Detective Mystery Plot: Discover the Secret Word (Free) by Quicksand Playground is an interesting word game that involves a thrilling storyline. In order to fully understand what Linus and Ashley are up to, you need to figure out what the blacked out word is.
Thanks to the format of the app, you have a lot of context surrounding the word that you have to guess. The ads pop up every so often between letters, and there are banner ads that run along the bottom of the screen. Detective Mystery Plot: Discover The Secret Word is a universal app, and it’s available in the App Store for FREE! Less than two months after launching and following rumors of an outside investment, anonymous social network app Secret today officially announced it has raised $8.6 million.
This week, we brought $8.6MM of new capital into the company from a mixture of venture capital firms and angels. TechCrunch and others had previously reported that Secret had closed a $10m round of funding at a valuation of $50 million.

While Secret’s notable organic growth over the last 45 days has been mostly among the early adopter crowd of techies, the company thinks there is a real opportunity to grow beyond its current audience.
We’re now halfway there and have found a direct correlation between the number of friends a user has and their engagement on Secret. Usually, this genre is focused on earning points or guessing the word as quickly as possible.
When you get the answer right, the black space that you type the word into will turn orange.
Not only was it fun to try and figure out the word, but it was awesome to read the letters that Ashely and Linus sent to each other.
We received support from Garry Tan and Alexis Ohanian of Initialized Capital, MG Siegler of Google Ventures, Bing Gordon and Megan Quinn of KPCB, Chris Howard and Brad Silverberg of Fuel Capital, Vivi Nevo, SV Angel, Ashton Kutcher of A-Grade Investments, David Sacks, Bill Lee, Pete Cashmore, Joe Montana, Rob Wiesenthal, Andrew Chen, and several other secret and amazing individuals, with co-founders David Byttow and Chrys Bader as sole members of the board. According to a co-founder, this warning is triggered whenever a name is detected in a Secret post and warns users not to defame others anonymously. In this game, though, you need to figure out which words have been censored in each correspondence.

His contact seems to be deep into criminal activity, so he has turned to a journalist named Ashley.
You can pay 25 coins for the first letter of the word, or you can pay 50 coins for the full word. Furthermore, 90% of users that engage in a conversation come back within the week, often several times per day. The report notes that this is the first in a series of community management-focused changes coming to the app soon. You start the game with 100 coins, and every correspondence you decode will give you 5 coins.
Data like this reaffirms our belief that there is opportunity to build a platform around rich and unexpected conversations.

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