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The Royal Household delivered an ultimatum, triggered by Dr Reida€™s revelation a€“ in an extraordinary breach of professional etiquette a€“that Karim had contracted a venereal disease. Courtiers threatened to resign rather than allow the Munshi to accompany them on a royal holiday in France.

Well, thata€™s what happened to Queen Victoria in 1897 after her Royal Household refused to condone any longer Her Majestya€™s shockingly intimate friendship with an Indian servant. But then her son Bertie, the Prince of Wales, conspired with Dr Reid and encouraged him to deliver another ultimatum. There would be no knighthood for Karim, although he remained at her side throughout the celebrations. However,A  when she died, in 1901, he was dismissed from Court a€“ just days after attending her funeral a€“ and sent back to India.

All his letters and mementos from the Queen were confiscated and destroyed: the new King Edward VII did not look kindly on the Indian servant who had been the last great love of Queen Victoriaa€™s life.

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