Secret EscapesA Cornish hotel currently on offer on Secret Escapes' website.Secret Escapes, a British travel deals website that bills itself as "the worst-kept secret in luxury travel," has raised $60 million in a new funding round led by Google Ventures and Octopus Investments.
The round, in which existing investors Index Ventures and Atlas Venture are also participants, will go towards funding the company's international expansion. Members-only site Secret Escapes launched back in 2011, and, according to International Business Times, has over 19 million members and has sold 2 million rooms.

This new funding round a€” its first since 2012 a€” will help Secret EscapesA to expand into the US and Asia.
In a statement about the Series C round, CEO Alex Saint said: "The cash injection of $60m will enable Secret Escapes to continue making great strides to replicate the success of our UK business. It offers flash sales on hotels and resorts, and claims to be able to save its membersA up to 70% of standard prices.

Current offers on the website include a hotel in Cornwall, a castle in Wales, and a tour of Iceland.

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