Coming off an incredible 2003, Johnny Depp seemed to have all kinds of momentum behind him. He had acclaimed and lucrative box office performances in Once Upon a Time In Mexico and Pirates of the Caribbean, including an Oscar nomination for the latter. But the film sputtered, taking in a modest $47 million, with most of that coming in the first three weeks. Probably a combination of things, ranging from competition in the market to a lack of star power below Depp, to the subject matter. It is a good movie, and even though we can see what's coming a mile away, the ending is not what you'd expect.

In the six months since Mort stormed in on his wife and her lover, he's developed an awful case of writer's block.
His sleep is interrupted when a stranger named John Shooter (John Turturro), sporting a hat right out of Amish country, shows up on the doorstep drawling that Morton stole his story. Only one thing truly surprised me, but I won't say what it is or I'll give the whole movie away. Usually a screwdriver through the neck of a dog and a human being will get you an R, but they avoided it here. With his character constantly butting in where he doesn't belong, he gives Morton his only sympathetic moments when Mort finally tells him to back off.

There was some background softness, which is to be expected, but it did not diminish the foreground image.
Sony's DVDs have been often been plagued by noise in the video, particularly light colors, but this disc is almost entirely free of it. in hindi
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