'Friends Only' option). The game did not crash if a player tapped on any Level 1 Sphere icon or any empty slot belonging to players who have never won a Sphere. The Level 2 Sphere does appear properly on the Home Desktop of players, and tapping on it's icon on your own Home Desktop or on the Home Desktop of a friend while visiting them will not crash the game.
This glitch has been fixed in the Christmas 2014 update, and now all Level 2 Spheres appear correctly in the top1000 list. It is possible that the Christmas2014 update has fixed the wishlist problem that occurred during the Halloween2014 update. A day after the Halloween update was released for Android devices, the wishlist feature of the game was partially disabled. Note: Since wishlists are visible between friends when they are playing at the same time, it is also possible that the glitch has not been fixed but more wishlists are currently visible due to the fact so many players are currently playing because of the new update. As with all large updates released for the game, the Christmas2014 update will cause an overload in the games servers during peak times for a couple of days immediately following the release of the update on any platform. Note - the Secret Society game was released in November 2012, however the friend sections were not added until version 1.3 in April 2013. To access the Friends section of the game press the ‘friends icon’ on the bottom right hand side of your home desktop. There are two main ways of making friends in the game - using codes to add people particular players or using the in-built random invite system. Open the friends section by tapping on the Friends Icon on bottom right hand side of your Home Desktop when you are playing the game. Press the green 'Invite' button in the 'Invitation code' box on the left hand side and a 6 digit code will be displayed. Alternatively, in the 'Invitation from friend' box on the right hand side, press the green 'Enter' button and a keyboard will appear allowing you to type in the 6 digit code posted by other players, either here or on other forums for the game. Note: the codes only work for 4-5 uses, then a new friend code is automatically generated, so you have to keep checking your own code to make sure it hasn't changed, and don't get disparaged if many of the codes you try don't work - they get used up very, very quickly so if you aren't one of the first 4 people to see a post with a code then chances are you won't be able to use it. Once you have invited someone, or they have invited you, there is still another step that must be completed before they appear on your friends list. Below is just some of the many active online communities that facilitate the exchange of friend codes between players who are looking to make new game friends.
The Tavern update was released on the 5th of May 2014 for iOS players and on the 18th of June for Android players and the 11th of July for Kindle players. The Tavern update introduced a new picture, Tavern, new collections, new quests, and a second silver badges box. The Tavern update was the first non-holiday themed update that contained time sensitive challenges.
Completing these two challenges within the event's time limit allows players to open the Order's Chest and receive a reward.

The Valentines Update introduced Cupid arrow special items into the game, which were needed in addition to energy points for each play of the Tree of Dates picture for the duration of the update.
After the introduction of the Tavern Update (May 2014), Tree of Dates remained a special item picture, so Cupid Arrows are still required for each play. As with all previous updates, the Tavern update was available for iOS devices before Android and Kindle devices. Any gift (from wishlist or from send a gift or send a collection item tab) sent from a player with the Tavern Update to a player without the update (regardless of devices players are using) is converted to a coin from the Banker's Treasure collection. On May 14th 2014, a second Tavern Update was released for iOS devices to fix the issue with Gem Match not opening experience by some players after updating to the original Tavern Update. The original iOS Tavern update (version 1.9) fixed the Gem Match unlocking glitch experienced by players who downloaded the game after the Valentines Update, but in the process introduced a new problem with Gem Match that affects a large proportion of players (regardless of when they downloaded the game). A glitch in the game that was introduced by the Tavern Update, and still exists in the most up-to-date version of the game (Christmas2014), causes the game to change the requirements to unlock certain pictures. When a player starts a new game they will see a locked padlock icon over all pictures except Venice and Buddha's Square.
This glitch causes the game level number stated at the beginning of the game to change to a higher number once the player reaches the original level. Since being inaugurated in 2009, President Barack Obama has issued 30 Presidential Policy Directives (PPD), 19 of which he has ordered to be kept secret from Congres and the American people. Barack Obama campaigned for president promising to usher in an era of transparency in government.
No less than USA Today called attention to these secret orders in an article published on June 24.
But they have the same legal force as an executive order, forming a body of largely secret law, said Harold Relyea, a political scientist who advised Congress on national security directives before retiring from the Congressional Research Service. What Obama calls PPDs have gone by different names by different presidents back to the Truman Administration.
Even the existence of the latest PPD issued by President Obama was unknown until another document referenced it, perhaps by accident.
A one-digit correction to President Obama’s directive on hostage policy Wednesday had the effect of disclosing the existence of a previously unknown — and still-secret — Obama order on national security.
The hostage policy was originally released Wednesday as a presidential policy directive numbered PPD-29. Obama signed PPD-28, an order on electronic eavesdropping in the wake of revelations by Edward Snowden, in January 2014. As he continues burrowing deeper and deeper into the sands of secrecy, President Obama seems not to realize that soil shifts, and there will always be those committed to digging around until the truth is uncovered. Mark Jaycox, a policy analyst for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, said he doesn’t expect the administration to change much even amid the intense criticism. Extreme secrecy may seem like the easier short-term strategy, but it’s just digging an ever deeper hole that the administration is going to have to try to climb out of in the long-term. The secret PPD issued earlier this week by President Obama replaced a still-classified directive issued by George W.
The existence of these documents — along with the scores of executive orders and signing statements — represent a corpus of presidential fiats masquerading as laws.
It would do well for Americans concerned about this consolidation to study the words and warnings of our Founding Fathers and their political and philosophical influences regarding the primacy of the separation of powers in a good government.
Madison himself was restating in his inimitable style, one facet of federalism that was universally considered to be an essential pillar of liberty. If the opinions of these men are a worthy metric of the size of the impending threat of despotism, then President Obama is filling the shoes of a tyrant heel to toe. Depending on the Picture Level and Game Mode you may not have to find all the items in one visit.
Foster Library in downtown Ventura for once again giving us the loan of their display case to help publicize our annual show.
Our April meeting took place in a historic room where the California oil boom literally started a hundred years ago or so. We enjoy watching all of you from our lookout in the tree, wondering what you strange humans are doing down there.
No one member can know of everything that every other member is doing on behalf of our club. He has made a new layout for the cases in the museum to be implemented when the carpet is replaced. Need volunteers for Wheeler Gorge Open House; please stop by and volunteer to talk to the public about our hobby or demo.
Santa Clara in Ventura and the next board meeting will be on May 3, 2012, at the Santa Paula Oil Museum at 7:30. I wrote about these articles with a detached tone, wondering over the decisions made by others, using them as a warning for us in our own wanderings. I believe, in a way, I'm trivializing the event, that I am taking her life-altering loss and superimposing my exceedingly tiny sliver of relevance over it. The service was held at the hospital Beth's husband had worked at for the last 19 years in the Healing Garden.
He would go out on weekends, plan whole excursions with friends and coworkers, spreading the joy of this pastime, teaching by his example and by being generous with his time and talent. This included a blast on our "dino-horn" so that we could resurrect the sound of a hadrosaur snorting through its cranial crest.
The trip was associated with the Gordon Research Conference held at the Ventura Beach Marriott.
While $25,000 may sound like a lot, it comes down to less than $185 per club that holds a CFMS affiliation—or 3,700 nickels. If you've ever thought about moving up a notch and competing for a trophy with a mineral, fossil, or lapidary exhibit, this represents a great opportunity.
Septarian nodules have been known and collected from Utah as mineral specimens and lapidary material for more than one hundred years. He began collecting Septarians in 1978 and will bring several examples from his personal collection of both polished and rough material.
The more gem, mineral, lapidary, and fossil displays we enter, the more we expose the general public to this great hobby of ours and, hopefully, tempt more folks to join our club. And were you frustrated by your score, wondering why your fantastic specimen received a lower score than the mediocre specimen next to it? Please call your club field trip leader to confirm that there is a field trip scheduled in the event of changes like unpredictable weather, etc. We will be collecting the world famous Lavic jasper which can come in a multitude of colors and can be brecciate, layered or solid with veins of white, black or blue agate. They've been inviting us as guest exhibitors for three years now, so it's become something of a tradition. They have one of the biggest, most active set of demonstrators and kids activities I've seen, and there was always a line of kids backed up in that area of the hall. The term type locality is also used in the life sciences when documenting where certain organisms live or were first discovered. The determination of a type locality is based upon conventional agreements among the scientific community. This prevents error, confusion and double-work when publishing scientific articles related to geology.
The "Definition of the Month" features words related to geology, paleontology, mining and desert history.
The rock outcrops are visible north of Highway 178, several miles southwest of Trona in San Bernardino County. Rockhounds who attend the Trona Gem-O-Rama held in October of each year consider the rock as the gateway to Searles Valley and the starting point of the great weekend adventure.
The "Illustration of the Month" features a drawing, sketch, pen & ink rendering, engraving print or any form of art rediscovered in books, maps, manuscripts and many other sources related to geology, paleontology, mining and desert history.
We've all heard stories about workpieces coming loose in the drill press or about getting long hair or clothing caught in the polishing machine. Trainee needed to work with Steve Mulqueen coordinating the yearly display at the California Oil Museum in Santa Paula. All profits can be used for future purchases of items to sell at our show in March with a markup. Players who already have the Pyramid of Wonder on their Home Desktops from last years Christmas timed challenges have the opportunity to increase the Pyramid of Wonder desktop award to a new award level.
Christmas balls were given as rewards for every successful investigation for every picture, but not for playing puzzles, nor as a reward for banishing anomalies. If you are struggling to win Gem Match in the time given (particularly at lower puzzle levels, where less time is allotted to each play) then try to use a Time Talisman artefact. Left: Award level 1 of the Pyramid of Wonder, won by completing either the original Christmas (2013) timed challenge or the Christmas2014 timed challenge. Players who have already won the Pyramid of Wonder during the 2013 event have the opportunity to increase its level to the 2nd award level. At higher picture levels Buddha's Square potentially rewards a cappuccino for each successful picture investigation. Although some of the collections rewarded by some of these pictures (especially Tavern) are tempting, the lack of combining elements means you will struggle to combine the collections they reward, and the majority of collection items they reward are for collections with lesser rewards than the original pictures in the game. The Amulet of Santa artefact reduces the number of special items needed to play paid scenes like Winter Street by 20% per 24 hours once activated.
This will increase your chances of finding all the collection items needed to combine another Amulet of Santa as you play. Although the items belonging to these collections do not have green plus signs and therefore cannot be gifted to friends, they can be won by playing Winter Street. The quests must be completed within the 27 day time limit of the Christmas Challenge in order to unlock the Talisman. Other quests added by the update, with regular gold borders, do not count towards the 30 when completed.
Once combined, it can be found in the Talisman section of the Inventory and can be activated any time by tapping on it there. The updated Amulet of Santa is the exact same artefact, but the collections needed to combine it have changed with the Christmas2014 update to new collections. The Pumpkin lanterns were removed as part of the Christmas2014 update and Forest House is now a regular picture that just requires energy points to play. The Christmas balls were removed as part of the Spring 2015 Update and Winter Street is now a regular picture that just requires energy points to play. The Magic Crystal Talisman increases the odds of finding objects by 12% and adds 12% to coins received from exploring pictures for 10 days. Collections that a player had all 5 items for were listed first, collections that a player only had 4 of the 5 items for were listed next etc. That meant collections where the player had enough of each combining element required to combine the collection were listed first and collections where the player did not have enough combining elements to combine were listed next. The game was unable to display the Level 2 version of the Sphere of Miracles next to a players name in the Top1000 players list, which caused games to quit unexpectedly when tapping on a player with that version of award. The crash only happened when tapping the empty slot of a player who has a Level 2 Sphere of Miracles.
Tapping on the Level 2 Sphere of Miracles will bring up the information box about the Sphere as normal, and games no longer crash. This meant that although players are adding items to their wishlists, they are not showing in all of their friends games. During this time players may encounter problems visiting and gifting, and be given a "Failure to connect to the servers." error message when trying to interact with the Friends portion of the game. As a result the friends section is still a work in progress, and integration into the game is not perfect.
This is your current invite code, which other people can use to invite you to be their friend. Once you invite someone, you will have wait until they accept your invitation before you become friends.
You will get a "you have entered an incorrect code" message if a code has expired or if you are already friends with that player. Here you will see all the people you have invited to be friends, along with all the people who have sent you invitations.
A patch for the iOS update was released on the 14th of May to solve a issue with Gem Match in the original update, and a patch for the Kindle update was released on the 17th of July to solve the issue of the game crashing on the splash screen after the original update. Cupid arrows were given as rewards for every successful investigation of any every picture (except for Tree of Dates itself) and for banishing anomalies, but not for playing puzzles.
Any Cupid Arrows in a players inventory remained there after the Tavern Update as they are still needed to play Tree of Dates.
This update is equivalent to the iOS update 2 (14th May) in terms of compatibility with lower updates.
When they press research, their energy points are deducted but the game freezes on a black screen. This means that players must reach higher game levels than expected to unlock these pictures.
Tapping on this icon will bring up a screen that will explain what experience level a player must be on to unlock these pictures. For example, for the Tavern picture itself a new player will see that they must reach level 55 to unlock Tavern.
When the White House corrected that number to PPD-30, it meant Obama had issued a secret directive as PPD-29 sometime in the past 17 months.
Hiding reality from a public that’s going to find out eventually is just making the problem worse. And the Presidential Policy Directives issued by him and his predecessors help demolish the walls of history, law, and constitutional enumerations that separate the executive and legislative powers.
However' the document should still be perfectly readable' since that's one of the advantages of using CSS.
The field trips for the CFMS from me will probably be: Jade Cove, the Tourmaline mines, Dolomite and Barite crystals Palo Verdes, Bishop-Nevada Ammonites, Holbrook petrified wood and Wiley's Well.
We will get a better price if we can order a batch of badges, as opposed to ordering one at a time.
This year, Mary allowed us to keep the display in place not just for the month of February, but throughout March, as well, to promote the club in general. Thank you to Steve Mulqueen for providing a behind-the-scenes tour of the upper floor and offices of the Oil Museum after our meeting.
Conditional approval; must be inside a case, protected at all times from damage, damages covered by CGMC. Keep an eye out for the sign up sheet at the membership meetings so we don't get duplicate offerings. Her husband had gone fishing, she told me, voice monotone, all joy absent, with three other men out to the islands.
The girls were especially interested in the cabs that are incorporated into our California rocks and minerals display, so we crowded into our workshop room, where I gave a brief cabbing lesson as a basic introduction to lapidary arts. The group of 30 participants consisted of graduate students and professional scientists from all over the world.
They are prized for their bright yellow calcite and aragonite crystals that stand in sharp contrast to the gray limestone matrix. Plus, if you win first, second, or third place ribbons, you can even earn a little money along with the ribbons!
This site covers a vast area between the Pisgah Crater lava fields, the railroad tracks and the dry lake.

Other materials at this site may include agates and jaspers with sections of multi-shaded pink opal. They had not just one but two Wheels of Fortune spinning at all times, along with touch tables, magnetic sand fun, geode cutting, a "Mine Treasure" with a little mine car entering a shaft, circling round, and coming out the other side with a small bag of treasure, all sorts of hands-on activities such as making your own bead bracelet, and a Treasure Hunt for prizes from a treasure chest with answers hidden among the exhibits. Refer to other definitions featured in past VGMS bulletins under the heading of Educational Corner dating back to June 2001 available on the VGMS website. Those traveling to Death Valley often stop along the highway to take photos of this unique desert feature.
It stands to reason that a machine with a motor of half a horsepower or so is going to win out over its operator.
Only when my friend could grab the gyrating power cord and yank it from the wall did the mayhem stop.
Payment in moonstone, labradorite, Larimar or dark chocolate (70+ % please) is gleefully accepted!
Christmas balls cannot be gifted between friends, however they are given as rewards for combining some of the new Christmas2014 collections.
The update is still pending on all other platforms but typically they have less time to complete the challenges due to the delay in the release of the update.
For each successful win of Gem Match, you can potentially win between 1-5 Snowflakes as one of the rewards for completing the puzzle. Right: Award level 2 of the Pyramid of Wonder, won by completing both the 2013 and 2014 timed events.
The first 12 hour timer starts from the moment the Pyramid is won, and after that the 12 hour timer resets every time the award is discharged. During Holiday challenges the Pyramid may also reward special items needed to play the holiday picture, such as the Christmas balls needed to play the picture Winter Street.
Christmas balls cannot be gifted between friends, however they were given as rewards for combining some of the new Christmas2014 collections during the update.The number of Christmas balls needed for each play of Winter Street increases as you increase the picture's level.
Additionally, the bigger variety of pictures you play, the bigger variety of collection items you can potentially win. Cappuccinos restore 30 energy points when used, and Buddha's Square only requires 31 energy points at most to play (at professor level).
The Amulet of Santa can be won by combining the collections obtained by completing 30 holiday quests. As you progress through the picture levels for Winter Street more of these items will become available to win for each successful picture investigation. Any original Amulet of Santa artefacts (recognised by the old Santa Head symbol) already combined are still available to use in the Talisman Tab of the inventory. The Halloween2014 collections that rewarded Pumpkin lanterns as rewards for combining changed to reward regular game items such as tools and items to banish anomalies. The Christmas 2014 collections that rewarded Christmas balls as rewards for combining them were also changed to reward regular game items such as tools and items to banish anomalies.
Note: this sorting was based on the moment the collections tab was opened or sorting check-box was pressed, meaning if a number of collections required the same combining elements to combine they would all be listed first together if the player had the right number of combining elements for each of them before they started combining collections. This empty slot looks exactly like the empty slot that appears in the Sphere's position of a players awards list if that player has never won a Sphere of Miracles (in either Halloween event).
This crash appears to be similar to the Tavern update's Facebook avatar crash, where the game crashes if it cannot display a picture it is being asked to display.
This makes gifting incredibly difficult, as there is no way to tell what a friend is asking for in their wishlist. The servers normally go back to normal after a couple of days once all players on that platform have downloaded the new update. The biggest advantage using codes is that it gives you the opportunity to talk to the players you make friends with, which helps in finding people with similar game playing habits.
The original silver badges box required players to find 200 silver badges to unlock the box. These challenges are geared heavily around the pictures in the game that require special items to play (e.g. The Sphere of Miracles and Pyramid of Wonder had a 1 in 4 chance of awarding Cupid arrows for the duration of the Valentines update. Once the player reaches the stated level, the icon of the locked padlock will change to an icon of an unlocked padlock indicating that the picture is no unlocked. However as soon as the players reaches level 55 the picture will not unlock and trigger the quest to open the picture. A spokesman for the National Security Council declined to comment of the existence of classified PPDs Wednesday. For example, it resisted for years bipartisan pressure to release more information about its top-secret targeted killing program. The Ventura library system has always been generous in supporting non-profits; let Mary and her fellow librarians know it's appreciated the next time you visit the library.
We will do our best to eat all the rodents we can to earn our keep, especially when we have a nest full of mouths to feed in the next several weeks. Bring extra rocks, minerals, fossils, or lapidary equipment for the Silent Auction, and money to buy treasures from places you may not have been yourself! At least to my recollection, I might not have been as empathetic or as sensitive as maybe I should have been. The girls learned about rocks, minerals, and fossils, with an emphasis on those found in southern California. As with all of our museum tours, we concluded by moving outside and talking about different types of volcanoes and volcanic eruptions, demonstrating how a shield volcano emits a slow, oozing lava flow while a strato-volcano blasts sky-high.
The first stop was to the San Miguelito Oil Field for discussion of the Ventura Anticline and the general subject of petroleum reservoirs.
At each meeting, we ask that you drop your spare change in the pot—and by spare change, we include crisp dollar bills, five-dollar bills and bills of other denominations! Word-on-the-street is that the Federation will be awarding a prize-to-be-announced to the club raising the most money. If you're not yet confident about entering competition, consider entering a non-competitive exhibit. They'll be holding a raffle to support their Endowment Fund, and you don't need to be present to win.
Tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20, with checks made payable to "AFMS Endowment Fund." They'll hold a separate raffle for the four machines described above, and to qualify for those, you would write Prize #1, #2, #3, or #4 on the front of your ticket.
In recent years this material has become popular for carvings and in the making of free-form jewelry.
Jim Brace-Thompson, who has served as a judge at the Ventura and Kern County Fairs and at CFMS Shows, will give a presentation filling you in on the dirty little secrets of judging and scoring. The hats and glasses will be used during field trips related to geology, petroleum engineering or mining.
They had guest speakers with a focus on kids, including a couple of talks on dinosaurs and one on volcanoes by well-known kids' speaker, Richard Wade. Over 75% of the unit names from the original card catalog of the USGS Geologic Names Committee have been entered in the Geolex database.
However, on official USGS topographic maps, the geographic feature has been named 'Fish Head Rocks'.
It is important to note that the Challenge timer begins counting down from the moment the update is released in a devices appstore, and not from the moment a player downloads the update.
Higher value items, like the Snowflakes needed to win the Pyramid of Wonder, are weighted in such a way that they are less likely to be won than low value items such as some low level collection items and most combining elements. Symbol of Success) do not increase your odds of winning a particular item, such as Snowflakes, i.e.
This means that in normal play, there is a 1 in 4 chance of receiving any one of the regular special items every time you discharge the Pyramid, but during Holiday challenges there is a 1 in 5 chance of getting a specific special item when discharging the Pyramid. This will greatly increase the number of regular collections you will be able to combine, which will potentially give you more tools, energy items, talismans and artefacts that will all help with completing the quest. This means you can play for free or next to free if you have a good success rate of winning Cappuccinos. All the items for these collections can be won by playing Winter Street, so the more you play Winter Street the more Amulets of Santa you may be able to combine. This means as you play Winter Street you will be able to gather more of these collection items and combine their collections multiple times, getting Christmas balls. The Holiday Talisman increases the rate of energy restore 5 times for 24 hours once activated.
The first 5 quests of each sequence are to find each of the 5 items belonging to one new collection added by the update. They can still be activated and can still reduce the number of special items needed to play a paid picture by 20%. If the player used up all of the required combining elements for one collection while combining another, it would not automatically move to the end of the list with the other complete collections that could not be combined yet, but instead the combine button would change from green to brown to indicate that the collection could not be combined. However, tapping on this empty spot in the stats of a player with the Level 2 Sphere will cause a players game to crash, bringing them to their devices desktop. The Top1000 list's small icon version of the Level 2 Sphere picture does not appear at all in the Top1000 area of the game, suggesting that this version of the picture either does not exist in the game files, or is damaged. The wishlists are more likely to appear between two friends if they are using the same localised servers.
If you press Accept then they will be automatically added to your friends list (and will disappear from the Waiting Room). The second silver badges box introduced in the Tavern update requires players to find 400 silver badges.
The Cupid arrows themselves replaced Christmas baubles, which were used as part of the previous Christmas Update and were needed to play Christmas Eve.
The Sphere of Miracles and Pyramid of Wonder still have a 1 in 4 chance of awarding Cupid arrows since they are still needed to play Tree of Dates. A new quest will begin that will ask the player to search for pieces of the picture, and once these pieces are collected the player will be able to open the new picture after paying with energy points and coins and solving a jigsaw puzzle of the new picture. Instead the requirements to unlock Tavern will change to show level 62 instead of level 55. It's close enough to put in a competitive case, so you can think about putting in an exhibit. To show our thanks in a concrete way, Jim Brace-Thompson will be purchasing and donating a copy of Bob Jones new book The Frugal Collector to the Foster Library.
If you can't do an electronic version, please bring hardcopy to me at our April or May meeting, and I can scan it. After leaving Ventura, the group headed to Highway 150 north of Santa Paula to observe active petroleum seeps. At our monthly meetings, I'll have show packets with info about the show and with exhibitor application forms on our take-one table. This means you will not win multiple Snowflakes every single time you win a Gem Match Game. However, since you cannot control which border is removed by the Seeker's Eye, it is better to wait until you only have a few left to remove to increase the chances of it removing the difficult one. Using Luck talismans and artefacts, like horseshoes, while playing Buddha's Square will increase your odds for winning Cappuccinos. However, you will no longer be able to combine any more of these original Amulet of Santa artefacts using the original collections (combined from items found in the Christmas Eve picture). Money Bag and Leprechaun's Pot o' Gold talismans; Money Tree artefact) can no longer be used at the same time as the Magic Crystal Talisman. Scrolling past these collections, a player might still find more collections ready to combine (green combine button) if they required different combining elements that were still available to the player. Visiting a friend after you change your wishlist forces the servers to update your game files, which can increase the chances of a wishlist showing to at least some of your friends (if they are on the same servers).
If you press Reject then they will not be added to your friends list (and will disappear from the Waiting Room). Unlike the Christmas Update and the Valentines Update, the Tavern update did not convert the previous update's special item picture into a normal picture.
The Valentines Update removed Christmas Baubles from the game, converting Christmas Eve into a normal picture that just requires energy points to play. Once the player reaches level 62 the Tavern picture will unlock and they will be able to open it. But his death, and the manner of his death, called to me, resonated with my desire to chronicle and delve in the meanings of those who are lost in the wild areas of our world.
When I expressed surprise that they knew all of these, one girl quietly pointed to our poster on the wall showing serpentine, gold, benitoite, and a sabertooth cat…As part of that unit, we recreated the election our state legislature held in the 1970s to vote between a Fremontia trilobite and the Smilodon cat. One girl found a Sweetwater agate from Wyoming in the Treasure Chest, so we ended with an impromptu demo of fluorescence—the first time we've done that with a kids group at the museum, and given the ooo's and aaahh's, we'll need to make that a standard part of the tour! Your name and address should be printed on the back of any and all tickets you purchase so they'll know where to mail any winnings. However, all of the Holiday Challenges are designed to be completable within the given time limit, so it is possible to collect 500 Snowflakes.
Time Machines add 45 seconds to the puzzle timer, which can be a great help for the more difficult board configurations.
Once you have an Amulet of Santa in your inventory, wait until you have built up a stockpile of Christmas balls to activate it. Instead you must collect the new collections to create the updated Amulet of Santa (recognised by the new Christmas bells symbol).
This means you should not use this talisman if you have stronger talismans available, even if they do not last a very long time, as once you activate the Magic Crystal Talisman you will not be able to activate a similar for 10 days. If a player exited and the collection tab and re-entered, or toggled between "sorted" and "unsorted" using the check-box at the bottom of the tab, the collections would be resorted, and those collections that could no longer be combined would then move below those that could be combined. They will not be notified that you rejected their request, but you will also disappear from their Waiting Room.
Tree of Dates, released with the previous Valentines Update, still requires Cupid Arrows for each play after updating to the Tavern Update. Once the Valentines Update was installed on a device any remaining Christmas Baubles in a players inventory were converted into equal parts Fireflies, Ladybugs and Carrots, and the rewards for every picture were changed to give Cupid arrows instead of Christmas Baubles. In last year's AFMS raffle, two VGMS members got lucky, with prizes going to Valli Davis and to Ron and Jean Wise.
While buffing on the right wheel, the left tapered spindle caught a thread on the friend's left sleeve and started grabbing more and more threads and sleeve.
Because you can win more items for each play, you essentially get more rolls of the dice each time you win.
The items needed to combine the new collections can all be found in the Winter Street picture. Cupid Arrows can now only be won in Venice and Throne Room (as opposed to every picture, as during the Valentines Update) but they can now be gifted to friends as a free gift (not from your inventory) through the send a gift tab in the gifting window.
Using Amulet of Santa artefacts when playing Winter House could potentially reduce the total number of Christmas balls you need to find to reach Academician level from 3,500 to 2,800.
One big difference between the new collections and the old collections is that the new collection's items do not have green plus signs next to them in the Collections tab. Since the game is coded to give out Snowflakes for each play, increasing the number of items won per play will not change anything.
This means they cannot be put on player's wishlists and cannot be gifted between friends, unlike the original collections.

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