Home›Cool Stuff Reviews›Marvel Collector Corps- Secret Wars Box Review and GIVEAWAY!!! On the inside of the box there are several great comic-book panels with drawings of the Mad Titan, Thanos, and the Mighty Thor. The Marvel Collector Corps – Secret Wars Box features a plethora of great exclusive items that are a must-have for fans of Marvel comics and superheroes. Funko begins the box set with another button and patch option, and if you’ve read our review of the Ant-Man box set, we had expressed our concerns about them going with a certain formula, which apparently continues in this box set as well. Next up is the tee shirt, and again there has been a tee shirt in every box set so far, which only continues our concerns about this formula.
A Secret Wars #1 exclusive comic book cover showing Thor is next and this is one of the better offerings this time around.
This box set is better compared to the previous two offerings, but we would have made some changes as mentioned above, and lets be honest, Funko needs to start moving away from this particular formula and start the box without the pin and patch for a change.
Sur le patch et le pins aux couleurs du Collector Corps figurent respectivement le nouveau Captain America et Iron Man. La couv’ originale est un gros plus, mais avec Marvel, les couvertures alternatives sont monnaie courante. Les details du costume de la nouvelle incarnation de Thor sont toutefois tres satisfaisants. Spidey, version Miles Morales (Marvel Ultimate et desormais Secret Wars) est un repaint, les pupilles saillantes sont toujours un peu etranges a travers le masque de Spider-Man.

Au final, plutot intrigante pour le commun des mortels, cette box ravira les fans des derniers developpements editoriaux des Marvel comics sans toutefois achever de seduire les amateurs des comics classiques ou des films Marvel. Je ne ne vois pas quel est l’interet de nous devoiler son identite pour un unboxing… MERCI pour le spoil des lecteurs VF ! Tout commentaire contraire a la reglementation en vigueur (et notamment tout commentaire a caractere raciste, antisemite, diffamatoire, injurieux, grossier) ou a but purement polemique ou de trolling sera supprime et son auteur sera blackliste definitivement. Inscrivez-vous gratuitement a notre newsletter afin de recevoir les dernieres nouveautes et les scoops dans votre boite mail tous les matins. One of the most impressive aspects of this box of goodies is a patch, which features the Falcon with a background that resembles an American flag.
One of them is Miles Morales’ Spider-Man, which boasts an excellent balance of black, blue and red, that helps differentiate it from Peter Parker’s Spider-Man costume, and makes it more aesthetically pleasing.
The first two boxes of Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man followed a similar formula and we were disappointed with the overall offerings.
There are dozens of tie-ins outside the main story including some fan-favorites like Marvel Zombies, X-Men 1992, Age of Apocalypse, Years of Future Past, Civil War, and so many others.
We love collectibles toys and comics, and the only downside here is that there’s only one offered.
There are so many options out there and in a theme like Secret Wars, they could have done so much better to bring as much of the story into this box set as possible. Sur le carton, on reconnait la version feminine de Thor, une fois le marteau Mjolnir souleve par Jane Foster.

The top of the patch reads “Collector Corps.” Everything about this patch, from the way his face is carefully designed to the background and labels, help make the Falcon look badass.
So there’s a lot for Funko to work with without having limited options compared to a feature film.
We would have gladly replaced the pin, patch, and tee-shirt for a couple of more comic cover variations based on several of the tie-ins as well.
Je ne suis pas certain que Funko ait interet a maintenir l’uniformite du tissu avec ces t-shirts.
On y retrouve ce qui fait le charme de la gamme, mais aussi ses defauts : peinture parfois imprecise (et la dans une box, impossible de choisir) et vinyle parfois mal ebarbe.
The best aspect of this bobble head is Lady Thor’s light silver helmet, which perfectly captures the tough warrior that she is. However, we feel that their are better character choices for this spot including Lord Doom, any Marvel Zombie (which would have awesome), X-Men ’92, and any other number of characters.

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