Autor ma skvely styl, ktory vas hned chyti a prinuti vas pretacat stranky zavratnou rychlostou. Sice som ocakavala cokolvek a miestami sa mi kniha zdala priehladna, tento zaver zlepsil moj dojem z celeho pribehu. Suma sumarum, Den, kdy se potkali je prijemna oddychovka, ktoru zhltnete na posedenie a zanecha vo vas prijemny dojem.
Recenzie zverejnovane na tomto blogu mozu obsahovat mierne SPOILERY, na ktore vopred upozornim. Excitement can never stop; MIYAVI performed Survive, Ahead Of The Light and Day 1 consecutively. After he had gone from the stage, the audience waited and called for an encore with shouts of "MIYAVI, BOBO." MIYAVI responded and returned to the stage. Once SUBARA SHIKIKANA KONO SEKAI –WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD- began, a part of the audience yelled happily. Avsak jeho kniha Den, kdy se potkali ma uputala na prvy pohlad a rozhodla som sa ju precitat a veru nelutujem. Blue light coloured the hall and the audience danced and jumped to the danceable electro sounds. Fans who have followed MIYAVI since his earlier days would remember that it was released in 2007.
He played the guitar wildly on the runway, and became one with the audience once again with another call and response session.

The audience raised their hands with full strength and MIYAVI played the guitar with all his might. MIYAVI held a call and response session, during which the audience yelled “Yeah!” in response to his calls of "Everybody, say yeah!" The audience cheered wildly in excitement. The lyrics of this song are about how the guitarist respectfully keeps in mind the precious things he learnt from pioneer visual kei bands, but goes his own way without any fixed ideas or styles of visual kei. At the last part of the song, he was overcome with emotion and fell to his knees on the runway. MIYAVI touched the hands of some fans in the front rows, enjoying the communication with his fans. Although every effort is made to ensure the correctness of information published on JaME WORLD, this website may inadvertently contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. Niekto by povedal, ze sa tam nedialo nic a cakal na moment, kedy sa tieto dve postavy stretnu, ale ja som sa k pribehu postavila inak. Vobec som to necakala a este hodnu chvilu som premyslala ci sa mi autorove zakoncenie pribehu pacilo alebo nie.
The dimming of stage lights signalled a transition and Chase It kicked off with refreshing guitar play.
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Velmi sa mi pacila, aj ked miestami by ste sa mohli nudit a v pribehu sa vyskytli drobnosti, ktore mozu niekomu prekazat, avsak mne nevadili.

The fans were excited by his funky performance, and they answered his call of "Get real?" Then, the mirror ball sent starry lights sparkling throughout the hall. Each time MIYAVI repeated "It's okay" from the lyrics, the hall's fervour rose more and more.
Should the user of this website wish to inform JaME WORLD of any inaccuracies or errors found in any part of this website, please contact the JaME team via the contact form. For Torture, a stroke of the guitar brought the keyboard sounds crashing down upon the piano melody. MIYAVI dashed to the runway, arched his body backward and played the guitar, firing up the audience’s excitement further. Musim sa priznat, ze od ceskych autorov som vela knih neprecitala a co mi pamat siaha, tak toto je jedina, co ma privadza k tomu, ze by som to mala coskoro zmenit, ale spat k recenzii. For What's My Name, MIYAVI executed some footwork splendidly and performed a guitar solo on the runway. Melodic guitar was played repeatedly and the audience moved their hands while bathing in red light.

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