On second thought, it doesn't seem quite fair for some of you to have to wait extra long!I've greased up my reindeer and it's time to ship these gifts out a little faster.Yrr was also making a game for McKnackus I but ran out of time. It looks like Patrick Bateman will have to do a bit of work on his own if he wants to receive his gift from Sagg.
Here we have a drawing for Nightwheel by Multimax36.What a coincidence, I have a picture of Mrs. Keeping up with the series of drawings, here is one for Gato courtesy of AlexIf this is how all Mexicans are then I'm glad I live at the North Pole!

He's another image of a character riding on his steed!This one is drawn by Random Talking Bush for Fidu.
You'll need to PM him in order to receive your League of Legends points card!I'll tell you I'm a member of the real League of Legends, and it isn't like this game portrays it at all!
I too have two hands, and I will now be using them to deliver not one, but two gifts at a time!We haven't seen many animations this Christmas, but here is one for Sponge from Raie.Is he doing jumping jacks, cheering, or shouting obscenities at his undersea neighbors?
This one is for Genogenesis7 by Bawr.There was a message attached to the image as well!Quote:Merry Christmas you old coot It seems that Minus World has quite a nice collection of artists!

Just want to say thanks again for that custom hat you made me once (even though I no longer have a Noble Amassment, heh.) You're getting really good at modeling and I hope you continue!
This next one is drawn by Sponge for Unlosing Ranger.This sure would have been an interesting character to play as in Prinny Can I Really be the Hero?

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