This automatically makes it the second-largest WSOP Main Event prize, second only to Jamie Gold’s $12 million victory in 2006.
It’s definitely a step up from the grand total of $0 that Johnny Moss won for winning the first WSOP Main Event back in 1970.
If Phil Hellmuth had won every heads-up match he's been in at the WSOP he'd have 22 bracelets right now. As noted in today’s WSOP 3-Bet, Phil Hellmuth has gone heads-up for a bracelet nine times and lost. While we don’t know how many players will compete this year, we do know that 652,093 players have competed in the WSOP to date.

About 10 percent of those competitors have cashed with a total of 65,552 people getting paid.
Forrest himself now his six bracelets, the same amount of players Johnny Moss had to beat to become the first ever WSOP champion back in 1970. There were a total of 40 ESPN cameras plus a plethora of roving, hungover media covering that series.
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The most recent runner-up finish came last night when Hellmuth finished second to Ted Forrest in a multi-hour Razz heads-up battle.

All those players were from the United States while 107 different countries made an appearance at last year's WSOP.

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