Nestled off the UK coast, the so-called Illicit Retreat reportedly would served as a getaway for those seeking to secretly embark on infidelities. UK-based dating website Illicit Encounters has decided to go the extra mile to cater to its customers by buying a private island.
Slated to open in 2017, Daily Mail reported that the so-called Illicit Retreat would be equipped with individual accommodations, dining rooms, tennis courts, a spa and even STI tests on arrival. They offer cash on delivery and have speedy delivery for impatient makeup addicts like me! Time to loosen those purse strings! We have decided to make your life easier by telling you exactly what you should be buying. Tried, tested and loved by many, this foundation offers good coverage and is available in 10 shades.

Currently having more than 1 million users, the dating site facilitates members who are looking for a little romance outside their current relationships. So girls, or even significant others reading this post for gift ideas, here’s what we recommend from the Nykaa Valentine’s sale. However, now we have a firm business plan and a lot of public interest," Illicit Encounters spokesman Christian Grant told Daily Mail. Full coverage and easy to blend, this is one of the best drugstore foundations in the market. You can read the detailed review here on VNA.
I truly believe that you need to fall in love with yourself first, before you fall in love with someone else. Dress up well, put on a little makeup and look beautiful.

Nykaa is one of the few online Indian websites which have brought brands like real techniques, Kiehl’s, babyliss, vichy etc closer to us.

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