Prudent employers are often looking for areas in their business where valuable company data  may not be adequately protected.
Enter the growing prevalence of third party online data storage for professional and personal use in the workplace, coupled with the increasing accessibility provided by employers to access company data remotely.
While the benefits of cloud computing are well documented, the growth of third party online data storage has facilitated the ability for rogue employees to take valuable trade secrets and other proprietary company files, in the matter of minutes,  if not seconds. There are have been several high profile cases in California recently addressing the alleged theft of company data by employees through the use of third party online data storage. To address this technology and threat to companies, employers must be vigilant to ensure that they have robust agreements and policies with their employees as well as other sound trade secret protections, including employee training and IT security, to protect their valuable trade secrets and company data before they are compromised and stolen.
As we have previously discussed, one of the notorious employment laws separating California from other states is its long-standing and draconian prohibition of employee non-compete agreements. Given these challenges, employers should implement policies and agreements to restrict or clarify the use of cloud computing services for storing and sharing company data by employees. Consider having the electronic devices forensically imaged and analyzed by a competent computer forensic investigator.
Confirm that no unauthorized information, file, document, or e-mail transfers have occurred. Review computer access and print logs to determine if there has been any unusual or unauthorized use. Review employee’s work email to determine whether third party storages sites were registered for and used. Ensure ongoing access by the departing employee (remotely or otherwise) to information, documents, computer servers, offices, etc. Question employee during formal exit interview regarding the return of company property and any use of online data storage. To the extent that employee acknowledges online data storage,  make arrangements with the employee to have the information returned or otherwise disposed of.
Request that the departing employee sign a statement acknowledging continuing obligations in signed agreements as well as an acknowledgement that employee has returned all company property, including all electronic files. A carefully thought out plan to trade secret protection,  including third party online data storage issues, while taking into account business needs and realities, can help employers protect their valuable trade secrets and company data before they are compromised and stolen and help avoid costly litigation down the road. The attorneys of the Trade Secrets, Computer Fraud, & Non-Competes practice group of Seyfarth Shaw LLP protect and defend clients against those who improperly handle proprietary information, violate non-compete agreements, improperly solicit customers or remove electronic data from businesses, and raid employees. Trade Secrets and Confidentiality Lawyers & Attorneys, the Trade Secrets, Computer Fraud, & Non-Competes practice group of Seyfarth Shaw LLP, offering services relating to corporate espionage, electronic information protection, non-compete agreements, non-disclosure, proprietary information, restrictive covenants, audits, protection policies, trade secrets litigation, with offices in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Sacramento, San Francisco.

Unless otherwise indicated, attorneys listed in this Web site are not certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Christmas Elf Flyer is a friendly way to spread some holiday cheer around your neighborhood or workplace.
Far from being new-fangled, the answer to increasing each of the above was probably something your teacher told you in school: "tidy desk, tidy mind". Research has shown that low levels of background music, increased foliage and even a short burst of fresh air can help to get more from your employees.
Arriving into a clutter free environment emphasises to your employees, customers and partners that everyone takes pride in their working environment. Let's face it, the majority of us don't really want to think too hard about this, but if you don't want to run the risk of lawsuits from employees, customers or anyone else that enters your premises, it's worth having the policy in place. Unless you're Mary Poppins, the thought of tidying regularly most probably isn't high on your list of priorities, let's face it, you've got better things to do. We're the UK and Ireland's Fastest Growing Independent Merchant Services Provider with a National Sales and Support team. This 1987 industrial video, found in Iowa, tells the story of a lousy nurse who gets hit by a car, goes to heaven, spies on her coworkers, then comes back to Earth. Here are a couple vignettes from a drill sergeant training video, featuring our new favorite "actor," Drill Sergeant McDaniel. This is a training video presenting a dramatic reenactment, but damned if this guy doesn't remind us of our first Caldor Asset Protection Manager. In this episode of the FF Show, we offer a sales tape for the E-Z Catch Harvester, which is a useful item if you have thousands of chickens in your coop and no time to catch them individually. Found in a break room at a McDonald's in Stoughton, Wisconsin, this custodial training video features an overly perky trainer, a dim trainee and some palpable sexual tension. This police handcuff training video finally answers the question, "Were people still wearing stonewashed jeans in 1997?" The answer: yes, apparently everyone was.
In this waitstaff training video called "The Appetizer Advisor" waiters are encouraged to sell more appetizers to make more in tips. This reenactment from a conflict resolution video depicts a common workplace argument over rock & roll. This highlight reel from the 1998 Maryland Renaissance Festival should serve as a chilling warning about what goes on a Renaissance festivals.
Hip-hop was born on the streets of the Bronx but was quickly co-opted by white kids in the suburbs, corporations, sitcom stars, pregnant ladies, Jewish mothers and Christian pirates.

This Christian film from Jonesboro, Arkansas, shows what happens when you live a secular life in a newspaper office staffed almost entirely by bearded men. Watch this clip from a video called "Your Perfect Shape!" and learn how to dress right for your body shape. Host Michael McCaffrey leads us on a journey into the sordid world of shoplifting and imparts his own home-spun wisdom on the subject, telling us to give all would-be criminals gooooooood customer service.
To receive Found Footage Fest video, news, and tour updates, enter your email address below. This is particularly important in California because California law can provide limited protection for employers—compared to other jurisdictions—because of its general prohibition of non-compete agreements and growing trade secret preemption or supersession doctrine.
Additionally, some recent California decisions have significantly limited an employer’s ability to pursue certain claims and remedies based upon the theft of mere confidential or proprietary information by rogue employees.
Some employers may prefer to simply block all access to such cloud computing services and document the same in their policies and agreements. Now you have 24 hours to make 2 copies of directions, two elf signs, and 2 sets of goodies to share with friends or neighbors. It makes a good impression and means that work can be started straight away instead of rummaging through mounds of post-it notes or kicking your way through cardboard boxes like an intrepid traveller in an overgrown jungle.  A tidy workspace means work starts sooner! From dirty, half full tea cups, to stock being "temporarily" left where it shouldn't be; the risk of accidents arriving from negligence can quickly build up. These clips culled from various workplace harassment videos show that on-the-job jokes are "No Laughing Matter." Except when they're hilarious.
Also employers should provide education and training regarding the company’s policy regarding employee use of cloud storage services. Make sure your business insurance is in place and make sure your health and safety policy encourages a tidy environment. Desks, filing cabinets and shelves can all quickly become littered with ideas for strategies, to-do lists, invoices and even customer details that really should be archived. Cloud computing and digital storage allow you to store information easily, making it accessible at the click of a mouse to colleagues regardless of location.

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