The trials and tribulations of a [not so] long distance runner living in deepest, darkest Kent. Sunday's run was a full of mystery with George mentioning that he had not entered any races for sure this year but was quickly deciding what to do as the possibilities were being concidered by his goodself. I have abbreviated the surnames for privacy reason but on calling George tonight I was assured that he had not in fact entered the race but had enquired last October of the possibility of entering a waiting list.

He was even heard to "grumble" that he was my pack horse and able training partner and I was ever so often interrogated on what my arrangements for the Thames Path 100 in  March. I was amazed to hear that even back then the waiting list was closed due to the number of applicants but even more amazed to hear that so many people have dropped out.
No mention was made of any of his plans apart from one of his favourite "must do" marathons, The Steyning Stinger (technically an ultra at 43 km) on 4th March.

I wonder if it is people putting in a speculative entry in hope of doing it then dropping out as well as injured runners.

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